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Ishan Gupta

How Feasible Analysis Is Essential For Mobile App Success?

A mobile app development project requires a comprehensive evaluation of its technical requirements, the implementations plans & roadmaps, company & customers readiness, legal & cultural issues & timescale.

If your mobile app passed the entire visibility test that is mentioned above on business fit, user fir & competitive environment, then the next stage is a feasibility assessment.

The feasibility analysis asks that why should your mobile app project be given the green signal?

What is a possible analysis of mobile application?

Feasible analysis of a mobile application includes a clear understanding of the application. This research is related to the design and development of a mobile application to enable prospective mobile app developers to efficiently assess the feasibility of a proposed project and enhance their learning of feasibility analysis.

What are the primary objectives of the feasibility analysis?

The primary objective of this is to present a feasibility study scheme that enables system analysts to verify the preliminary essentials established by the idea innovator and to generate other genuine user’s requirements.

Major well – being of the feasibility study is it helps in the guesswork (to a certain degree) out of the App launch. Hence avoiding any surprises during mobile app development/launch.

A complete study of the project concerning input, processes, output, fields, programs, and procedures

There is five major area of feasibility analysis?

Feasibility analysis evaluates the mobile app development project’s potential for success; therefore, perceived objectivity is an essential factor in the credibility of the study for potential investors and lending institutions.

There we have mentioned the five area of feasibility analysis examines…

Technical feasibility: Analysis of technical resources available in the organizations concerning the project requirement comes under technical feasibility.

Technical feasibility analysis helps mobile app development companies to find out the technical resources meet the capacity and evaluates the hardware, software and other technical requirements.

Legal Feasibility: Analysis of the laws and actions related to the project comes under Legal, feasible analysis.

This analysis investigates whether any aspect of the proposed project conflicts with legal requirements like data protection acts, social media laws, etc.

Economic Feasibility: Analysis of costs, benefits of the project falls under Economic feasibility.

Economic feasibility helps mobile app development companies to find out the viability, cost, and benefits related to a project before financial resources are allocated.

Operational Feasibility: Analysis of the operations that the App Development Company adopts to perform the completion of the project falls under operational feasibility.

This assessment involves the study to analyze and determine whether and how the mobile app development company needs can be met by completing the project.

Scheduling Feasibility: This is the important one for the project success because a project will fail if not completed on time.

Under scheduling feasibility, the company decides the time duration that how much time the project will take to complete.


During the process of mobile app development, defining your project’s vision and assessment of the essential things is mandatory and takes a vast amount of brainstorming.

To present a clear view of the mobile app, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the competition, business requirements, and the architectural requirements among many other moving parts. This feasible analysis of the mobile app development project is a comprehensive resource for developing a manageable blueprint for how your mobile app should be built and supported.

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