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How Much Does It Cost to Build An App in Dubai

A huge shoutout to the advancement in technology, and mobile apps have become the primary way people communicate digitally. Mobile apps play a crucial role in business success because they provide easy access to information and solutions whenever needed.

In the UAE, mobile apps have become a popular marketing tool for organizations. They help improve productivity and reach a larger audience, leading to better returns on investment.

Recent reports show a 23% increase in mobile app downloads in 2022, and this trend is expected to continue. The UAE, being a major economic player, is projected to have a mobile app market worth 221.5 million by 2027, creating great opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow their startups.

This blog will help you get a guide about mobile app development costs in Dubai. In addition, you can also learn how you can reduce the cost of app development.

An Overview of the Mobile App Development Cost in Dubai

Understanding the cost of developing a mobile app in Dubai is crucial before hiring a development firm. The average cost typically falls between AED 35,000 to AED 50,000, but it can vary based on various factors such as:

  • The type of app you want
  • The complexity and number of features
  • The level of design sophistication (UI)
  • The platform you choose for development
  • The pricing structure of the development firm

Keep in mind that the more complex your app is, the longer it will take to develop and therefore, the higher the cost. Consider these factors to create a rough budget for your mobile app development project in Dubai.

Mobile App Types Mobile App Development Cost Development Timeline
Basic App $20,000 – $50,000 2 – 5 Months
Medium Size App $50,000 – $100,000 5 – 7 Months
Complex App $100,000 – $ 250,000 8 – 12 Months

Significant Factors That Impact the Mobile App Development Cost In Dubai

Many factors can increase the mobile app development cost in Dubai. All the factors cost can vary from country to country.



1 . Mobile App Complexity

The cost of making a mobile app in Dubai can vary a lot based on how complex you want it to be. If you’re aiming for advanced features on Android or iOS, it could cost anywhere from $70,000 to $150,000. But if you’re looking for a simpler app with basic or medium features, the cost would be between $20,000 to $70,000.

The more complicated the app, the more time it takes to build, and that means it will cost more money.

2. UI/UX Design

The way a mobile app looks and feels is all in its user interface. It is a very crucial part of any mobile app development. A simple and user-friendly design makes it easier for people to use the app and keeps them coming back.

So, when you are designing a custom mobile app, the complexity of the design directly affects how much a mobile app development costs in Dubai.

3. Application Development Platform

The mobile app development cost in Dubai depends on which platform you pick. If you go with an Android app development company in UAE, it’ll cost more to make an Android app than iOS.

4. App Development Team Size

The mobile app development cost in Dubai also hinges on how big the team is at the app development company you hire. Rather than assembling your team, giving the project to a top mobile app development company can save you money.

5. Location of App Development Company

A mobile app development cost in Dubai can change depending on where the custom app developers are based. Hourly rates for app development differ from place to place. So, the overall cost to build an app in Dubai can vary between app development services.

If you decide to hire a mobile app development company in Dubai, as we discussed earlier, making an app could cost anywhere from $20,000 to $120,000 or more. However, if you choose top mobile app developers from the USA, it might be a bit pricier.

6. Technology Stack

Another factor affecting the total cost of developing an app in Dubai is the technology stack. The specific tools and technologies chosen will determine the cost for iOS or Android Developers.

By incorporating AI app development or ML app development, they can enhance the performance and functionality of the software. While this might bump up the app development budget, the benefits it brings are available.

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How You Can Choose the Top Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

Businesses are opting to develop mobile apps. It is currently becoming a very crucial factor for digitalization to expand its reach. But finding the right app development company can be challenging. To determine the best one for your needs, consider the following details.

1 . Start with Self-evaluation

Start by gathering information from your close circle. Get in touch with the best mobile app developer in Dubai, to understand the cost. Do some research on your own before contracting any companies directly.
Once you have a long list of mobile application development companies in Dubai, narrow it down to the top four or five. Evaluate these companies carefully before moving on to the next step of your assessment process.

2. Know the App’s Requirements

Before you move forward to hire mobile app developers in Dubai, make sure you have some essential answers ready for yourself. Understand what your app needs, and then it can help you assume the mobile app development cost.

  • Decide which platform you want to develop for, like Android, Windows, or iOS.
  • Choose the technology you prefer, such as Native or Hybrid app technology, and consider the mobile app development cost in Dubai.
  • Strive for an app that offers great value and can attract and retain a large number of target customers.

3. Examine the Company’s Portfolio

When you are ready to reach out to companies start by asking for their portfolio. A portfolio gives you insight into their creativity and skills in app development. Inquire about their experiences and the technologies they work with. After a thorough review of their portfolio, you can decide if their answers match your expectations.

The goal of examining a company’s portfolio is to find the best mobile app development company in Dubai. Don’t solely rely on others’ opinions about a company. Always contact the companies yourself before making any decisions. Look for the following when assessing a company:

  • Review their past work and competence.
  • Check out their previous projects.
  • Assess their level of experience, and then discuss the mobile app development cost in UAE.

4. Evaluate Delivery Time and Technical Support

Another aspect affecting the mobile app development cost in Dubai is the time taken for delivery. Get in touch with the company to discuss their schedule and deadlines. Compare different options and choose the company that offers the best balance between cost and timely delivery.

But the job isn’t finished once the app is developed. Post-launch services are crucial for ensuring the app runs smoothly. These services typically include technical support and maintenance. Even after the app is released on platforms like Google Play or the App Store, there might be issues that need fixing.

That’s where the technical support team comes in. However, make sure to also consider the costs of post-launch services in the UAE when evaluating app development companies.

Tips to Reduce the Mobile App Development Cost in Dubai

There are various ways where you can reduce the cost of mobile app development in the UAE. It is important to build an app that is within your budget and create a successful app that attracts users.


1 . Cross-Platform App Development

For cross-platform app development, it can save a lot of money because this framework helps in developing for multiple platforms. There are a few cross-platform development frameworks that usually speed up the development process, like Flutter and Xamarin.

2. Develop An MVP First

Another way that can reduce the app development cost, is by creating a minimum viable product (MVP) first. An MVP app includes essential features of the app. By testing it with your target audience, you can learn more about their needs and gain traction in the market.

Once you understand your audience and how your app addresses their needs, you can then move on to developing the full version of the app.

3. Use Off the Shelf Solutions

Using a pre-made template can lower your app development expenses, but there are some mixed opinions about this cost-cutting method.

Generally, it is recommended to opt for custom app development that is tailored to your business needs. In contrast, modifying a pre-made template during mobile app development can be challenging and might lead to complete rebuilds. It can double the expenses.

Final Thoughts: App Development Cost in Dubai

A lot of factors affect the mobile app development cost, like timeline, features, platforms, and app type. It all depends on the businesses and what factors they need to employ and what not.

Look for a mobile app development company in Dubai with the skills to handle both simple and complex projects. A client who wants to develop a mobile app will expect a feature-rich app that meets the market standards.

With so many apps being released every single day, it can be hard to choose the best development company. But don’t worry RipenApps is here to help.


Q1 . How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App in Dubai?

If you take an area where mobile app development costs in Dubai vary from $20,000 to $250,000. The factors and location of the app development company are the ones that will affect your mobile app development cost.

Q2. What Is the Timeline to Develop an App in Dubai?

A timeline can affect the mobile app development cost in Dubai. It can take from 3 months to 12 months, depending on the complexity of the mobile app. However, if you have already an MVP, then it won’t take much time because it requires integrating advanced features into the app.

Q3. How Can You Reduce the Mobile App Development Cost in Dubai?

There are a few ways in which you can opt for your mobile app development. Like

  • Build an MVP first
  • Cross-Platform app development
  • Pre-made templates

Q4. Does the Location of the Mobile App Development Company Change the Cost of App Development?

Yes, the location of the mobile app development company can make a huge difference in the cost of app development. Some places can develop at a lower cost. There can be a few pros and cons related to the location-based model. Make a list of your needs and then think about where to reach your project.

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