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Ishan Gupta

Hiring Offshore Development Team in 2024: An Ultimate Guide for Startup Founders

Hiring an offshore development team stands out as the most preferred option when it comes to building a mobile app with maximum benefits. If you are a startup founder or digital product owner who is looking for a dedicated team to build a digital product, then working with dedicated offshore developers can help you develop your software product quickly and cost-efficiently.

In the current fast-paced competitive market, developing and launching software or digital products on time matters a lot for startup founders and business owners. Digitalization and advancement in IT have broken global barriers.

Today, businesses can connect to any team or resources to build any product. Especially in software or mobile app development, offshore development stands out as a highly suitable option. According to Verified Market Research report, the offshore software development market size is estimated to attain $283.4575 Million by 2030 at a CAGR of 10.13% by 2030.

However, hiring an offshore development team is not a straight-line task. There are many crucial things to consider while hiring a development team to create your application successfully.

We know being an early-stage startup, you need more resources to invest. You can’t bear the risks of making any wrong decisions or selecting the wrong team. Therefore, to assist you with this. Here we have shared the complete guide on hiring offshore development for startup founders.

By the end of this blog, you will learn everything to make the right decision and invest your budget wisely.

What is offshore development?

Offshore software or application development is a business process outsourcing method. In this process, clients or business owners hand over their software or app development project to a third-party vendor or agency in an offshore region. It means a startup based in the USA would hire a third-party agency from outside countries to build its product.

Hence, in the offshore development process, business owners don’t build their products on their own. Instead, they hire dedicated mobile app developers or recruit an entire team from an outsourcing firm or company.

Offshore development companies offer multiple engagement models for app development. Businesses can choose any approach to allow businesses to build their products or apps in suitable ways. For instance, in an offshore or outsourcing process, you can hand over your entire project for development. You can hire dedicated app developers or resources to augment your staff or in-house team.

Why hiring an offshore development team is a good strategy for startups & SMBs?

Offshore development is an outsourcing method. It opens the doors to connect with development companies that are outside or native countries. Since the entire process works digitally, it offers plenty of benefits


1. Reduced costs

It is one of the top benefits of hiring an offshore development team. Through this outsourcing method, you save significant costs in software or app development. According to a market report, businesses can achieve between 40%-70% reduction in development costs through an offshore approach. It is because every country has different rates of development services.

In the USA, the cost of mobile app development might go between $100,000-$200,000. Whereas, the cost of the same development service in India might be $50,000-$80,000. Thus, every country has different rates for software or mobile app development services. As a result, the offshore method gives a wide opportunity to build software or applications at lower costs compared to the home country. However, merely considering the cost factor is not enough to hire a mobile app development company. Pay attention to other aspects while choosing an offshore team.

2. Access to global talents

Offshore hiring opens access to global talents. Businesses or startups are not bound to work with developers or companies in their native country. Through this method, you get access to dedicated offshore developers from a wide pool of talent from multiple countries.

They can choose from the top-skilled developers at the most affordable costs. This is highly beneficial for startup founders who look for top-qualified developers or companies for digital product development at a cost-efficient rate.

3. Faster time to market

Startups heavily rely on faster market launches to gain competitive advantage as well as funding from investors. The more startup founder delays their launch, the more delay they capture audience attention and investment. Therefore, hiring an offshore dedicated development team is the best method for startups and business founders. It allows them to choose and hire desired teams and kick-start the development process very quickly.

4. Improved product quality

When you get access to a wider pool of talents across the globe you get better chances for quality solutions. You can hire offshore development teams from top mobile app development companies. You can choose qualified and specialized professionals in your team and get assurance of quality in your product solutions. Through the outsourcing method, you get the opportunity to properly evaluate the working methodology of companies. This, in turn, helps you determine which company better suits your project.

5. Higher productivity

When you develop a mobile app or any software product with an offshore dedicated team, you don’t have to take the entire responsibility for the project. Your offshore development team or outsourcing company takes complete responsibility for your project.

They have expert professionals, developers, and technology resources for turning your concept into a fully functional product. As a result, you don’t have to be involved so deeply in the development part. This gives you the liberty and space to focus on your core business.

Offshore development team– pros vs cons

When considering offshore app development, it’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate the risks and benefits based on your specific project needs. You will need to have communication strategies and risk mitigation plans. Moreover, you will also need to establish clear communication channels, set realistic expectations, and select the right offshore partner.

These essential steps will help you ensure a successful collaboration. Thus, to give a comparative overview, here are the pros and cons that you should properly consider while going with this.

Pros of hiring an offshore app development team

Cost efficiency: One of the primary reasons for offshore development is cost reduction. In some countries, labor costs are significantly lower. Hence, this method provides budget-friendly development without compromising quality.

Access to global talent: It enables access to a diverse pool of talent, expertise, and specialized skills that might be scarce or expensive in your local market. The offshore method also gives opportunities for innovation and unique perspectives.

Increased productivity and efficiency: Time zone differences can be advantageous. You can work continuously around the clock. As a result, it could assist you in speeding up development cycles and reducing time-to-market for products.

Scalability: Offshore teams can quickly scale up or down based on project requirements. With an offshore development team, you will get great flexibility that might be challenging with an in-house team.

Focus on core competencies: Mobile apps or the development of any software takes significant time. This drags the attention of businesses from their core function. Thus, it allows businesses to focus on their core activity while leaving the development work to experts. Consequently, it improves the efficiency.

Cons of hiring an offshore app development team

Communication challenges: You may find differences in language, time zones, and cultural nuances. This can lead to misunderstandings and communication barriers. And also impacts the project’s progress and timely delivery.

Security risks: Offshoring involves sensitive data and intellectual property. So, it potentially raises concerns about data security, confidentiality, and compliance with regulations. You need to pay more attention to security guidelines with offshore development methods.

Quality concerns: Lower cost doesn’t always guarantee the same quality standards. Cultural differences, varying work practices, or differing understandings of requirements might affect the final product’s quality.

Lack of control: Physical distance can lead to a perceived lack of control over the project. Some companies may find it challenging to monitor and manage an offshore team effectively. You won’t have much control over the team.

Time zone differences: While it can be an advantage, it can also be a challenge. Offshore development involves various meetings, updates, and collaborative work across different time zones. As a result, it can slow down decision-making and problem-solving.

Top countries for offshore development and their rates

Every country has different rates for hiring offshore development teams. Therefore, when you plan to hire dedicated offshore developers from outside countries or locations, you have to consider the cost according to regions. To give an idea, below we have shared the list of costs of hiring offshore development teams for different regions and countries.

Cost to hire offshore developers in top countries

Country Average Hourly Rate for Developers (USD)
USA $100 – $250+
Australia $80 – $150+
India $15 – $50+
UK $50 – $120+
Canada $40 – $100+
UAE $40 – $100+

Cost to hire offshore developers in Europe

Country Average Hourly Rate for Developers (USD)
France $50 – $120+
Germany $60 – $130+
Sweden $60 – $110+
UK $70 – $120+
Netherlands $50 – $100+
Poland $30 – $60+
Hungary $30 – $70+
Czech Republic $25 – $60+
Romania $30 – $50+

Cost to hire offshore developers in Latin America

Country Average Hourly Rate for Developers (USD)
Brazil $20 – $60+
Colombia $15 – $40+
Mexico $20 – $50+
Argentina $25 – $50+
Chile $25 – $60+

Cost to hire offshore developers in Asia

Country Average Hourly Rate for Developers (USD)
India $25 – $50+
Singapore $30 – $80+
Philippines $15 – $40+
Sri Lanka $15 – $40+
Malaysia $20 – $50+

How to hire an offshore development team


1. Define your project requirements

Before you start looking for an offshore development team the first task is to define your project requirements. Create a well-defined and written document that contains all the required information about your business or product concept.

  • What is the product or app concept?
  • How many are there features?
  • What are the business goals?
  • Which type of developers do you need?
  • How much is your budget?

This project documentation is important. It is because this will give a clear picture to the offshore development company. They would be able to allocate the right resources and deploy suitable tech stacks for development. Hence, define your project requirements.

2. Decide the location

You can hire offshore development teams or agencies around the globe. Many numerous software or mobile application development companies in the world offer a wide range of development services. You can hire dedicated app developers as per your project requirements from various locations.

For instance, if the cost of mobile app development is high in the USA. Then, you can hire mobile app developers from India, Australia, Ukraine, Malaysia, and other Asian countries. These countries have relatively lower rates of development services. And each country also has different rates and policies. Therefore, choosing a location is the foremost task in this process.

3. Start finding offshore development companies

Once you have decided on the location, it’s time to find out offshore development companies. For this, you can search online at various websites or B2B company directories like clutch. These sites provide a wide list of companies, agencies, or firms that offer services for software or mobile app development. They also allow business clients to hire dedicated resources as per specific project requirements.

For instance, you can hire iOS developers or Android developers for your app project. But since you would find a huge number of companies on these platforms. Hence, you should take a look at reviews, portfolios, and previous customer feedback about the company or agency that you are choosing.


4. Go through the standard checklist

Every company claims to be the best of all. You can even get tons of positive reviews and attractive portfolios. But since you are hiring an offshore development team, you can make the final decision based on merely promoted things. Therefore, to ensure the right selection of the team, you need to follow a standard checklist.

  • Proven expertise and skills of developers
  • Previously delivered projects
  • Development methodology and pricing
  • Tools and frameworks they use
  • Team size

When you should hire an offshore development team?

There are various methods to build your software product or mobile application. You can recruit on your own and set you an in-house tea. You can also collaborate with your local agency or firm. But there are some special cases when hiring an offshore development team becomes crucial for the success of your business. Hence, when you are facing such situations, signs are you need to hire an offshore development team

Development from scratch

If you have an innovative business or a billion-dollar app idea. Then, you would need a full-stack development team to turn your idea into a fully functional application. This development approach would require feasibility analysis for digital product development success. Starting from ideation to development and launch. Hence, in this case, you would need an offshore development team.

Startups in the growing stage

Startups that are in the growing phase often need cost-efficient solutions to scale up their growth. When your product or application gains traction and requires the addition of some advancements or innovation. In this case, startup founders need faster and more affordable ways to enhance their products or apps. Thus, they can hire an offshore development team as per their startup growth strategy.

Utilize specific skills

Sometimes startups only need specific development skills to upgrade or innovate their existing or newly launched products. Startups don’t require a large team to build a product from scratch. They only need to hire a single or two-three developers for particular development requirements.

In this case, the offshore approach stands out as the perfect solution. This is because startups can hire any number of developers for specific skill set requirements. For instance, if you want to make changes in the UI of the existing app or product, then you only need to hire an offshore UI developer.


Limited budget

This is one of the top reasons why startup founders should opt to hire an offshore development team. Startups generally run on limited budgets and resources. They highly depend on cost-efficient ways of developing product solutions. Hiring offshore development teams is less expensive. So, startup founders can easily afford to hire app developers or other resources at the most affordable costs.

Country Average Cost (Per Hour Rate)
India $25
USA $100
France $54
Germany $61
United Kingdom $93
Sweden $52
Netherlands $69
China $30
Malaysia $33

How RipenApps can assist you?

RipenApps is a globally recognized company that provides best-in-class facilities to hire app developers for web and mobile app development. Here, we have the industry’s top-qualified and certified in-house developers who possess years of expert skills in modern development technologies.

We can help you provide skilled offshore developers for multiple purposes. Our flexible hiring engagement models suit your financial and business needs. We value your custom project requirements, therefore, we allow you to choose and review our developers from our entire in-house team.

Wrapping Up

Hiring an offshore development team is one of the best ways for startups and business founders. It offers great flexibility and liberty to choose any developers or resources from global locations. With offshore methods, startups and businesses can quickly hire skilled professionals and build high-quality products or applications at the most affordable costs.

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Q1. How much does it cost to hire an offshore developer?

There is no certain figure for this since it depends on various factors. For instance, country, experience of developers, project requirements, etc. If you hire an offshore developer in Dubai, it might charge you between $30 – 50$ per hour. Whereas, hiring the same developer in the USA would cost you somewhere between $100-$180 per hour.

Q2. From where I can find offshore development teams?

You can search for offshore development agencies or firms on popular B2B company listing platforms. For example, Clutch, GoodFirms, TopDevelopers, etc.

Q3. What are the typical roles of a development team?

A software or mobile app development team consists of different team members. For instance, project managers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, app developers, and QAs. Each member has a specific role and duty concerning the development process. However, the size of the development team depends on your project needs.

Q4. What services you can ask from offshore developers?

An offshore development team can offer you multiple services. You can hire dedicated app developers for specific tasks. You can also set up an entirely new team for your project. They can also be hired as staff augmentation to strengthen your existing development team on ongoing projects.

Q5. What are the challenges while hiring offshore developers?

Since hiring offshore developers involves different things, you might find a few challenges. These could be different working time zones, cultural differences, Quality assurance and control, communication barriers, IP rights, data security concerns, etc.

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