Flutter 1.9 & Dart 2.5 What is new in Google's latest release
Radhika Yadav
Radhika Yadav

Flutter 1.9 & Dart 2.5: What is new in Google’s latest release?

After a successful lauch of Flutter 1.7Google has released Flutter 1.9 & Dart 2.5 includes more support for calling C code and intelligent code completion, which use machine learning to enable developers to finish their code or recognize the API they should use. Flutter 1.9 gives developers a chance to build mobile, desktop, and web apps from the same codebase. The new release of Flutter & Dart version additionally supports iOS 13 and macOS Catalina and incorporates new Material widgets for toggle buttons and filters. 

New Features and Upgrades in Flutter 1.9 



The ToggleButtons widgets package a row of ToggleButton widget together, regularly made out of many Icon and Text widgets, to form a set of buttons with completely customizable look and behavior. 



The ColorFiltered widget allows you to recolor a tree of child widgets like you can recolor an image utilizing one of a few distinct algorithms (some of which are appeared in the example screenshot above). This has numerous utilizations, for instance, dealing with color blindness accessibility issues for users. 


Flutter for web 

Google released the first technical preview of Flutter for the web in May at its I/O 2019 developer’s conference. Presently the company has combined the Flutter web repository into the main Flutter repo. This implies developers can write for mobile, desktop, and web with the equivalent codebase. 


Worldwide language support 

Google has additionally included help for 24 new dialects, out of which 7 are Indian dialects. 


Languages that are included include: 

Afrikaans | Amharic | Assamese | Azerbaijani | Belarusian | Bengali | Basque | Gujarati | Icelandic | Georgian | Kannada | Kirghiz | Lao | Macedonian | Burmese | Nepali | Oriya | Punjabi | Sinhalese | Telugu | Uzbek | Zulu 


New Features and Upgrades in Dart 2.5 

The end-to-end developer experience depends on the features of Flutter as well as on the underlying language itself. As a component of the Flutter 1.9 release, Google is additionally releasing Dart 2.5. Dart 2.5 includes a pre-release of Foreign Function Interface (FFI) support, giving native extensions so Dart can call straightforwardly into code written in C. It likewise presents AI-controlled code culminations for the IDE. 


Backing for calling C code 

As of now, the support for calling C code is restricted to deep integration into the Dart VM with the help of a native extension. The aim behind introducing this feature is that Google needs to provide a new mechanism with “incredible performance, is anything but difficult to approach, and works over the many upheld Dart performance and compilers.” 


Code Completion 

The rundown of probable culminations in typed programming languages gets dull in light of performing broad perusing in order as APIs begin to develop. This is the reason Google has already started to investigate AI innovation to help developers with code fulfillment. 

Google used the TensorFlow Lite to prepare a model of member occurrence built on a given context by examining an enormous corpus of open source Dart code. At that point, the model is utilized to forecast the following image as the developer is as yet typing. 

This new preview is accessible as a piece of the Dart analyzer, implying that the code completion is available over all the Dart-supported editors, comprehensive of Android Studio, IntelliJ, and Visual Studio Code. 


Support for macOS Catalina and iOS 13 

As Apple gets ready to release Catalina, the most recent version of macOS, Google has worked to ensure that Flutter is prepared for you to redesign. Google has updated the end-to-end tooling experience to provide it works admirably on Catalina and with Xcode 11. This includes including support for the new Xcode build system, empowering 64-bit support all through the toolchain, and disentangling stage conditions. 


With iOS 13 in transit, Google has likewise been attempting to guarantee your Flutter apps look incredible on the most recent iPhone 11 launch. Flutter 1.9 incorporates an implementation of the iOS 13 draggable toolbar, with both long-press and drag-from-right, and supports vibration feedback. Work on iOS dark mode is likewise well in progress with various draw demands officially blended.


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Radhika Yadav

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