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We believe that smarter UX deliver better impressions, that an attractive UI
yields better conversions and that the benchmark for success is always
presentation and robustness.
Track your workout and help yourself strategize where you want to from where you are. Stay connected with trainers through instant chat.
Customized Case
Integration with your Phone Gallery and Social Media makes Cases helpful to design your type of skin for your phone. Share your creation instantly with your friends.
Grind Time
To provide ease at the times when you are in real hurry. Implementation of most convenient and user friendly interfaces. Integration with watch and sync of each user action.
Foot Soldier
Application to live track path followed and halts with the help of Mobile Devices. Monitor the same in real time via Web Admin. Biometric authentication for employee attendance and verification.
Dell EMC
Mobile Platform that amplifies audience engagement and improves overall event experience. App also supports connecting with speakers and delegates and schedule online meetings.
An online catalogue based application for buying and selling. Best in class product display with easy and convinient user navigation through muti dimensional search and filters.
Application developed to enhance the experience of attendees for this event by keeping them updated of schedule and agenda.Further the application increases user engagement by creating opinion polls and sharing articles and blogs.
Serving recipes whose nutrients have proved to minimize health issues. Explore tasty recipes without worrying about health. Bringing Dietitians and Nutritionist in one platform.
Event Book
Create events and share them with everyone. Stay updated of events created by others and get the passes to join them. Navigate easily to location of event through map.
Simple, Reliable and Authentic assistance just when you need it the most. TooFast is a Towing Service App with primary features as location tracking, OTP verification to authenticate calls each time.
Ready to be your assistant while you are planning an event and require things on your checklist. Compare and select most suited venues, enquire for available set-up and ask for additives.
City Eye
City Eye application carries the basic information about thousand of cities around the world and still adding. So as you always have an option to choose from and experience the best.
The Tour App
Your true companion while you are picking up a place for vacations or while you are on a trip. App contains details of major travel spots, to get you prepared for your tour.
Hook IoT
Control lights and appliances inexpensively with Smartphone, IFTTT, and Alexa. Remotely control your lights and appliances. Control your home with your Voice.