Android 14 Features
Mohit Singh
Mohit Singh

Android 14 Features: Everything You Need To Know

On August 18, 2023, when Google released its next Android OS version Android 14 Beta 5.1, it grabbed huge attention from the market. Why? The new Android 14 comes with various exciting features and improvements.

In its fifth beta release, Google has brought many prominent changes that enhance user experience, performance, and other usability aspects. If you also feel excited to know about the latest version of the world’s most famous mobile operating system, here we will explain everything that you need to know about Android 14.

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What is Android 14?

Android 14 is the latest and upcoming version of the Android mobile operating system. It is a major and next updated Android version that comes with new features and updates for users. The first beta version of Android OS was released in April 2023. And subsequently, in Aug, the first beta version got released. The new Android OS is called ‘Upside Down Cake’.

What Are the New Features in Android 14?

Google surprised the world by quickly releasing beta 5 just after a month. The new Android 14 beta 5.1 comes with minor updates. But it also brings some significant bug fixes along with other different features. Here are the new features in Android 14 Upside Down Cake:

1. Name and Release Date

Google generally gives name to its new Android version. The new Android 14 also got its name Upside Down Cake. However, Google uses this dessert name internally not as an official OS name. And as far as the release date of Android 14 is concerned, there is no certain date has been given by Google. The company has said that developers would take considerable time to test the latest beta release. So, users have to wait for the official announcement.

2. Accessibility Features

Android 14 offers new updates in its accessibility features. It has made significant improvements and introduced enhanced features better than its previous versions Android 13 and 12.

3. Large Fonts

Android 14 Large Fonts

Source: Android Developers Blog

In Android 14, you will see font size in large size. This size would appear more than sufficient enough on the screen and work helpful for all age groups. Google has allowed font size scaling up to 200% in the upcoming OS version. This is far better than the previous operating system which was 130% on Pixels.

4. Notification Flashes

It is one of the unique features of Android 14. For people who have to struggle with hearing, this feature helps them in staying alert with instant notifications. The new Android 14 will allow users to see notifications by using the camera flash. Or with a display to light up. Users can toggle the settings in the accessibility section to choose the option between camera flash and display flash.

5. Improvements in Language Preferences

The Android 14 has improvements in tweaking language. Users will get support in native languages like French, and German through Grammatical Inflection API. Apart from this, Android app developers can leverage more granular per-app language controls. Through these controls, developers will be able to customize the language as per the region list and also run A/B experiments.

6. Tweaks and Battery Life

Android 14 comes with considerable enhancements in battery life. However, these changes are not as big as their prior versions. But users will get worthy features for improved battery life. Android users can squeeze more life from their smartphone batteries.

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7. Efficient Internal Processes

In the latest Android 14 Beta 5.1 version, Google has attempted to take two Android APIs with a view to enhance efficiency. This updated operating system will perform background tasks and download heavy files easily. As a result, it will improve the internal process for better battery efficiency.

8. Data Security and Privacy

For data security and user privacy, Google has implemented many new features and functionalities. This new version focuses on protecting from older apps. Besides this, there are some behind-the-scenes tweaks for improving other aspects of security.

9. Goodbye to Old Installed Apps

This is one of the major changes in terms of data security and user privacy in Android operating systems. The latest Android 14 blocks older mobile apps which are primarily built for Android 5.1 and its previous OS versions. After this move, many old games and mobile apps can’t be installed on Android 14 smartphones or mobile devices.

10. More Control Over Sharing Photos and Videos

In Android 14, users will have more control over sharing photos and videos. In the earlier Android 13, users would have only two options to say either yes or no while giving permission for accessing photos and videos. But in this updated OS platform, users will get better control. They can now allow apps to access certain photos and videos via the “select photos” option.

11. Strong PIN Privacy

Android 14 now has stronger PIN privacy. In Android settings, users can turn off animations while entering their PIN. It will make it more tricky for memorizing the PIN while entering it. However, this is a minor change. but it will make the difference by securing the device more by having better PIN secrecy features.

12. Updates in Data Sharing

Android 14 Updates in Data Sharing


It is one of the important updates that will keep Android users stay up-to-date with any recent updates or changes in the data policy. Suppose, if an app changes its policy, you don’t get any alert about this change. But in Android 14, as soon as when an app brings changes in data or privacy policy, it will now show a pop-up alert to tell you about the changes which took place in the app.

13. Addition of Developer-friendly Features

Android not only serves as an open-source platform but also offers cross-device functionality support. And Google is taking this ability to higher levels by bringing developer-friendly features. In the current Android 14, developers will get more cross-platform app development support. For example, window size classes and sliding pane layout provide better support for adjusting to different screen sizes. Moreover, Android app developers can use cross-device SDK to build apps that can run across different devices.

14. Miscellaneous Features

Besides important feature updates, Google has implemented many other changes to improve the overall performance and user experience in Android.

15. Custom Lock Screen

The new Android 14 allows you to customize your home screen as per your own choice. In the previous versions, users have the accessibility to make changes in the home screen but not much on the lock screen. But Android 14 allows users to customize all aspects of the lock screen.

16. Integrated Health Connect

In this latest Android OS, you will find a new feature called Health Connect. This is an app that works like a hub where all health-related data from multiple apps is stored. This app comes automatically on Android 14. You don’t have to manually download it. With this app, you will be able to take better advantage of fitness and health apps on a single application.

Which Smartphones Will Get Android 14 Initially?

Android 14 beta will be available on a wide range of smartphones and mobile devices. Especially if you have the latest Google Pixel smartphone, such as Pixel 7 series, you will be the first one to check out Android 14 when it launches. Here is the list of popular smartphone brands and mobile devices that will get Android 14-

  • Google Pixel series
  • iQOO
  • Lenovo
  • One Plus
  • Oppo
  • Realme
  • Vivo
  • Xiaomi
  • Honor
  • Motorola
  • Nokia

Timeline of Android 14 Beta Updates

Time Build Key updates
February Developer Preview 1 Early baseline build based on developer feedback, the addition of new features, APIs, and behavior changes.
March Developer Preview 2 Insertion of new features, incremental updates, and behavior changes
April Beta 1 Initial beta-quality release
May Beta 2 Improvements in previous features
June Beta 3 First Platform Stability milestone and addition of new features
July- August Beta 4 & 5 Minor changes and inclusion of new features
Yet to announce Final release Android 14 is yet to release on AOSP and the ecosystem

The Bottom Line

Android 14 focuses on improving all aspects of users and developers to make it more device and user-friendly. Google has tried out well to bring significant changes in performance, better life, security, and other key aspects to offer a better OS platform. However, since it is in the beta state, Android users will have to wait for more time for the final release. Businesses and startups that seek to leverage the advantageous features of Android 14, can build Android apps as early adopters.

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