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Mohit Singh
Mohit Singh

Valentine 2024: Augment your Love Experience with Metaverse Dating App

“We haven’t lost affection in the digital age; we just have reloaded ways to deliver love.”

Valentine’s Week is here, and numerous startups are targeting to create their metaverse dating app just like Tinder and Bumble.

As you can find anything on the internet, entrepreneurs have also created a demand to find your better half there as well. With digitalization, dating apps have made dating in the metaverse easy by using nearby matches, video-calling, and other fascinating features.

Even websites are losing their importance since people are shifting to mobile apps. Dating apps like Tinder or Bumble have become a preferred choice of users. And if a new dating app idea is in your mind then it is supposed to be different from all the available applications. The features should catch users’ attention in the market.

If you also have a dating app idea and are probing to step on a unique concept, Metaverse technologies can increase your probability of ruling the dating market. The blog aims to provide a complete insight into Trending Metaverse dating app ideas that can be inherited to provide a unique dating experience.

Before starting, let us show you the numbers involved in Metaverse dating keywords.

Metaverse Dating- Trending Search Numbers

Metaverse is a hot topic after the announcement of Facebook to Meta. The volume for the Metaverse keyword has already reached 303,967 in the count, and it will keep increasing since everyone is hyped about it.

In the upcoming year, more single people are considering the idea of having relationships entirely online. About 33% of singles intend to explore dating in metaverse, where they use virtual representations of themselves, called avatars. It focuses more on communication and building intimacy digitally before meeting in person. (Source: PR New Wire)

Dating keywords like “Facebook dating” and “mingle2” have already crossed 1,47,500 and 142,500 search volumes. And the numbers are only from the United States, not worldwide.

Website dating has decreased with the new trends, and dating through apps has increased. 26.6 million users in 2020 were involved in smartphone dating apps in contrast to 44.2 Million users for dating websites in the United States (Source: Statista). Traditional website dating is an old player in the market, and apps have already achieved half of their level.

It is obvious to question, “Why have people started to consider apps more than websites?” Let us answer it.

Why are People Adopting Metaverse Dating Apps Over Dating Websites?

Why are People Adopting Metaverse Dating Apps Over Dating Websites

Valentine’s is the high time when the hunt for metaverse dating app ideas increases in the app markets. Sure, couples have met online through dating apps. In Android, the Google Play Store is a go-to search engine for keywords like Dating and friendships compared to an address bar in a browser. Since people are open-minded in the age of globalization, dating apps stand as a great idea to initiate an app corresponding to a website.

Following are some benefits that Metaverse dating apps gain over traditional dating sites.

Easy File Sharing

With an app, you can quickly gain access to a user’s smartphone. Apps integrate with smartphone file systems and let users share data directly. On computers, users might have to transfer their pictures from smartphones before sending them to their matches.

Better Push Notifications

If you have a Metaverse dating app, you can send push notifications to mobile, but users consider them spam most of the time. At the same time, they are more likely to allow notifications from apps.

In the US, average smartphone users receive 46 app push notifications daily (Source: business of apps).

Apps enjoy a push notification advantage where companies can send them promotional deals compared to websites. Metaverse Dating companies can drop easy notifications about matches and activities taking place in the dating world.


Smartphone interfaces are easy to understand for the majority of the audience. The reason is simple, the audience does not have to enter specific queries and website addresses to use their favorite platform.

So, having a metaverse dating app will push you in accessibility availability, letting more people use your platform while on buses, trains, or even walking. Your app will launch in “just a tap” compared to a few more steps in opening a website. Plus, websites refresh themselves completely to load new changes, which is not the case in apps.

Rolling Out Updates

Apps are continuously updated with new and exciting features. Dating websites are also updated, but it is an excellent option to let users download content once and use it flawlessly. For example, games inside dating apps can be downloaded so that users do not have to wait like websites that download them every time.

App-based dating will be convenient for users in the coming years. Not only for the users, but it is also easy for companies to deliver new features and user experience. But, the above features are available in every app but “why Metaverse features and technologies are in hype?” Well, Metaverse is in the hype because big players have already stepped into it.

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Why is it High Time to Step into the Metaverse Dating Platform?

Dating is not a new concept, but adding the Metaverse-based dating app will let you enter the Metaverse race.

Looking at the Metaverse race, several big players have stepped into it, as mentioned below:

  • Meta spent $10 billion on the metaverse in 2021. (Source: NY Times)
  • Indian telecom giant Jio, “Steps Into Metaverse With $15 Million Investment In Pranav Mistry’s ‘TWO’ AI Startup. (Source: news18)
  • Microsoft’s “$68.7 billion deal, which was announced on Jan. 18 (Source: Blomberg) will let the company become the third-largest future-gaming company in the world.

Now considering the players in dating in Metaverse approach, Kippo 2.0 stands strong. Kippo’s co-founder said, “Our vision always was to create a very immersive experience” (Source: dot.la).

Although the application provides a gaming experience, 93% of ‌players have played games and met in person later. The application will allow the users to communicate like a dating app with the latest version.

So, with the trend, Metaverse is an excellent catchphrase to implement in the majority of industries where Dating is a crucial one. But, what will filter a Metaverse dating app from a simple dating app? Let us look at features that convert a dating app to a Metaverse dating app.

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How Does Metaverse Dating Work?

Interaction Based on Avatars

Creating your avatars in the metaverse is a virtual representation that can be customized for every individual’s appearance. By sharing any kind of photos and videos, users can interact with their avatars with each other. This adds a different creativity level and excitement to your dating experience.

Virtual Date Locations

Creating your Metaverse dating app also allows your avatar to create a virtual space for your dates. You can make it like a beach date, city date, trekking date, etc. These virtual dates feel so realistic for a real experience.

Real-Time Communication

The Metaverse dating apps usually create dates in a real-time scenario, via voice or messages. Real-time voice chat and body language enhance the overall experience of users.

Events and Activities

On the Metaverse dating apps, users can recreate different events and activities. Sometimes other brands collaborate with these metaverse dating platforms to promote themselves. The users can perform different activities like puzzle games or attending an event like a live concert through VR. It shares an extraordinary experience for the users to create good memories.

Anonymous Meetings

Metaverse dating apps are the safest option regarding anonymity. It gives control to users over what information they want to reveal to the public. This feature is highly attractive to those users who are concerned with their privacy.

Trending Metaverse Technologies to Add in Dating Apps for Valentine’s Day

Metaverse Enabled Dating App

Metaverse will take a decade to push the audience into the virtual world. In the dating app world, Tinder is at the top, letting users find their matches, friends, and partners. Let us consider a few elements from dating apps and connect them to the Metaverse to provide a better insight into new features of dating apps.

AR-enabled User Profiles

In dating apps like Tinder, we have a user profile section displayed in text. Elements like hobbies are descriptive. With the Metaverse dating app, users can have their 3d Avatars where other people can see them performing their mentioned hobbies through VR. It will give them a better connection when partners see how their match looks while performing their hobbies.

For example, a cycling video with VR can provide a close natural feeling. Further, through AR technology, matches can fantasize about looking while standing next to their partner.

VR Enabled Dating

VR provides an experience where users can emerge in the virtual world. Dating Apps like Tinder do not offer such an option. Metaverse apps can allow people to use VR-enabled Dating. Matches can wear VRs and fantasize naturally about sitting in front of their dates.

Socialization Through VR

With the Metaverse world, users can play games in VR technology and socialize with other people. Although a complete Metaverse world will take time, apps can at least implement options to game together through virtual reality technologies and let users feel the real experience even from a distance.

Virtual E-commerce Stores

No dating app has reached this point. Although the E-commerce trade options are visible in the games, dating apps are still implementing them. E-commerce in Dating will let users sell and purchase gifts, clothes, and other accessories, providing an emerging experience through their virtual character.

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Virtual Eventing

Dating apps with Metaverse AR and VR technologies can organize events where other 3d avatars can join them. Imagine a clubhouse where you have entered by wearing a VR and feel every virtual detail like a real-time activity. Dating apps can organize these events, or Avatars can organize birthday parties inviting others.

Wallet Possibilities for Quick Payments

When we have stores in the Metaverse, it is evident that dating apps have to work over the digital payment system. Companies will have to implement cryptocurrency as digital payment for assets, accessories, gifts, and other items exchanged by avatars in the Metaverse. Further, other stores can participate in dating apps and promote their products, providing users with a broader degree of choices.

Blockchain-based Flowers

Physical flowers are so boring in the recent digital space. Now you can create unique and one-of-a-kind flowers on the blockchain. It can be sold or traded. It does sound a little kiddish, but it is the fastest way to buy flowers for your partner.

Netflix and Chill Virtually

Through the Metaverse dating app, you can watch Netflix or movies together. With the long distance, you and your partner can watch any kind of movie or TV series. It can be a good option for the date, as it feels like you both are right next to each other.

Pros and Cons of Metaverse Dating

Pros and Cons of Metaverse Dating

Pros of Metaverse Dating

  • Convenience: You can find your date anywhere with an internet connection. Metaverse in dating makes it easy for people who struggle to meet potential partners in person.
  • Anonymity: You can choose to stay anonymous. It might help you feel more comfortable being yourself.
  • Customization: You can create avatars that represent how you want to look, boosting your confidence.
  • Flexibility: There are lots of activities and experiences you can try in the virtual world, like exploring virtual places and attending events.

Cons of Metaverse Dating

  • Lack of Physical Intimacy: You can’t experience physical touch and closeness like you can in real-life relationships.
  • Deception: People might lie about themselves, leading to disappointment. Also, some might just want friendship, not romance.
  • Time and Resource Investment: It takes a good computer or VR headset and a strong internet connection. Technical issues can ruin the experience.
  • Isolation: Spending too much time in the virtual world can make you feel disconnected from real-life relationships and activities, which isn’t great for your mental and physical health.


This is the high time when Metaverse dating appears in enormous search results. With more companies ready to integrate Metaverse into their ecosystem, dating apps should also consider Metaverse features and implement them. AR, VR, and Virtual stores are a new reality that can be implemented.

As the best Metaverse dating app development company, RipenApps loves to work on new technologies and trends, and Metaverse has already evolved. If you have a dating app idea, why not let us help you and enrich your app with futuristic possibilities?

Create your Metaverse Dating App with RipenApps


Q1. How can I meet someone on Metaverse dating apps?

Follow these steps if you want to meet your soulmate on Metaverse dating apps

  1. Select your preferred metaverse dating app
  2. Create your profile
  3. Add your preferences
  4.  Scroll through the connections (based on location)
  5. Like or swipe right to the profile you are interested in
  6. Profile matched through the similar liked actions
  7. Start your communication through messages
  8. Schedule your VR date

And the rest is history. This virtual reality dating gives you a real-life experience.

Q2. Is a virtual relationship ‌a real relationship?

It all depends on the partners, and how they want to get identified. It can be romantic, Platonic, or a business affair. However, virtually all met people usually don’t share their relationship status for quite some time before revealing it.

Q3. Is VR dating safe?

VR dating is a low-risk way to meet new people and explore potential love matches. It’s a natural progression of online dating that combines the convenience of digital matchmaking with the immersive experience of VR technology.

Q4. Why are people using online dating apps?

Online dating gives flexibility to ‌singles who want to find their soulmates. It is a modern and effective way to socialize with other people.

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