Entertainment world requires a New Sensation: Cost, Features & Requirements guide of video sharing social media app development?
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

Entertainment World Requires a New Sensation: Cost, Features & Requirements Guide of Video Sharing Social Media App Development?

Love for video sharing social media app cannot be neglected. Short-form Video creation entertainment apps have taken the most of the market, where millions of people used to spend their free time to show their acting & singing skills. Besides passing free time, these kinds of apps give various ways to earn monetizing rewards. Isn’t sound prolific? Yes, it is. In this competitive era where every field is occupied with a lot of competition, these short-form video creation platforms give users a pinch of relaxation, where you can enjoy and can also come out from different anxieties. As per huge user’s inclinations towards these platforms, business owners, startups & big enterprises should come up with these kinds of apps and should tenfold their revenue.

Let’s Sneak Peek to the Market’s Popularity of these Apps:

  • Research of AppAnnie says that the user spent a record $23.4 billion on mobile apps in Q1 2020.
  • This time period also recorded new downloads crossing 31 billion growing 15% over Q4 2019.
  • India, Brazil & Vietnam were the biggest drivers to take this rate here.
  • In less than 6 months, the short-form video creation app has gone 1.5 billion to over 2 billion downloads.

Factors on Your App’s Success Depends:

There are certain golden factors that your app should have and must be developed by considering those. Users always attract towards relevance, attractive & offer-enriched piece where they find their talent worth showing. Simplified, smooth & easy operative pieces become masterpieces in that case. Unfold some major factors that you should focus on while developing a short-form video creation app.

Short, Simple & Easy Build Content

Limit the video duration; it is a smart approach that provides clarity, simplicity, and easiness to the users. Create a unique concept & provide users with a limit of a few seconds where they can follow the trend seamlessly with a full-screened video. Use mobile-oriented editing tools & and a wide range of options to create different videos.

Target Audience Wisely

Targeting a focused audience is a success key. Unlike targeting all the age groups, target millennials only because they are always willing to express themselves on social media and always try to come up with new & exciting stuff. It has been observed that millennials are addicted to their smartphones, and they always keep checking their phones now and then in search of something new and unique.

Reward Earning Potential

Short-form video creation apps should provide a range of opportunities to its fans and followers to make money and other rewards. A live streaming feature should be added. There should be options for sending & purchasing gifts, and these gifts should be reached to any sum. This feature & factor attracts users towards downloading the app & using it.

Brand Collaboration

Trying to collaborate with big brands gives value and authenticity to your app. If your app has strong brand value, it’ll attract more users towards it. Moreover, the features are always key-grabber. Amazing features like high-speed image capture, broadcasting music videos, interesting filters, vast-lined music range adds values to your app.
Sounds interesting, right? Now let’s move further to get the insights.

Top Market Players

Top Market Players 


Interesting & Must-Have Features to Create Short-form Video Creation Apps:

Login and Register

The primary element your mobile app developer should give is login or register.
This should be possible either through other social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or using email or mobile number.

Simple, Smooth & Impressive UI UX

Smooth, simple, and elegant UI UX provides users with a great way of inclination towards your app.
It is anything but difficult to see them in a steady progression while looking on the screen. Follow your loved ones and set the screen such that you can see the videos of the ones that you follow.

Limit the Psychological Burden

Psychological burden alludes to the aggregate sum of mental ability required to use the app. The cerebrum has a constrained measure of preparing power.
Also, when an app gives an excess of data at the same time, it is overpowering as the user tend to uninstall the app. In this way, try to limit the psychological burden.


The mess is the most exceedingly terrible foe of good structure. At the point when the interface is jumbled, the users get a lot of data: buttons and icons, at the same time, making the screen look stuffed.

Along these lines, it is prescribed to dispose of anything of this sort and in this manner, improving understanding.

Offload Tasks

Search for something in the plan that will require users’ effort. This is the thing that your app should operate brilliantly. Take the assistance of recently entered information and set as default as opposed to making them retype once more.

Break Assignments into Chunks

Assembling as chunks help in associating two distinct exercises. At the point when the stream is coherently associated, it turns out to be simple for the user to continue further.

User Acquainted Screen

Take the assistance of an acquainted screen that users, as a rule, see in an app. Screens like ‘Beginning’ and ‘Query items’ have become the true guidelines for mobile apps.

There is no requirement for any extra data because the users are now acquainted with the equivalent. This enables the users to use the related knowledge and get drawn in with the app with no expectation to absorb information.

Maintain a Strategic Distance from Language

Clear correspondence must be a top priority. Android and iOS mobile application developers should masterly code this concept, and it will hit a massive fortune. Ask app developers to use phrases and words that you feel appropriate for your users.

Make a Steady/Consistent Design

Consistency is a basic design standard. Consistency helps in wiping out disarray. There ought to be, Visual consistency where Buttons and labels come under, Functional consistency provide an interactive element to the app, external consistency- gives a soothing experience to various devices. Along with these, AI integration will give marvellous experience to the app, in which user’s interaction becomes a far easy thing.

Inclusion of Trendy Stuff like Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges fill in as a joining power for the app network. Difficulties offer a chance to the users to contend with each other because of a specific theme.

Duet Options

Duet videos are creating a buzz now, and people like to make videos with some other personalities like big celebrities or with their favourite ones.

If you like somebody’s video a great deal, there is a choice of adding a touch to it by making your own next to each other video.

In-build, Vast-listed Music Library

What happens to be a strike into by the iOS and Android developers is the in-built music library without utilizing any third party editor.

There is an extensive list of channels to look over, AR impacts, altering instruments, movements, and stickers. The user picks the melody for lip-adjusting, move, or acts with the music before beginning the chronicle.

Social Media Sharing

There is no use of thinking of something astonishing that can’t be shared. Your app should comprehend this truly well, so it accompanies the sharing alternative.

This element causes you to share your video on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and email.

Tech-Stack Required of Building Short-form Video Creation App:

AI, Content Delivery Network, Video/Audio Transcoding, MailChimp, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL, and Cassandra database integration.

  • Android version contains the power of, JAVA & Kotlin.
  • iOS version contains the power of Swift or C.
  • For Hybrid, Flutter, React Native & Xamarin are the best ones.

Marketing Strategy of App:

Strategic marketing is must for making the app a huge success. Apply some prolific strategy to make your app visible among the various.

  • App Store Optimization 

Optimize your app via leveraging the power of ASO(App Store Optimize) to make your app on top, because the app store is flooding with millions of apps and also 561 millions of apps are daily get downloaded from app stores. Optimization of your app will improve your app’s marketplace.

  • Organic Mobile Users Acquisition

To boost the app user acquisition, you can funnel traffic from organic channels from different websites to social media platforms to the app store page

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How Much does it Cost to Develop Short-form Video Creating Entertainment App?

The app development cost depends on the app development team, app Development Company you hired. And app development cost also depends on several factors like what platform does it requires, storage, design, complexity, resources & lots of skills.

RipenApps has already done mastery in building short video creating apps, and already our portfolio is adorned with the masterpiece that RipenApps is developed & designed. You can give your eyes a beautiful treat to explore our work.


Social media apps are becoming very popular & attractive among people. One can use some of the brilliant power & mechanism for your next mobile app to become a big sensation. The world is already wishing to have a super-sensational short-form video creating the app and why don’t you take this chance now.

You can turn your unique idea into reality by choosing the right app development partner & dedicated app developers. RipenApps is the leading entertainment app development company, offered many super-sensational apps in the field of entertainment. Let’s make one for you too, drop us your details & requirements here. We would love to create more masterpieces.

Let your all the doubts waived off by hitting a mail us at [email protected] and we would love to be your tech-hand.

Connect with us to discuss your Project.

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