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Future of Mobile App Development in USA

The industry of mobile app development in USA is growing at a fast pace. According to CBRE’s latest report, the USA has emerged as a top-growth city for its significant advancement in technology. The reports place Dallas in the 8th position in the USA for increment in high-tech software and services at a rate of 12.7% between 2019-2021.Source

In the USA, the demand for mobile apps is skyrocketing due to continuous behavior changes and business practices. As per Statista, the total revenue in the mobile app market is estimated to reach $256.90 Billion by 2027, which is $156.20 Billion in 2022 in the USA only.

This progress is paving a new way for the future of mobile app development company in USA. Startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises are investing a lot in mobile app development services to build a variety of apps. With the increasing demand for app solutions, this US city is becoming a top destination for developing and launching apps. So what does the future of mobile app development look like? In this article, we will explore.

Current Mobile App Market in USA

USA is one of the fastest-growing and hi-tech cities in the United States of America. In the past few years, it has evolved as a top-growth city for software development and IT services across the country and the globe. In the USA, Silicon Valley, New York, and Austin are the leading places where developers are mostly in demand. But, in recent years, USA has emerged as a hub for computer engineers, software and mobile app developer.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in North Texas, the employment for customer application development in North Texas has grown more rapidly than in Texas and the US as a whole in the past decade. This employment growth is due to increased demand for software and mobile app development services in usa. Businesses today now look to build custom and business-orientated mobile apps.

Whether it is healthcare, e-commerce, real estate, education, or retail, mobile apps are penetrating across multiple industries. As consumers prefer a mobile-first approach for most of their activities, this behavior shift has compelled businesses to adopt mobile apps in their business and marketing strategies. As a result, the city of USA is witnessing a significant surge in mobile app development.


Mobile App Development Trends in USA

In the modern age, mobile apps have become an indispensable part of everyone’s life. Whether you are a  consumer or a business person, each and every person uses apps for different usage purposes. From startups to businesses, every market segment is investing in app development to leverage the growing demand for app development company in USA.

And as new innovations and technology trends are coming into place, the mobile app market is reaching new levels. So what are those trends that are shaping the mobile app industry in this city? Let’s explore them one by one-

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The mobile app development industry in USA has been highly affected by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Companies today look to build innovative and feature-powered mobile applications to streamline their business services. By integrating AI & ML in mobile apps, businesses build cutting-edge solutions that offer enhanced UX. And consequently, it improves their revenue.

Hence, artificial intelligence and machine learning are currently in hot demand in the field of mobile app development services USA. Since AI & ML are among the top mobile app development trends in 2023 globally, it is no surprise that these technologies have become a trend in this city.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented and virtual reality are also among the hottest trends in the mobile app market in USA and Dallas. AR/VR is an immersive technology that allows users to visualize virtual graphics or environments in the real world. Pokemon Go, SnapChat, IKEA Place, ScopeAR, and Augment are some of the top trending AR/VR apps in the USA.

This technology has got higher position in the top app development trends. Businesses are utilizing AR/VR in their mobile applications to empower customers with innovative features. As a result, they have witnessed considerable improvement in business outcomes as well as customer retention.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT or Internet of Things is an interconnected network of devices for exchanging data. It enables mobile devices or electronic gadgets to collect data in real-time and share it with a common network. IoT technology is widely used by industries and businesses in various use cases.

For example, smart homes, wearable devices, data collection, city safety monitoring, etc. And since IoT provides a wider scope to implement it into mobile apps, its usage in app development is high as well. Many leading mobile app development companies in USA suggest the use of IoT in mobile apps has increased substantially in the past years.

Cross-Platform App Development

Since the demand for mobile apps is on the rise, the need for fast and affordable app solutions is also a top concern for all businesses. Cross-platform app development is a kind of development approach where a single codebase is used to build an app for all OS platforms. It means there is no need to create an app separately for Android, iOS, or other platforms. With a cross-platform development approach, you can deploy the same code and deploy the app for Android and iOS altogether. This approach helps startups and businesses save huge costs. And therefore, it is one of the top mobile app development trends in USA.

Wearable Technology

Wearable devices are one of the hottest trends in the current market. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, body sensors, and smart jewelry are popular types of wearable devices. Particularly, smartwatches and fitness trackers have great demand in the global market due to their high usability. To use the features of these wearable devices, mobile apps are required.

As a result, wearable technology is contributing to mobile app development growth in USA. According to market data the global wearable technology market was valued at $61.30 in 2022. Out of this, around 20% of US residents own a smart wearable device. Hence, wearable technology is one of the top trends that is driving app development growth in the USA.

AI Chatbots

Chatbots have become today’s latest sensation, especially after the massive success of ChatGPT. Chatbots are built with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and NLP to understand customer queries. They work as an instant messenger and provide real-time solutions to user’s queries.

Businesses today look for AI-powered chatbot applications for various purposes including customer service, problem-solving, data analytics, and more. And therefore, the demand for AI-based chatbot apps is gaining traction in the global market. Particularly the North American region generated the largest market share of 41% in the global chatbot market in 2023.Source

Mobile Payment Apps

Mobile payment and digital transactions have almost taken the commercial world by storm. As per industry reports around 46% of US consumers use mobile payment apps for making payments or transactions. In 2023, payment users in the USA will exceed 100 million. Apple Pay has already become the most-used mobile payment app across the USA and Dallas too. This massive usage of mobile payment is due to the adoption of digitization methods.

It helps people make payments safely and save time and effort. Hence, people today look for more feature-rich mobile payment apps. PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, and Chime are some of the top-used apps for mobile payment in USA. But since security concerns and user expectations are increasing, the need for developing advanced mobile payment apps is also set to grow.


Future of Mobile App Development in USA

USA has evolved as one of the top-growth tech cities in America. It ranks among the leading markets which have witnessed significant technology growth in the last few years.  Especially in the field of software and mobile app development, it has demonstrated impressive progress.

Businesses now hire developers and app development companies to build a variety of apps. Startups choose mobile apps as a model to launch their business ideas. And since more innovations and advancements in mobile app technology are coming, the future of mobile app development in USA is getting a new shape. How?

Increased Demand for Apps in the Consumer Market

If you look at recent market data, the use of mobile apps has enhanced considerably in USA, The usage of apps has not only penetrated the consumer market but also in the business domain. Therefore, it has led to the growth of mobile app development in the city.

 Rise of Investment in Mobile App Development

Startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses are interested in developing innovative software and mobile applications for ever-changing consumer needs and interests. They now invest huge amounts in mobile app development services for building custom and futuristic app solutions. As a result, it is shaping the future of the app market.

Mobile-first Approach In Business Practices

Smartphones and digitalization have transformed business practices and operations. In Dallas, companies and businesses now adopt the mobile-first approach and digital methods for providing their services and offerings. This is due to extensive smartphone and app usage. People today mostly prefer using apps for all online activities. And therefore, this evolving mobile-first approach is broadening the future scope of app development in the USA.

Growth in the number of IT and App Development Companies

In the past few years, the number of IT service providers and mobile app development companies in the USA has increased substantially. You can find small to large-size companies that provide software and app development services. And this figure continues to grow as the demand for app development services is enhancing. Hence, in the near future, the industry of mobile app development USA will expand significantly.

Concluding Thoughts

The current digital transformation and technological advancement have pushed the app development sector to the next level. Businesses and companies look to build a variety of apps for different business purposes. Consumers now prefer using mobile apps for most of their online activities.

Therefore, this tech growth and change in business and consumer practices are opening more future scopes of mobile app developers in the USA. However, since the mobile app market in this US city is growing, businesses can take a competitive advantage to early launch innovative app concepts in the USA. 


Q1. How much does it cost to build a mobile app in USA?

The average hourly rate for mobile app developers in USA is @43 per hour. So, depending on your required development hours, you can estimate the cost based on the above-mentioned cost calculator formula. However, the final cost depends on several factors. Therefore, it would be better to consult a company or agency. They will give you an accurate price quotation as per your specific project requirements. 

Q2. How fast software and mobile app development industry is growing in USA?

USA-Forth Worth has emerged as one of the fastest-growing tech cities in the USA as per CBRE report. The report says the market has been drastically impacted due to massive technological advancement and the adoption of digitalization across consumer and business practices. Particularly the number of employment in high-tech software and application development services has increased at a rate of 12.7% in the last couple of years. Hence, it is evident that software and app development sector is growing at a faster rate in USA.

Q3. What types of mobile apps are in high demand?

At present, there are multiple types of apps that are in great demand. Especially in the USA, these apps are very popular such as on-demand food delivery apps, grocery delivery apps, pet food delivery apps, AI Chatbot apps, home service apps, and more.

Q4. How big is the mobile app industry in the USA?

The mobile app industry is among the top-grossing sectors in the US. According to industry reports, the global mobile app market size recorded $206.85 Billion in 2022. And this is now projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.8% by 2023. In addition to this, the total mobile app revenue is also estimated to attain $256.90 Billion by 2027.

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