Android App Development: Highlights of 2019 & Plans for 2020
Radhika Yadav
Radhika Yadav

Android App Development: Highlights of 2019 & Plans for 2020

Android has seen spectacular growth in 2019 and Google Play accounted for a significant increase with over 116 billion downloads of the apps and games that android app developers have created. With such a massive win, Android has plenty of plans in its bag to build for the current decade-2020, which Android has officially announced. To keep android app development at the top position, android is working hard in developing the latest technology and tools for modern Android development and distribution, improving Google Play and the Play Console to offer the world new and better ways for the android app to be discovered, promoted, and monetized.

For 2020, Android is highly focused on keeping users safe and maintaining trust in Google Play.  

Modern Android App Development 

Android is focused on building great tools & services. Android is well known for its openness and by keeping glance at every word of customers, Android is on the path to make it modern android app development via making it opinionated, powerful, fast, easy to develop and also eliminating everything that slows down it.

This will help developers in creating incredible engaging experiences. In 2019, we had seen this advancement in various android developments and will see many revolutions in 2020. 

Android previewed Jetpack Compose (a modern declarative UI toolkit) for the next 10 years. Just as Kotlin, Compose will lead beautifully designed native apps with more spontaneous & concise code. 

In 2019, there were early versions of more building blocks for app development with Jetpack CameraX library, BiometricPrompt, and encryption & security; Android has provided.

In 2020, Android is ready to propose a new Android Developer Certification in Kotlin for the experts one, and this is going to be an excellent approach for every Android app developers who are well-versed in Kotlin.

Android has recently released its first canary version of Android Studio 4.0 with extra powerful integrated tooling support for Compose. 

It also has a new Motion Editor, Java 8 Language library desugaring, full support for KTS files, Kotlin live templates, and more.

Ready to do wonders with the latest technologies 

With the latest, Android 10, released earlier this year- 2019, is subjected to three major themes. 

 Android 10 has built intending to shape the leading edge of mobile innovation with advanced ML & support for rising devices like Foldables & 5G enabled phones.  

Android 10 has a pinpoint, and a primary focus on keeping a high range of privacy & security with the brand new 50 features that provide users with a plethora of features included users more excellent protection, transparency, and control. 

Modern App & Game Distribution

To streamline the app distribution, Android introduced Android App Bundles as a mechanism, and it is also overcoming the constraints of APK publishing & presenting advanced distribution features such a dynamic delivery. 

In 2019, testing and implementing app bundle & dynamic deliveries is very much enhanced now as it becomes very sorted to share test builds with the help of internal app sharing.  

Ecosystem Protection

 In 2019, Google Play made things safer and secure from the children & facilities prospective. 

Security & safety came from ensuring apps and games appropriate content, showing suitable ads & handling personally identifiable information correctly

Protection of sensitive data act done by Android, this year, which comes out after restricting the SMS & call log permission, which accounted for an 85 % reduction in sensitive data stealing. 

App protection was taken as prior, and there was an impeccable improvement inability to detect impersonators, repackaging, bad content, and other forms of abuse.   

Establishing better App Businesses via Monetization

In 2019, Android focused on the new ways to marketing & monetization of Apps & games. 

Google Play got a visual refresh, which improves app discovery and accessibility for the vast diversity of store visitors.

App tags improve discoverability, enabling developers to describe the content and functionality of your game with up to five tags.

App’s rating is now weighted towards your most recent ratings, instead of a cumulative lifetime average, so that it better reflects your App’s current state.

Android has expanded its bars to people in Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Iraq, and Turks and Caicos. 


With such a vast amount of changes and improvement, Android keeps growing and acquiring name and fame as it was acquiring and provides assurance to keep user data safe, App development process fast, App distribution faster than ever along with the brand new ways for app monetization. 

2020 will be again a productive year for Android as 2019 was.

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