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Top 10 Problems In USA That Can Be Solved Through Mobile App

The United States of America is a great country. It is known as the global hub for technology, economic development, and innovation. But no matter how big or advanced a country is, every country has various sorts of problems. And the USA is no exception to it.

Despite significant development and advancement, this country still faces some serious problems. Whether it is mental health, environment conservation, racial discrimination, etc. And interestingly, mobile app technology has the potential to solve all these challenges.

Today, mobile apps are not just a tool for consumers or businesses. Its application goes beyond conventional limitations. Mobile apps can bring a dramatic solution to all pertinent problems that people in the USA are facing.

Want to know how? In this blog, we will explain how mobile apps can solve the top problems in the USA and offer effective solutions.

But before we delve into this, let us first take a look at the

Current state of mobile app market in USA

The mobile app market in the United States continues to flourish. Due to increasing smartphone penetration and digital transformation, mobile apps are disrupting every market segment. From online shopping to booking tickets and ordering food to communicating with friends, people use mobile apps for almost all sorts of activities.

Businesses today look for top mobile app development company in USA to build a variety of business-oriented apps. Especially, startups and new business ventures significantly invest in building mobile apps for solving various industrial and consumer problems. As a result, the future of mobile app development in USA is getting a new shape.

This increased mobile app penetration is due to the massive adoption of the mobile-first approach in consumer and business practices. Here are the latest mobile app industry statistics for the USA that would give you an overview of the current state-

  • The mobile app market size was valued at $228.98 billion in 2023. And it is now projected to reach $567.19 Billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 13.8%.
  • In 2022, there were 12.2 billion downloads of apps in the USA.
  • Smartphone users spent around 208 billion hours on mobile apps in 2022.
  • The total revenue of the mobile app market was valued at $42.2 billion in 2022, which is a drastic rise from $32.6 billion.
  • In 2022, 81.6% of the entire US population used a smartphone.

(Source: Business of Apps, Statista )

Hence, by seeing this data, it is evident how extensive mobile apps have penetrated consumers’ lives as well as industry verticals.

Mobile App Development

Top 10 Problems in USA That Mobile Apps Can Solve

USA is the top country in the world. It stands out in the top position in various aspects.

Particularly when it comes to technology, the country stays ahead to leverage technology. However, there are many serious problems such as unaffordable healthcare, homelessness, racial discrimination, and climate change in the USA where the use of technology is still not very prominent. Thanks to mobile apps which have great potential to solve even those problems effectively. So let us discuss those major problems and see how mobile apps can help in mitigating these challenges

1. Homelessness

Homelessness is a serious problem in the USA. Hundreds and thousands of individuals have to face homelessness on any given night. According to HUD (Housing and Urban Development Department) of the USA, around 582,462 people experienced homelessness in the country in 2022. Source

This is due to several reasons like unemployment, poverty, mental illness, and lack of affordable housing. So, here mobile apps can help people connect with local shelters, food resources, and nearest social services. With mobile apps, local people can also come forward to facilitate donations do volunteer services.

Examples: Shelter App, HomelessKidsMatter, ShelterMe

2. Affordable Healthcare Accessibility

Access to affordable healthcare remains a significant challenge for many Americans. There is a huge population in the country that can’t afford healthcare services. As a result, affordable healthcare accessibility is one of the major concerns in the USA. But with mobile app technology, these problems can be solved very effectively.

Businesses or organizations can build a variety of telemedicine and digital healthcare mobile apps. These apps allow users to access healthcare facilities of various hospitals and medical institutions digitally.

People can avail of these online healthcare services anytime from any location on mobile devices at the most affordable cost. As per a survey, over 90% of Americans used telehealth services. However, some portion still lags behind when it comes to accessing healthcare services through apps.

Examples: Apps like “Teladoc” and “Zocdoc” provide virtual healthcare consultations.

3. Education Inequality

Education inequality is among the major problems in the USA. There is a considerable percentage of the population in the country that finds challenges in accessing higher education and resources. In the current competitive world, getting world-class education is becoming a great challenge for many. In this case, educational or e-learning mobile apps can work out to be a boon. Almost every person today uses a smartphone.

Hence, they can access high-class education facilities on their mobile apps. And the popularity of e-learning apps is already on the rise in the US market. From school to university, mobile apps are used to provide all kinds of education facilities to serve the learners at large. Consequently, apps can help in reducing education inequality.

Examples: Khan Academy, Udemy, Coursera, Outschool

4. Environmental Conservation

Climate change and environmental conversation are among the top buzzing concerns in the United States of America. Whether it is private organizations or the government, everyone is concerned about the protection of nature.

In a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2020, two-thirds of the US population believed that protecting the environment should be a top priority. And it is obvious because environmental issues, such as climate change and biodiversity loss, require active conservation efforts.

Thus, mobile apps here can help private and government to protect climate and nature efficiently. They can build a variety of mobile apps that can share useful data about the usage of natural resources. These apps can help to promote eco-friendly habits and track carbon footprints. And also provide information on recycling centers and environmental initiatives.

Examples: Good On You, iNaturalist

5. Mental Health Support

Mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression, affect millions of Americans. According to reports, 21$ of adults in America are experiencing at least one mental illness. They are roughly 50 million people. In 2023, around 26% of Americans 18 age and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. Source

However, there are psychological clinics and psychiatrists. However, there is a drastic need for mental health support that offers more personalized, accessible, and secure privacy. Thus, mobile apps here stand out as an effective solution to facility mental health support.

Examples: Headscape, Calm, BetterHelp

6. Gun Violence

Gun violence is a serious concern in the USA. In the past few years, the rate of Gun violence has increased significantly. According to reports, there were over 48,000 firearm-related deaths in the USA in 2022. As a result, it raises concerns about public safety. In this scenario, mobile apps can help reduce this concern. Apps can help in reducing gun or firearm-related issues by reporting suspicious activities, accessing information on gun safety, and promoting community awareness.

Example: Gun Safe, See Something, Say Something

7. LGBTQ+ Discrimination

Discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals is one of the top social concerns in the US.

A major section of the LGBTQ+ community faces various challenges. Many times they are deprived of their rights, which affects their overall well-being.  So, mobile apps here can help in mitigating LGBTQ+ discrimination by empowering them with helpful resources, legal assistance, and access to support groups.

Example:  TrevorSpace

8. Racial Injustice

Racial injustice, including systemic racism, disparities, and discrimination, remains a significant challenge in America for ages. Despite many legal and social reforms, this problem still persists in the country. But technology might set out to be a game-changer to solve this one of the major problems in the USA.

Mobile apps can help promote racial equity through education, reporting tools for incidents of injustice, and community organizing. Organizations can build custom mobile apps dedicated to educating people and spreading awareness about social equality. And also help people who need support against racial inequality.

Example: JusticeText

9. Hunger and Food Insecurity

Food insecurity affects millions of Americans. There is a significant portion of the US population who struggle to access nutritious or even daily meals. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 10.2% of U.S. householders face food insecurity at some point during 2021.

So, hunger and food insecurity are among the top problems that need serious attention. And here mobile apps can help people eliminate this risk and insecurity. With mobile apps, they can connect users with food banks, restaurants with surplus food, etc. It can also allow people to get volunteering opportunities to help people with this problem.

Example: Feeding America, Too Good To Go

10. Customer Relationships

Customer experience is the core of any business success. Businesses and organizations often face challenges in managing customer relationships effectively. According to Accenture over $1.6 trillion is lost in the USA due to consumers switching brands after getting bad customer service. Another research by PWC says that most consumers stop interacting with a brand when they receive a bad customer experience.

Hence, making good customer relationships is one of the top challenges in the US. In this case, mobile apps can help businesses and brands build effective and long-term relationships with customers. They can use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) apps to collect data and enhance engagement, communication, and satisfaction.

Example: Salesforce, HubSpot

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mobile apps have the potential to address these pressing problems in the USA. Mobile apps can offer accessible, convenient, and innovative solutions to all kinds of challenges. These apps not only empower individuals but also contribute positively to society. As a result, developing a mobile app can prove to be a valuable tool for bringing social impact.

However,  it’s important to ensure that these apps are developed and implemented in collaboration with experts. If you are planning to build a mobile application to help a large portion of the population, you should get assistance from a professional mobile app development company in USA.

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