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Flutter 1.2, Dart 2.2- Google’s Treat to Cross-Platform App Development Segment

Good News! Yes, there is a good news for cross-platform app developers. Google has given a treat to the app developers in the form of highly anticipated Flutter’s new releases. Just a couple of days ago on 26 February, Google in Barcelona, introduced version 1.2 of its cross-platform app development framework Flutter. Along with Flutter’s 1.2, the company has also introduced Dart programming language 2.2 at the same instance.

If we dive down into the history of Flutter, then, although Flutter is a new addition to the list of cross-platform app development frameworks, it has secured a special place for itself among the different segments of mobile app developers. Flutter is a UI framework that can be used for developing hybrid native apps that have interactive as well as fluid nature- especially for Android or iOS app development.

Let us move towards Google’s new treats- Flutter 1.2 & Dart Programming Language 2.2…

What Is New About Flutter 1.2?

Flutter framework is being gotten by app developers at a fast rate in perspective on the significant focal points it offers to them. One such good position is the rising app development network. As Flutter is an open-source cross-platform application development framework, app developers use it for creating applications that can similarly be seen by others and separated from this, people can likewise prescribe changes to the development method.

Flutter 1.2 can likewise be considered as one of the elevated project of Google that the association is by all accounts chipping away at continually. With the help of these updates like Flutter 1.2, Google is working on improving its performance just as well as the stability functionality of this framework.

Let Us Have a Glance at the Features of Flutter 1.2

The two major updates that Google has been announced in this Flutter’s 1.2 release…

More Plug-ins

This recent release benefits the official team of Flutter app developers as they have added a few plug-ins in order to make the app development framework more beneficial.

And, one more pie is added by the experts is that Flutter is now enabling app developers to integrate their IAP purchased for In-app Purchases with Flutter 1.2 in their mobile apps.

What’s more? In addition to these wholesome allowances, Google has also introduced Android App bundles in the update of Flutter, which is the great news for Android app developers.

Updated Widgets Sets

Along with this new Flutter’s update, Google aims to sustain the delivery of the pixel-perfect image to its end customers. That’s the reason they have updated both widgets- Material & Cupertino.

Flutter app developers will notice a Robert Penner-inspired set of motion & animated functions in the Flutter 1.2 update as well.

Now, What’s New About Dart 2.2

There are many ways to write programs in Flutter but the Dart- programming language is the best one to write in Flutter. However, Flutter app developers can only use officially supported platforms like Android Studio, Visual Studio etc.

With the latest update in Dart, there are lots of productive & interesting features that have been added to the list that makes mobile app developers part easier because Dart is used to debugging the entire code.

With respect to the Android Studio & Visual Studio Code, the new release of Flutter’s will further stimulate mobile app development companies to opt Flutter for Android as well as iOS app development (cross-platform app development).

As per the Google announcement, the dart is support to focus on the following capabilities…

Features of Dart 2.2

Timeline View: Flutter app developers can now view complete app frame wise and can also diagnose the whole app via rendering computational work.

Source-level Debugger: It will enable app developers to step through programming code and set breakpoints while diagnosing the whole call stack.

Widget Inspector: This update is here to improve the visualization and enable the exploration of the tree hierarchy, which is used by the framework for rendering.

Logging View: This is another view that is added in a recent update that shows the logging activities of the developers in the app along with the other collection events.


Along with the marvelous features, this latest updates benefits the Android app development as Flutter framework also provides support to the Android App Bundles along with the additional features- dynamic delivery of Android apps.

In case of interest towards the Flutter app, our advice would be to hire RipenApps, a leading flutter app development company that holds a massive experience in the field of Flutter tech world.

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