Qualities That Has Made Uber A Relevant One
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

Uber App Development Guide – History, Features, Road Map & Strategy

Hey! Taxi!

Now we hear this word and remember the days when we stood in the roadsides in the boiling heat, drenching rain and cold winds, just the same, praying for a taxi to stop.

But no more trouble is there because that time has changed over time. Uber transformed the taxi service. Now we have gone from “Waiting for a Taxi” to “A taxi waiting for us at our call.”

Cabs are now “easy to get” services. Thanks to feature-packed Taxi-booking app like Uber that makes impossible for the users to fall back to the traditional ways of hailing a cab.

Well, if have started talking about taxi booking apps then how could we miss to discuss “Uber”

Yeah Uber, which is a “Pocket car” now, we can say.

Mighty Stats Narrates Success Story

86.5 Million Americans have used an on-demand service.

45 Million US people have offered services in On-demand sector.

22.4 Million Users annually spend around $57.6 billion on On-demand services.

On Demand booking apps are mushrooming everywhere. Mobile technology has made it pretty easy and possible to run a business through just an app.

But, the problem with mobile startups is such that there are plenty of good ideas already in the market. What is missing in the business is the uniqueness of the idea.

Because of the rapidly advancing technology, there is a fair amount of possibility of your indigenous idea wooing plenty of customers in some corner of the globe.

Current, Taxi Booking App Industry’s Growth:

Revenue in Taxi Sharing Industry:  $59,678M in 2018

The Annual Growth Rate: Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) of 16.3%, resulting in a market volume of $109,050M by 2022.

User Penetration is 9.8% in 2018 and expected to hit 13.3% by 2022.

The average revenue per user (ARPU): Currently amounts to $118.28.

Higher Revenue Generated Zone: In global comparison, most revenue is generated in China (US$29,749m in 2018).

All Alone Uber’s Coverage:

  • Uber is available in 65 countries and over 600 cities worldwide
  • 15 million Uber trips are completed each day
  •  Well over 5 billion trips have been completed worldwide
  • Figures vary, but Uber’s market share of the US ride-hailing market is estimated at between 69% and 74%
  • Uber revenue Q2 2018 was $2.8 billion, an increase of 63% (down from 70% in Q1)
  •  Q2 net loss was $891 million, following profit of $2.5 billion in Q1 (discounting sales to Grab in Southeast Asia and Yandex in Russia, a $312 million loss)
  • Uber net revenue 2017 was $7.5 billion; net loss was $4.5 billion
  • Total venture capital raised by Uber stands at $24.2 billion
  • Uber valuation in 2018 was $72 billion
  •  Average Uber driver income is $364/month
  • US Uber and Lyft drivers’ median hourly rate can be as low as $8.55
  • There are 3 million Uber drivers worldwide, 0.75 million in the US, and 2.25 million in the rest of the world
  • 27% of US UberX drivers are female
  • Female Uber drivers have been found to make 7% less than male drivers – or $1.24 per hour less
  •  Female Uber driver turnover stands at 76% every six months, compared to 60% for men
  •  Key rival Lyft brought in $1 billion in revenue in 2017, and $909 million over the first half of 2018 – more than 100% up on H1 2017
  •  Lyft has 1.4 million drivers, who have served 23 million passengers over 500 million rides
  •  Asian rival Grab is set to bring in $1 billion over 2018
  •  36 million riders have collectively used Grab 2 billion times, served by 2.6 million drivers
  •  Chinese rival Didi Chuxing is the most significant international rival, valued at $56 billion
  •  Didi Chuxing claims that its 21 million drivers provide 30 million rides daily

Uber has done this and now almost covering 500 cities by delivering its services.

…..Now let’s know the history behind this huge “Success

Uber’s History & Newsroom

In the past time, there was trouble in going or catching destinations, and people were suffering from the unwanted situation

But, Then Two Friends Met In Paris And Story Began…

Uber’s Newsroom

Uber’s story began in Paris in 2008. Two friends, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, were attending the LeWeb, an annual tech conference the Economist describes as “where revolutionaries gather to plot the future.”


On a snowy evening in Paris, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp can’t get a cab—the idea for Uber is born.

Initially, the idea was for a timeshare limo service that could be ordered via an app. After the conference, the entrepreneurs went their separate ways, but when Camp returned to San Francisco, he continued to be fixated on the idea and bought the domain name UberCab.com.

UberCabs Takes Shapes

UberCabs Takes Shapes

    •  In- 2009, March- UberCab launches in San Francisco
      The two entrepreneurs found UberCab, a smartphone app that lets people tap a button and get a ride.
    • In July 2010, First Uber Ever
      UberCab connects its first rider with a black town car for a ride across San Francisco.
    •  Uber Shorten its name
      The company drops “cab” from its name and further separates itself from the taxicab industry. The well-known Uber brand is born, and the world has never been the same.
    • In 2011, Gone internationally viral
      Uber has gone international by launching in the City of Light-three years after Travis and Garrett conceive the idea on its snowy streets.
    •  In 2012  -  UberX Era
      UberX was an improved version of UberCabs.
    • In 2014, UberPool Launched
      100 cities were enjoying Uber; Uber started UberPool for the riders who thought UberX was expensive for them.
    • 2015  -  Uber began testing on the self-driving cars
      Uber started testing on driver-less cars to cut down the cost incurred on resources
    •  2016- Uber founded UberMoto
      Uber found out the most cost-efficient mode of transportation for its customers with motorcycles
    • 2017- Uber Freight launches
      Uber Freight is an easy-to-use tool that connects trucking companies and their drivers directly with shippers
    • 2018 –  Specifically in India, to compete with Ola autos, Uber founded Uber Auto.
      While Ola was a step ahead, Uber was no lesser. It founded Uber Autos and provided an affordable option for its riders.

It started as a simple idea—what if you could request a ride from your phone? But what began as “everyone’s private driver” quickly grew into a global logistics layer, transforming an entire industry in the process.

Since its inception, in 2009, Uber is pleasing users across the globe. Uber’s disruptive technology, explosive growth, and constant controversy make it one of the most fascinating companies to emerge over the past decade. The almost ten-year-old company soon grew to become the highest valued private startup company in the world.

It’s not a day, month or year’s success, but it has taken a decade to make “Uber Go World.”

Qualities That Has Made Uber A Relevant One

Qualities That Has Made Uber A Relevant One

Uber has been stayed relevant by bridging changes,

What sets apart Microsoft and Google is the latter’s tendency to stay connected to changes. The same goes for Uber and most of the modern-day startups. Like Uber, they do not make many mistakes.

Despite being on the top of the private-hire car business for many years now, Uber keeps reviving its brand identity. Did you notice Uber has changed its logo every time by keeping its uniqueness & brand visibility  since its inception?

Unique Idea & smart concept has made “Just Uber” a “Fastest Taxi Booking App UBER” now.

Expand Your Taxi Booking App Business Like Uber Way

Uber have made almost every startup a night thinker on the way to think about providing taxi booking app development services to the users.

When you want to scale up your taxi-booking app or possibly, if you are carrying out your research on building your Uber-like taxi-hailing app, you would want to know, “How uber expanded as a business.”

It started with an iOS app for the Uber that could not connect the iPhone users to their destination. Gradually, UberBlack came into existence that gave the riders the option to choose their car for the ride. With time the evolution of UberPool, Uber X, and UberMoto took place.

All this way, it has thought of serving customers-first, and that has made all the difference. If you too are planning to go rider-first and driver-first in your Uber-like taxi hailing application business approach, keep reading the features below to get a clear glimpse:

Adopting a Taxi Booking business Could Lead the Fortune

The one who is wishing to have their business or their dreams flourish in this technological era then trust us, Taxi booking app industry is the smart move to walk with.

Wants to know how?

Effectively adapting taxi booking apps as an extension of your taxi business.

Uber has done this and now almost covering 500 cities by delivering its services.

There are several examples of cab booking apps in the market. This kind of business can create mobile apps for the extensions of their services.

A complimentary mobile app can surely make end user’s booking experience easier; while at the same time ensure growth in user base.

The app tracks your booking history and offers credit and cash booking options. Extra features for this type of app might include driver location IDs and taxi tracking for those customers who are especially impatient.

It must be ensured well in advance, that taxi booking mobile app development should yield feasible business goals. So, it is always advisable to ask a few of these questions before launching a mobile taxi app.

  • What is the scope of developing this app?

Well, this has been proved by the success history of Uber that, the scope of Taxi booking app development is very much high.

  • Who are your competitors? Identify them

To grow in the growing market with the high pace, it is must to know who the competitors are, and what the areas that competitors are lagging.

  • What are the competitive strengths and weaknesses of your application? Understand those

Before diving into Taxi mobile app development world, it is very much essential to understand that what are the areas, which provide your app strength, also figure out the weakness of the apps so that you could work on removing those baffles.

  • Is there enough audience to download your app? Conduct a survey

Make independent research on the specified target audience and gather the understanding of the area where your target audiences belong.

  • Is the future quantifiable? How long-term or short-term the app goals are? Get them right

Make sure that the app you are developing has some defined goals- set the future goals of mobile apps and apply the features that it would stay for a long term time frame.

Once you set upon the desired platforms, the next level is to chart out the requirements. Generally, these requirements are then communicated to mobile app developers. Two vital factors must be followed all the time while interacting with the requirements to the developers.

Marinating Great Transparency:

In request to make a cohesive taxi booking experience, it is extremely urgent to pursue the reasonable valuing strategy and to keep up the booking rates for users. Keeping up the customer-friendly policies & reasonable valuing strategy is exceptionally pivotal to the accomplishment of a taxi booking app, and this must be imparted absolutely to the developers.

Speed and Efficiency in Hiring:

Many customers are always in need of the taxi on urgent basis. While on the other end, there are drivers who are idle and constantly looking for the customers. The symbiotic mechanism must provide a cohesive solution to meet the needs of both the parties involved.

What is Next?

When the requirements are up, there are sure places where app must capacity successfully to guarantee the most elevated measure of consumer loyalty. Maybe a couple of the focuses must be remembered while developing an online taxi booking app. This incorporates;

  • The app must have an easy to understand studio which gives advantages to both passengers and drivers.
  • Guarantee every one of the features is accessible effectively to customers by with basic yet successful UI.
  • The app must be sufficiently equipped to compute the admission dependent on the chose route.

Whatever you choose, ensure that you execute the right tools for developing a taxi app. This incorporates;

Features for Riders

To develop a Taxi booking mobile app like Uber consists of three parts.

Rider’s App, Dispatch system, & Driver’s App. Dispatch mainly remains behind the scenes whereas the other two are the direct means of providing your services to both riders and drivers. Below are features you must have in your taxi app:

Fare Calculator

Uber taxi booking services have frequently confronted the analysis of flood pricing. To guarantee that your service does not need to confront this analysis, you should take a few measures.

Presenting the feature of “Fare Calculator” is one of them. Fare calculator helps passengers to know how much money they have to pay when they are about to book to the cab. These prices are subject to change due to a few factors. However, it will provide an idea, which will be very beneficial for the customers.

Saved Locations

It was discovered that most of the commuters in Uber were going through a similar route where the spot of starting point and goal is frequently rehashed. In this way, Uber included an option in which riders can spare their goal and source.

This element helped passengers in a significant manner, as they do not have to scan for the goal each time they book a taxi.

ETA & Status

It’s human to get late by a couple of minutes because of a few reasons. However, it is highly inconvenient to let your friends and family hanging tight for you. Uber integrated an element, which enables you to impart your outing status to your loved ones, guaranteeing them that you have a sheltered outing.

Family and companions would get content with subtleties, for example, drivers name, vehicle number, and area and evaluated the time of entry.


Payment is a standout amongst the most urgent parts of a taxi-hailing App. Ensure that services acknowledge payments in all structures. The cashless payment method of Uber was very little refreshing in creating nations where riders lean toward money. Guarantee you have Wallet, Debit and Credit card, Cash and Net Banking choices accessible.

Fare Splitting

Ordinarily, users travel in groups and face difficulty while calculating the offer of every rider. Uber presented the split-fare features, which splits the toll and figures share rate for every passenger. Subsequently, saving riders to do complex mathematics!

Extra Stops

Rider commonly needs to make various quits amid the trip. For instance, somebody is heading off to his or her companion’s place and out of the blue understands that he/she neglected to take the wine.

You would prefer not to be an inflexible service who can’t oblige such dire necessities! In this way, you have to ensure that your service is sufficiently adaptable that a rider can make different stops whenever required.

Book for Another Person

We as a whole have confronted the circumstance when our parents battle with innovation, and we are their only hero.

Many periods we are far from them, and they can’t book a ride without anyone else. For such occasions, Uber presented the element in which you can book trips for other people.

Features for Drivers

Chipping away at Driver’s feature is similarly essential, as they are the foundation of your service. You should endeavor to fulfill their needs and keep them cheerful. The following are a couple of features, which you should have in your Taxi App development.

Driver’s profile

This feature incorporates a complete profile of the driver. These details are its essential information and vehicles number and enrollment subtleties.

This element serves amid check of the driver. These details are important as they empower scouts to know whether the driver is accessible or not.

GPS Tracking

Envisioning a driver’s app without GPS tracking is difficult. It is the essential element as it helps the driver to look through the user’s area, drive through ideal courses, and achieves the goal with the extreme exactness and least postponements.

Alert and Notification

This feature is a basic one as it enables drivers to be notified when a client adjacent they have requested for a taxi. In the wake of getting noticed, the driver will pick the briefest course to achieve the customer at earliest.

Pick your Route

To make the driver’s life simple, you can likewise incorporate the feature fundamentally the same as Uber, which enables the drivers to pick their most utilized ways. When the driver sets a course, at that point Uber naturally discovers trips along that course.

GPS Based Execution of Maps and Areas

Taxi booking app should be devoted to taking care of multiple user requests. This ensures taxis are directed to the user’s ideal or current areas. Likewise, guarantee that taxis reach on schedule.

Accordingly, the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) must be produced based on current traffic situations.

To join the previously mentioned requirements, it is vital to incorporate Apple Mapkit framework. This implants completely practical guide interface.

This gives compacted user surrounding. For Android-based taxi app development, Google Geocoder is to be utilized.

Credit Card Data for Issue Free Bookings

The customer may alter his opinion in the wake of booking a taxi spot. This may lead the likelihood of wiping out wide open.

To keep away from this circumstance, it is prescribed to execute payment using acknowledge bookings for the client’s credit card details.

Integrating the Variables

One of the least difficult approaches to incorporate single app for every one of the taxi customers ought to ordinarily include a list of cab booking apps services. This data is converged with their costs alongside the likelihood to call and request the taxi straightforwardly from the app. In a perfect world, including a guide with the goal focuses and an estimated value count of the ride as per the given administration costs.

Taking Care of The Server Issue

The most thorough solution includes building associations with a server. The perfect route is to either join forces with a taxi company or people by building an app with two discrete interfaces — one for taxi riders, the other for cab drivers.

Identify the user’s present area with the assistance of a GPS server. This will advise the closest driver about the ride prerequisite. The server assumes a noteworthy job to absorb the driver’s area data.

It is imperative to convey message pop-ups for both the parties included – the passenger confronting apps and driver-confronting apps. Check our programming article on the best way to execute and empower pop-up messages in your taxi-booking app.

When the requirement alert is sent to the driver, the ball goes in the driver’s court. Here, the driver needs to press the catch on his phone and begin the vehicle. It is vital for the driver to have the passenger’s right area. This is done from another server, which gets the user’s area data and transmits the equivalent to the driver.

Coordinated Payment System

There are plenty of routes through which you can execute different payment gateways. A standout amongst the most vital viewpoints in joining the framework is the choice of an appropriate system for the app. Different structures incorporate;

Braintree payment system; collect customer payment information via client SDK in a number of ways.

Venmo touch; incorporates one-tap purchase without the credit card information input.

Stripe APIs; One of the most robust and developer- friendly API is for cross-platform taxi app development. This includes Android and iOS.

Paypal SDK; RESTful,  and NVP/SOAP APIs to help you create a payments solution for the most popular platforms and languages to simplify integrations.

Additional Smart Features  of “Uber Like App”

Charge Estimation

Using an app like Uber, the riders select the destination they want to hail to. Here, Uber uses a robust algorithm that calculates the cost beforehand the ride and provides the estimation to the rider.

Multiple Payments Options

The riders can have multiple payment options so that they can pay according to their convenience.

Services History

For the calculative riders, Uber came up with a feature called Service History. Here the riders can view all the riders taken by them using the Uber app along with the fare of every ride.

Book Now, Ride Later

The rider can book their service now, and they want to take their ride later.

Book for Others

Uber allows their riders to book the cab services for their dear ones from their account and can check or track their rides also.

Emergency or Panic Button

Uber has taken utmost care for the safety of their riders as well. If you are the planning for developing an app like Uber, then you should follow an advice to integrate an emergency or a panic button to your taxi-booking app.

Riders can press that buttons while having any misfortune with them or can notify their family members for help.

Marked as a Favorite Destinations

The riders of Uber can save the destinations where they frequently travel so that they do not need to enter the location repeatedly, mark that place as their favorite.

Split Fare

For one who is sharing a ride with you, Uber helps them to split their fares on their way and enables them to make their payments separately.

Rating & Feedback

The most admiring and must have feature is Rating feature, that is integrated in both the Driver and Rider’s app for giving “5 star ratings” to each of them and rates both of their experiences vice-versa. This feature is also for maintaining or enhancing the brand’s visibility or popularity.

Getting The Cost Of Developing An Uber-Like App.

It must be clear that Uber-like Taxi booking app development cost depends on various factors. But, the first step towards developing a taxi booking app involves an MVP for mobile interfaces and the expertise in Android app development and iOS app development so the development could take place for both the platforms.

For clearing the query regarding taxi booking app development cost, Come to us at [email protected] so we would put our expertise and your vision or mission clear and help you in building a chartbuster taxi booking app.

Well, Have Something Recent From Uber…

Businesses can pick up the tab for riders with Uber Vouchers

Uber rolls into its 40th city in India

Uber opens new Center of Excellence in Clark

A New Home for Uber in Singapore

Accelerating in the Middle East

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