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Factors Determining Mobile App Development Cost

With ever-expanding dimensions of the mobile app development in every vertical of the economy, it has become appallingly obvious to see the turf among the mobile app development companies in terms of the cost and quality. In the year 2017, the global market has witnessed an enormous boom in the app development sector with a remarkable benchmark of more than 5 million applications across the globe altogether on App Store and Google Play. Not to speak of other app markets which are also flooded with the applications, only Google and Apple are creating the history that is just becoming the milestones for the other app markets like Amazon apps etc.

These enormous numbers of the applications don’t come out of magic, they are the result of persistence, labor, and innovation of a number of mobile app developers across the planet who not only thrive to develop these apps but leave no stone unturned to bring them on the top with their second to none marketing and optimization techniques, but before we get deeper into this, it’s time to assess the key motivation of this giant industry – Money. Yes! Money or the cost is the most important factor, similar to other industries, in the mobile app industry. Cost of a mobile app depends upon three major factors – Platform, Technology, and Functionality. Hence the cost is directly proportional to the level of advancement in the functionality of your application. Let’s dig deeper regarding the mobile app development cost in detail.

Here are certain questions that you might have to come across while estimating the cost of your mobile app. Since the building, an application is an expensive errand as it involves human labor, technology and a lot more which obviously doesn’t come free. Irrespective of your app domain, be it customer oriented or business based, every app comes up with certain unique functionalities and features which adds up the bucks in your total budget.

Choosing Your Technology Partner – Freelancer vs Mobile App Development Company

There’s always a fix while choosing the tech partner since this impacts the cost of your mobile app development process at large. Choosing a mobile app development company gives you an edge over the freelancers as it has a lot more to offer in terms of technology than that of the freelancer. On the other hand, choosing a freelancer can cut the cost of your app development cost but there are a number of aspects where you end up compromising, for example, stipulated duration of development, source code and much more.

Generally speaking, choosing a mobile app development company is a better approach regardless of the cost when you are intended to make an application for the long run.

Scope, Features, and Functionality of an App – Another Key Aspect

The functionality and features required for the application as the key factor that drives the cost of an application. The discovery phase of the application includes understanding the business stream, the objective and purpose of the application, and how the application will enhance current business forms. It’s at this underlying point that the app development team picks up a comprehension of what functionality and features are required. The functionalities and features of an application will assume a noteworthy part of the general cost. Making a remarkable, appealing yet easy to understand application configuration additionally has extraordinary weight while settling the cost of an application.

How complicated is the mobile application? The business rationale of the mobile application to be executed structures the building piece of any mobile application, characterizing the features and the multifaceted nature of the features. Accordingly, the cost of a mobile application fluctuates in light of the business rationale. How about we take a stunner data site for instance. One variant of the mobile application can be straightforward where clients read in view of classifications like skincare and DIY magnificence medications, or the other form which is perplexing and gathers information about client’s inclinations and afterward make suggestions in like manner. The latter has a more perplexing business rationale and would be more costly to manufacture.

The kind of application to be manufactured is likewise a key factor to be mulled over while deciding application development cost. Gaming application requires heaps of illustrations including 3D impacts and make utilization of other implicit mobile components through a business application manages content, database management services, and high-security features. Planning all these distinctive classifications of applications requires distinctive concentration regions and in this way, multifaceted features are worked upon accordingly characterizing shifted value focuses for differing mobile applications.

Picking Up the Appropriate Platform- Native Vs. Hybrid

There is always a tussle between the native and hybrid since both platforms provide the distinct comparison in terms of the cost and the preference.

Hybrid apps are gaining more importance over the native because of their disruptive transformation and accessibility to run on both major Operating Systems – Android and iOS, while the native ones have to limit themselves to run on one OS at once. On a cost comparative note, native app development is costlier than that of hybrid app development. In addition to this, a hybrid offers you with an opportunity to create a cross-platform application for your business.

Intrigued With OS? Android or iOS

This another major aspect that affects the costing of the mobile application. iOS-based devices are still considered to be the most premium sect of the mobile app market with less 2.5 million application in the App Store while on the other hand building an application is cheaper than Android since it has lesser number of devices as compared to android.

On the other hand, if you want to maximize the reach of your business through your application, you ought to choose android as you major OS since it has a number of devices and has a wider audience than that of the iOS which offers you an opportunity to multiply the potential of your business proposition.

Some other factors influencing the application development cost

There are certainly other important factors that affect the development cost of an app. They are generally overlooked by the owners but are of great importance that plays an important role in the persistence of the mobile application in the long run. Let’s discuss a few of those aspects :

Wireframing, Prototyping, and Designing

These are a few pivotal steps that actually plot the successful mobile app development. A properly wire framed application is worth more than just an app idea. With each screen designed functionally, the wireframing is of utmost importance.

Prototyping is another basic aspect where you get the basic version of your application with all the relevant functionalities to test your idea in a confined user base and thus get a better area of improvements.

Designing is the final approach to the mobile app development, where you are ready to design the mobile app screens according to the app flow facilitating features like navigations etc.

UI/UX Designs

This is the key aspect which can’t be overlooked since this plays a key role in the application. Based on the flow of the app, UI/UX is the key element that attracts the potential customer to your application. Poor UI/UX Designs leads to a large number of mobile app uninstall than any other factor.

Mobile App Testing

With certain implications of the app stores, it’s mandatory to get the quality assurance check before launching the app in the app market. An app with potential bugs and other technical complexities leads to the bad impression of your business in the audience leading to the fatal consequences. Hence the mobile app testing both Q/A and Beta testing is necessary to stay longer in the devices of the potential customers.


Albeit mobile app development sounds so common in the era of modern day technology but it is one of the expensive and innovative works that requires money at large coupled up with the right technology and the partners with the right approach. Considering the above-mentioned factors can prove out to be useful while estimating the budget for your next/first Mobile App.


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