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Amfixo training & jobs were launched at the starting of 2021, focusing on providing the best service experience to the user and robust training programs to the trainees and working professionals in the most secure & flexible manner. Since the business model was based on catering services and training sessions to the users and working person, a robust platform was the need of the hour. Being a combination of two different zones, where training and jobs is a service & on-demand services to the users is another service, the major requirement is to merge both concepts in one frame and provide a one-digital solution to every need in a streamlined manner.

  • The interesting and productive concept required an incredible online solution, and the solution is AMFIXO:
  • An App that keeps safety assurance as its core attribute and every service provider should be verified.
  • This application should provide an amazing experience and hassle-free services with the in-built chat-bot to help 24*7.
  • The app should offer digital training allowing the user to learn online at their leisure from an expert instructor and get it authenticated with a certificate after a single step of an offline examination.

Design Process

  • Problem & Concept
    Understand the Problem Defining the area's to be handled with care Buidling up the concept
  • Wireframing
    Designing the Mock-ups Buidling up the prototypes
  • UI Design & Ideation
    Ideate User Experience Designing User Interfaces
  • Development
    Building up the product Delivering up to expectations
  • Feedbacks & Testing
    Gathering the feedbacks User Acceptance testing fixing of the feedbacks

Client's Persona

As per the client’s words, the market is flooded with mobile applications that provides on-demand services for the users and also, the app stores are enriched with apps that provides training and jobs to the seekers and trains them from scratch. But there is an unavailability of the app that combines both the concepts and provides a single one-stop destination for workers and users.

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    Director & Founder Amfixo

    Parvez Alam

    Goals & Need

    Amfixo, as a service professional providing a platform, has a set mission to provide not just better services but also a better user experience to the user with the hassle-free booking and quotation-based model of the app. App also focuses on providing training courses to our working professionals to provide better solutions to the user to bring a better service experience. It is in the set goals that they always retain their customers with the quality of our service.


    Amfixo’s vision is set to achieve the heights and gain the maximum user base from the region they are established in so that they can also expand to the PAN India and serve not only to the customer but also target to train the working professional to improvise the service experience day after day.

The Major Challenges We Faced

Amfixo wanted a cutting-edge, technologically powerful mobile app that enabled users to book their desired on-demand services and seekers to unlock different training courses and services. They wanted to introduce a new concept of providing solutions via mobile app and offer an interesting platform based on the need and demands of the users.

1.Product quality & security should be at best

The major challenge during the development of the project was quality and security. To give the best to the users, the quality and security of the product should be at best.

2.Product uniqueness & rich features

As there were established competitors available in the market, it was hard to win the customer with the basic features & functionalities. So we have to develop the app Rich-in feature to compete with the other competitors in the market. To create an impact, we have to focus on the user experience and the journey of the user from one screen to another screen of the app.

What was our Winning Approach?

Based on customer-centric methodology and best UI first philosophy, we conceptualized and developed a robust, innovative, and powerful mobile app that has set new benchmarks in the training & jobs/ on-demand services industry globally. Using the robust technology & agile, expertise & winning methodology, we deployed cutting-edge technological platforms for developing this mobile app that gave platforms for both users and trainees.

1.Breath-taking User-Experience

We gazed at the market where our client was venturing, and we deeply researched the psyche of their target audience. We deployed a jaw-dropping design that ensured more engagement, more action, and a better user experience.

2.Multiplatform Availability with Robust Features

Leveraging technology to unleash a mind-boggling revolution in the on-demand & training industry, we have created a multiplatform availability carrying mobile app that holds visibility on iOS, Android & website views.

The Result & Features

With the team's expertise, a smart approach, and combined efforts of every department involved during the time of development, we built the platform that is creating buzz globally. Through the product Amfixo, the client is doing well in the market and has reached a very respectful number of providers interested in joining the courses to enhance their skills and learn to deliver quality work to the customers.

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Client Words


Professionalism, excellence, client attention, precise and great communication are only a few aspect of the way RipenApps works. GREAT WORK GUYS!!

Parvez Alam

Founder of Amfixo

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