A digital platform to provide the most optimized tax return without any tax knowledge in a simple, fast, and stress-free manner.

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COTAX- Product Overview

COTAX is the tax returning mobile application that gives the most optimized way to return tax even if you don’t have any tax knowledge. The app is conceptualized to support various tax situations under the guidance of Swiss’s experts so that users can’t confront any hassle.

App's Glory

The app is simple & easy to navigate, so the users find no hurdle in operating the app. The user has to submit all information whenever they want. The application will guide them through all steps in a survey-like form, using simplified questions and examples of required documents. The flexible UI/UX is designed to save users' time where users need to provide their doc and details promptly.

App's Flow

Depending on mind-blowing features that blow the worries of taxpayers in seconds, Cotax works flawlessly. The user needs to provide file details & documents with the help of a flawless interface, and the rest of the application makes the tax return a cakewalk. Once the user’s data is received, the app optimizes the deductions, set review & confirmation on the details and gives you approval on your tax return in a single tap.

Project Menifesto

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problemsProject Goals

Cotax aims to help people submit their taxes without losing much time and still getting all the benefits. A new team full of energy aiming at helping through our innovative solutions and care for the customers.

  • Simple, fast, and hassle-free tax return process
  • Only 7 minutes details submission duration to save user’s time
  • Supports for various tax situations from regular to complex ones

Design Process

  • Problem & Concept
    Understand the Problem Defining the area's to be handled with care Buidling up the concept
  • Wireframing
    Designing the Mock-ups Buidling up the prototypes
  • UI Design & Ideation
    Ideate User Experience Designing User Interfaces
  • Development
    Building up the product Delivering up to expectations
  • Feedbacks & Testing
    Gathering the feedbacks User Acceptance testing fixing of the feedbacks

Client's Persona

Paperwork is the bane of people’s of the 21st century, and cyberspace has arrived to automate the boring parts of our lives. When the mid-year time come, we sense our taxes comes around, and when it comes to the Tax return, we all wish that we should have a mandatory tax course in the college, but technology has escaped all our need.

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    Shkumbin Nuredini

    Founder at Cotax

    It’s no revelation how many of us trust the power of the mobile to make quick transactions through mobile banking and UPIs. But when it comes to the tax return, we seek a fully reliable and confidential channel to operate through.

    Need of COTAX?

    The COTAX app, with its easy interface, makes tax returns extremely simple for those who are on the go. With a single tap, a user can upload their details & their Income Tax Return can be filed in under 7 minutes.


    During the development, the major challenge was maintaining the security over the platform as the user was using this platform to file the tax return where they share the confidential document with admin to prepare their tax that user has to file according to the income and wealth and other related documents. And apart from this, from the user's side, it was never easy to trust any platform and share the details easily until or unless you win the trust of the users.

What We Did?

  • Based on customer-centric methodology and confidentiality should be preserved well philosophy, we built a robust, innovative, and powerful Tax Return mobile app.

  • Using modern tech-stacks & robust development skills, our team has developed this mobile app that helps our client run their business and grab a large user base.

  • We collaborated with our client & understood their pain-point of the audience and Customized, highly intuitive designs to provide a flawless user experience.

  • For the pricing and packages, there are outstanding Integrated payment gateways effectively and make the application proceed smoothly.

  • New, advanced, and the most secure digital way to perform tax return process performed using latest technology, robust backend development & incredibly fast global deployment process.

The Result & Features

Maintaining the quality check and security method that we planned during the project's development helped us achieve the desired result, which was catered to us as the business requirements of the project. With the launch of the product, we have seen impressive app installs.

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Client Words


Professionalism, excellence, client attention, precise and great communication are only a few aspect of the way RipenApps works. GREAT WORK GUYS!!

Shkumbin Nuredini

Founder of Cotax

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