The Future of Android- Exploring AI-Infused Apps and Voice Assistants
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

The Future of Android: Exploring AI-Infused Apps and Voice Assistants

The future of Android is artificial intelligence!

Google is highly investing in its AI research department to bring rich experiences to its users. Whether you consider Google’s Bard or its Pixel device series, the focus is on AI. And the story is no different for the Android.

In this blog, we will explore the future of Android with respect to artificial intelligence, from Android evolution to future trends. So, let us dive into it without any further ado.

Future of Android? Let’s Start With Android Evolution

How did Android evolve and reach the level where AI has become the primary focus? We are currently on the 14th version of Android. In the early days, back in 2008, when Android debuted, artificial intelligence was not a primary focus. However, if we look at the chart of artificial intelligence on Google Trends for the last five years, the interest has significantly increased. AI is also the reason why custom Android app development company like RipenApps are in high demand.

chart of artificial intelligence on Google Trends for the last five years

The recent announcement of the Google Pixel 8 device proves the current stats of the AI in Android. The device is one of the best Google opportunities to bring AI ideas together under one roof. Features like AI-based wallpapers and magic erasers show how the current market for Android apps is highly focused on exploring AI-infused apps.

Speaking about virtual assistants, an example of AI-rich technology, the graph was on top during 2020 and 2021. However, Google Assistant has showcased that they have nearly mastered the virtual assistant, and the goal is to embed rich AI in virtual assistants.


Few Examples of AI-infused Android Apps

If we want to study the role of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in Android applications, the best way would be to take some live examples. Let us present the top 5 Android apps using the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Gboard’s Predictive Analysis Algorithms

Google’s Keyboard is one of the intelligent keywords out on the Play Store. On average, a user is 35% slower on a mobile device as compared to a physical keyboard. However, Gboard has helped users to stay productive even on mobile devices.

The keyboard deliberately predicts the intended words rapidly with accuracy from its Neural Spatial Models. It even maps the errors while performing swipe typing.

Netflix’s Recommendation System

One of the top entertainment applications on the Play Store, Netflix also shines in infusing AI into their application. The recommendation system of Netflix has been a topic of research for a long time and the company is continuously applying innovative machine learning algorithms. For users. The recommendation system offers personalized suggestions to reduce the amount of time and frustration to find something great content to watch.

Google Photos- AI-infused Features

Another example of rich Artificial Intelligence is Google Photos. Recently the company bought Magic Editor for their photos app showcasing a strong focus on the AI-infused application. Look at the below example of how AI created a portion of the bench in the photo. Other features like Photo Unblur are also strong examples of AI-infused applications helping us determine the future of Android.


Healthily- Intelligent Tracking

AI is playing a key role in sports and fitness apps too. Healthily is a great example of intelligent tracking. The application tracks the symptoms of users and suggests possible remedies to keep their health in the optimum phase. All of it has been possible through intelligent algorithms. Today the application has more than 1 million downloads and has an excellent 4.2 star rating.

Voice Assistants and Android

Moving ahead to one of the most popular domains in artificial intelligence, Google has always dominated the voice assistant landscape. Apple and Amazon are the other two most popular voice assistant apps. Let us talk about it briefly.

The present landscape of Android voice assistants is marked by significant progress. They can perform a wide range of tasks, from setting alarms and sending texts to answering questions and controlling smart home devices. The integration of voice recognition and synthesis technologies has made interactions with these assistants increasingly natural and human-like. They can even understand context, allowing for more complex conversations.

Future of Android with Voice Assistants

The integration of AI and machine learning is pivotal for the future of Android voice assistants. As these technologies continue to advance, voice assistants will become even more adept at understanding user preferences, habits, and even emotions.

This will pave the way for hyper-personalized interactions, such as suggesting music based on your mood, offering restaurant recommendations that match your tastes, or providing emotional support when needed.

In the coming years, we can expect voice assistants on Android to evolve beyond mere voice interaction. Visual recognition and augmented reality capabilities are already being explored, allowing users to point their device’s camera at objects, text, or scenes and receive information or assistance. Soon, you could ask your assistant about landmarks, and it would identify them in real time through your camera feed.
A key concern with voice assistants

Privacy and security will remain paramount concerns for Android voice assistants. With the increasing reliance on these digital companions, safeguarding personal data and ensuring secure interactions are of utmost importance. Users can expect more transparent controls over data usage and improved methods for ensuring their privacy. To cope with privacy and security, you will need expert Android app developers to build your AI-infused app.

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Key Development Area for Voice Assistant

One of the key areas of development for Android voice assistants is improved contextual understanding. Building a chat GPT-like app-infused voice assistant can be a great app idea. They are becoming better at remembering the context of previous questions or requests, which enables more coherent and intuitive conversations. This advancement opens doors for increased personalization, as voice assistants can provide more relevant and tailored responses based on the user’s previous interactions.

The Future of Android is AI-infused Apps

The future of Android in terms of potential is boundless. With that, the whole picture of infusing Artificial Intelligence within apps like Google Photos, Netflix, and more looks promising and sustainable in the coming future. Further, voice assistants can find their way into industries like healthcare, education, and customer service. Entrepreneurs looking forward to building Android apps shall understand that the future of Android is all about Artificial Intelligence.

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