Top Cross-platform App Development Frameworks
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

Top Cross-platform App Development Frameworks

With the expansion of the cross-platform app development trend, businesses want to target multiple platforms by building one app. When businesses go with cross-platform app development, they do not have to target Android and iOS separately while building their app. However, the multiple choices of cross-platform app development frameworks are confusing them in deciding the best one for their business.

In this article, we will cover the top cross-platform app development frameworks that businesses can rely upon to build an exceptional mobile app product. Therefore, let us head straight into the list.

List of best cross-platform app development frameworks

The list will cover the best cross-platform app development frameworks so that businesses can reduce their research. Following this, they can actually focus on the development part by picking one or more from the below list.

React Native

React Native has captured a very strong market in recent times. The framework has more than 9,000 contributors on Github react native page, with Google trends showing 50 + queries every day. Therefore, when you opt for React Native for cross-platform app development, you target Android and iOS platforms simultaneously. The framework is based on JavaScript, which is a leading front-end app development technology. Here are the features of React Native cross-platform framework.

Features of React Native Framework

  • Open-source, cross-platform app development framework
  • Large community support for fixing bugs, updating features, and more
  • Build by Meta inc. Previously known as Facebook
  • One time development, so there is no need to code for Android and iOS platforms separately
  • Highly compatible with third-party APIs
  • Smooth interface in mobile apps


How can we forget Flutter in the list of best cross-platform app frameworks? The framework was designed by Google in 2017 after angular. A large number of apps have been built by using Flutter technology. This is because mobile apps built with Flutter runs on every screen irrespective of the platform (Android or iOS). Flutter app development companies has been focusing on Flutter to build revolutionary apps.
Look at the features of the Flutter framework.

Features of Flutter Framework

  • A portable graphical user interface for multiple platforms
  • Hot reload feature
  • Best choice for Minimum viable product development


Ionic is one of the industry’s leading cross-platform app frameworks. AngularJS app development companies have been using Ionic for years to build apps that run on multiple platforms. Furthermore, the framework combines the power of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to let businesses achieve a beautiful front-end design and development. Let us look at the features of the Ionic framework.

Features of the Ionic Framework

  • Open-source framework
  • Exceptional front-end app development
  • Uses SAAS UI framework designed specifically for mobile app development
  • Based on Angular JS offers rich features of JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Plug-ins present in Ionic give the flexibility to embed device hardware features like Camera


Xamarin is one of the old-school but powerful and stable cross-platform app development frameworks. Additionally, the framework is used to build cross-platform apps for Android, Windows, and iOS. However, the framework uses C# and .Net compared to Html and JavaScript in other mentioned frameworks in the list. Developers can use 90% of the code for multiple platforms. Here are the top features of the Xamarin framework.

Features of the Xamarin Framework

  • Uses C# programming language taking an edge over Java and Objective C
  • Xamarin unlocks naive level app development process reducing any hardware compatibility issues
  • Built on the principle of write once, run anywhere
  • Massive collection of libraries to achieve efficiency
  • Quick compilation time


PhoneGap uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to achieve hybrid app development. The framework is one of the leading in cloud solution development within mobile apps. Additionally, you can use it to build appealing mobile apps with its front-end tech stack. Additionally, you also get the benefit of in-built device features from the camera or GPS app from the smartphone. Here are the features of the PhoneGap hybrid app development framework.

Features of PhoneGap Framework

  • Uses HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies
  • Appealing front-end development
  • The single code base principle applies to PhoneGap


Building cross-platform apps have been a breeze with Node.js. It is a javascript-based framework developed on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. Since the platform is open source, cross-platform app development companies use it to let their clients achieve their goals and lead the competition. When apps are built with Node.js, they are highly responsive and efficient in nature. And the rich library of Node.js ensures that developers achieve the majority of the tasks they want to achieve.

Features of Node.js

  • Node.js can handle multiple servers by switching between multiple APIs without waiting for a specific one
  • The framework is impressively speedy in nature with a fast code execution process.
  • Apps built with Node.js has less buff time.
  • Node.js provides optimized execution of slow requests.

.NET Framework

.NET is an open-source developer platform built by Microsoft. The main purpose of the .Net framework is to provide an open-source platform to the developers which they can use to build robust cross-platform mobile apps.

The framework uses C# programming language, which is a simple, modern, and object-oriented programming language leveraging the full potential of the developers. The standard set of base class libraries and APIs is common for all the applications that are built on the .NET platform.

Features of .NET

  • Open-source technology offering cross-platform development
  • Utilizes a powerful programming language that is C#, to build the apps.
  • Uses a standard set of base class libraries and APIs so that APIs remain consistent on all .Net applications.
  • Massive libraries with over 100,000 package managers for developers
  • An active community with 100,000+ OSS contributions and 3700+ OSS company contributions.

Which is the best cross-platform app development framework?

If we try to find one cross-platform app development framework which is best in nature, we won’t be able to reach a conclusion. Every framework has its own set of features and functionalities offered to the developers. However, no matter which framework you pick, you can achieve your goals with any of them.

FAQs on Cross-platform Frameworks

Which Cross-Platform is best?

Flutter and React are the most popular frameworks as of now. Both frameworks as managed by tech giants. Google and Meta, respectively. However, it is not possible to pick one framework.

What is a cross Platform framework?

Cross-platform frameworks offer the flexibility to build a mobile app for 2 platforms- iOS and Android. You can use 90% of the code on other platforms.

Is Flutter the best cross-platform framework?

Flutter is no doubt a great cross-platform framework. The option of reusable widgets makes Flutter much more convenient and flexible in mobile apps.

Why should I choose cross platform app development?

With a cross-platform app development framework, you can reduce the need to build your app separately for iOS and Android platforms. You can implement code once you run anywhere principle.

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