Questions To Ask Your Customer Before Developing A Mobile App
Radhika Yadav
Radhika Yadav

Questions To Ask Your Customer Before Developing A Mobile App

A mobile app offers a colossal potential for proficiency, development, expanded income, yet just if executed right. The advancement organize is most basic, for defective execution can render the exertion waste, and result in a useless application that obstructs as opposed to encourages the business.

Regardless of whether you’re examining mobile app development company out of the blue or you’re hoping to build up your next rendition iOS and Android apps, you should get ready to answer inquiries concerning your Mobile application venture.

Accomplishment in developing mobile applications requires clearness of reason and center. To achieve it, developers and stakeholders need to make some pivotal inquiries which are common in mobile application development industry.

General Info About the Customer’s Organization

68% of consumers increase their budget when a brand offers great customer service. But, to deliver a great user experience, it is important for organizations to strategically ask the general info of the clients before moving further in the path of mobile app development.

1. Customer’s/Company’s Brief

First and the chief info that developers need to know is delineated information about the client’s organization. Regardless of whether he has a place with any organization or he needs to develop an app for his own utilization or else. If he has a place with any association than what are the products and services it offers to the client.

2. Medium to Communicate

More you have to know is the thing that the fundamental purpose of contact would be and how you can contact the customer i.e. either through email, telephone, WhatsApp, or Skype.

3. Who Will Be Your Targeted Audiences?

What issue is your app going to solve for them? For what reason is a Mobile app the most ideal approach to unravel this?, Could a mobile responsive website be similarly as great, or a far superior approach to take care of the issue? What devices or stages are they likely to use, there is genuine statistic contrasts amongst Android and iOS platforms that should be thoroughly considered.

4. Who Are Your Principle Rivals And Do They Have That App?

You should be acquainted with the significant contenders of your customer and furthermore know about the reality if they have a Mobile app. This will help in encircling the correct system. Could you the rundown apps that contend with your application? How is your application comparative? How is your application unique? What highlights from your rivals do you like?

5. How Could You Contact Us

In view of the appropriate response of the customer, you will get the opportunity to break down the market reaction of your app development company. You will get a thought whether individuals are looking for the organization on web search tools or you are getting more consideration due to different wellsprings of promotion.

Primary Phase of Discourse- Development Procedure of Application

When you get to know the general data about a customer, the survey should move towards the fundamental course of dialog, where you will get some information about the reason for app development, the decision of stage et cetera.

(i) Need Mobile App or Web App?

Customers know the benefits of mobile apps for business which is why they have opted to consult you. However, you still have to confirm about mobile app or web app.

(ii) For What Reason Would You Like To Build Up An App?

It is crucial to recognize what personification the client has about the mobile app. obviously, the vast majority of them will answer that they need to assemble an application to contact more groups of targeted audiences; however, is there a specific reason for which they are anticipating an application development organization.

(iii) Have You Employed Any Application Developers Previously

Do get knowledge whether the customer is enlisting the application development company out of the blue or he has just profited from the services previously. If he has employed previously, do inquire as to whether he is happy with the execution of the application. You likewise need to know whether he needs some adjustment in the current app.

(iv) Whether You Need an Android App or iOS App?

In mobile app development industry, numerous entrepreneurs are focusing more on having applications as opposed to sites. In spite of the fact that this approach isn’t yet acknowledged universally, this is a developing pattern.

Yet, in the event that yours is a business, for instance, gaming that interest to the Mobile neighborly age, at that point it bodes well to plan only the application at first. The following inquiry that strikes a chord is which stage to utilize?

On the off chance that you need to connect with simply the iOS swarm, at that point you should have an alternate innovation for your application. Apple gadgets are not that open-finished as the Android cell phones.

Putting your application on an Android stage has its unmistakable points of interest, however. Right off the bat, you connect with a wide and expansive gathering of people. Also, applications on Android play stores are considerably more easy to use than iOS facilitated applications.

(v) What Might Be the Development Procedure?

Here you need to mull over whether the customer leans towards a native application or a hybrid. Aside from that, there are different methodologies too including cross stage, online utilizing the settled design or the responsive format.

(vi) What Vital Highlights Might You Want To Include Your Application

This is one region where you have to invest some abundant energy as it requires a sharp dialog on what includes should be actualized. Obviously, the application engineer would recommend the fundamental highlights from his point of view; however, the customer needs to accept the last call. This would include:

The execution of dialects in the application, regardless of whether it will be bilingual or multilingual?, Regardless of whether you need to fuse geo-area administrations, Do you need your application to get associated with the Internet of Things (IoT)?, Adding the Push Notification Feature, Any other additional component that you get a kick out of the chance to incorporate?

(vii) What is the Budget Estimate?

The vast majority of the customers have a Budget Estimate for the concerned project. It should be examined amid the underlying phases of interaction. You have to educate him whether the budget recommended is sufficiently adequate to build up the application or he would need to contribute more in light of his necessities.

(viii) Will It Be A Free App Or Chargeable One?

You know that not most apps are accessible for nothing of cost and particularly if the iOS-based applications. Along these lines, you need to illuminate the reality whether the customer expects to give it totally allowed to the end clients or he would charge some amount during the downloading.

Info Related To App Designing

UI/UX of an app decides majority of its success. When you deliver a smooth and flawless experience to the users, your app delivers more than expectations. Here is what you must ask from your customers related to app designing.

(i) What Will Be The Name Of The App?

That absolutely relies upon the decision of the customer. Just The customer needs to propose an appropriate name for the application in view of item and services it offers.

(ii) Content & Icon of The App?

Would it be that you need to include in the app content? Obviously, it must be exact and the extent of the textual style ought to be appropriately designed. It is through content that clients come to realize what your app is about and furthermore consummate decision of logo in light of the fact that, a website has a logo; likewise an app has a symbol that continues drawing in the general population. It should be enquired as to how the customer might want his app symbol to be.

Finally Ensure security & Deadlines

Do not forget to ask about the security expectations and deadline of the project. They are few of the critical components that affect the process in the long run.

(i) How Might You Need Your App To Be Ensured?

While answering this question a client must be ensured about the benefits of mobile apps for business specially.
Security is a critical thought in the present high-stakes business condition. Provision adequate security protocols and guarantee the code is secured, to pre-empt programmers assaulting the corporate system through code powerlessness. A related assignment to be finished is drafting the security approach of the application.

(ii) Deadline of Project

The deadline to dispatch the app is frequently a component of the reason. For example, if the application is intended for a particular donning occasion or show, the whole work ends up squander if the application isn’t up and running in time for the occasion. Indeed, even something else, things change in the present quick-paced world, and tight due dates are more the standard than the special case. Indeed, even a couple of days’ postponement can have a major effect in the support of the application, or the application filling its proposed need.


When a customer and an app developer sit face to face, they go through with the scrupulous discussion covering all the important & mandatory points that are associated with the mobile app development. The main area of the app development that needs to focus is app development process, Designing Technique, Budget, Security factors etc.

Now, if you still want some more info related to mobile app development than we are right here for your help.You can call us at +91-965-038-1015 or email us at [email protected]

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