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Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

AppStore Optimisation Guide To Boost Conversion

Undoubtedly, almost anything and everything can be done using smartphones. But what make these devices so useful are apps. Apps are, in a way, the heart and soul of every smartphone. People around the world wake up and open one of the numerous apps installed on their phones.

According to data provided by Apple in May 2017, there are 3.3 million apps for iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Apple TV in different categories. To get featured among these, an application must have an extra edge of User Experience & Features, still, this does not guarantee a secure rank. Organic discovery or search is one way to get your app seen by thousands of people, but there are several other things you can do to optimize your app store listing that you may not realize.

Individuals and Businesses hire a top mobile app development company to develop their mobile application so that they not only develop an outburst and robust application but also optimize your app listing on AppStore as much as possible. The optimization efforts in the app store are what will ultimately drive conversions. Here are some of the factors to take into consideration:

1. Keyword Research

Identify the keywords which you are going to add in meta-data while submitting an app to the AppStore. This requires the following steps:-

  • An extensive research of Audience who are going to use the application.
  • What words they would use in search to look for an app in the App Store.
  • Make sure your keywords are the ones that are used in regular, everyday conversation.
  • Check the raking of your keywords among the competitive keywords.

2. Pick A Relevant Title

A short title is one that users can read in a single screen. Lengthy titles will get cut off. For the single most important piece of search metadata in the app store, you don’t want it to get chopped.

Your application name should be simple that is easy to pronounce and understand, It should also match with the popular keywords that you have identified. Doing this will ensure that your app ranks better in the app store for those keyword searches.

3. Description

The description tells the user what is app targeted for and how does it work. Your description should clearly convey the objective of the application in limited words. While writing a description always keep in mind that users only view the first five lines of an app description at first glance so be specific at these lines. Additionally, with the redesigned iOS 11 AppStore, Apple editors will be privileging high-quality content. This will ultimately reflect on your app’s rankings and conversions.

4. App Icons

An optimized app icon is a critical part of your AppStore Optimisation. When users search on the app store this is the very first point where you can attract the user that makes it very important for your app marketing, along with the fact that you’re going to be using that icon in a lot of places. Here are some quick pointers to make an effective App Icon:-

  • Don’t use words in icons
  • Simple and Beautiful
  • Icon size should be 1024X1024
  • The icon should be consistent with your branding colors and theme

5. Descriptive Screenshots & Video Preview

To ensure successful app marketing, think of your app screenshots as the first impression of your app, on your target audience, your screenshots are what has to convince users to download or buy your app.

Here are some tips for designing screenshot for AppStore metadata:-

  • High Resolution
  • Best Screenshot Should Be the First One
  • Show Best Five features of your app
  • Keep the screenshots different to keep the users curious and guessing
  • Use of descriptive text with screenshots

For companies, being familiar with ASO is imperative or else your app will be buried in either the AppStore or Google Play. These ASO strategies are a cheap and effective way to ensure that your app gets seen in the AppStore and testing will help amplify these efforts. For users, ASO is just as important. If your app store listing promises something other than what your app delivers, it will result in a poor user experience with high deletion rates.

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