Biggest Announcements at CES 2023 Driving Top-notch Tech Innovations
Mohit Singh
Mohit Singh

Biggest Announcements at CES 2023 Driving Top-notch Tech Innovations

The largest event of tech for the year, CES 2023 (Consumer Technology Association), revealed futuristic technology from the most popular brands. Everybody from the tech community has set their eyes on this 5th-8th January event organized in Las Vegas. However, with the busy schedules of consumers and professionals, the search for the summary of the event is breaking Google’s search bar. Keeping the same in mind, here are the top announcements of CES event 2023 from tech giants demonstrating the power of tech innovations.

Stats associated with CES 2023 event

PRnews wire quoted some important stats related to CES event 2023.

  • 2.2 million net square of exhibits which is 70% larger than last year’s event
  • 1000 new exhibitors bringing the number of exhibitors to 3200
  • 115,000 attendees attended the event
  • 40,000 international attendees from 14o countries were pre-audited to present at the event
  • 60% of companies from Fortune 500 companies attended the event.

Biggest announcements at CES 2023

CES is an industry event which is why the public cannot attend this event. Any industry associated with consumer electronics is welcome to apply for a pass to attend the event. Big brands like Asus, Sony, Samsung, AMD, and more flaunted their high-quality, innovative products for the future. Let’s explore the biggest announcements at CES tech event 2023, categorized with the brand names.

Acer announcements at CES 2023

Acer builds some industry-leading powerful laptops. The tech giant announced its new product lines.

  • Updated Aspire laptop line.
  • Swift laptop line to achieve the highest level of power with seamless productivity.
  • The launch of Halo Swing, a smart speaker designed for outdoor activities.

AMD announcements at CES 2023

Lisa Su, AMD’s president, and CEO attended the event and delivered a keynote presentation revealing companies next moves.

  • Next-generation 7000 series mobile CPUs
  • Sport 3D V-cache technology- a 16-core flagship processor
  • RX 7000 mobile GPU lineup for 1080p gaming

Asus announcements at CES 2023

The company focused on its new laptop models, displays, and processors.

  • New Zenbook models with OLED displays
  • Chromebook for cloud gaming with 144Hz Display and RGB backlit
  • Spatial Vision glasses
  • 540Hz gaming monitor

BMW announcements at CES 2023

Oliver Zipse, BMW’s chairman, uncovered the vision of the future with keynotes.

  • BMW i Vision Dee Colour changing car concept
  • Full windscreen heads-up displays in cars by 2025

Garmin announcements at CES 2023

  • Dash Cam Live
  • Sports LTE connectivity to always-connected recording

HTC announcements at CES 2023

  • The forgotten HTC company has come up strong in the CES event.
  • HTC Vive XR Elite headset with VR XR functions

Intel announcements at CES 2023

Intel announced its future plans to convert the electronic devices.

  • 13th Gen mobile hardware
  • 24 Core laptop CPU
  • N series processors for Chromebooks
  • Desktop chips for more power

Lenovo announcements at CES 2023

  • IdeaPad pro
  • IdeaPad Slim
  • IdeaPad Flex 3i Chromebook
  • Multiple displays with Yoga Book 9i
  • Smart Paper- E ink writing device

LG announcements at CES 2023

The company unveiled multiple innovations promising smart products for consumers.

  • Wire Free OLED TV
  • OLED touch panel for TVs
  • InstaView Fridge, which is transparent
  • LG ArtCool Gallery- a 27-inch display for artwork or photos
  • Soundbars
  • Gram UltraSlim and Gram-style laptop lineups

Motorola announcements at CES 2023

  • ThinkPhone combing the ThinkPad idea
  • Defy offering satellite communication

Nvidia announcements at CES 2023

  • 40-series laptop GPUs
  • GeForce RTX 4070 Ti desktop GPU

Panasonic announcements at CES 2023

Keeping sustainability in mind, the company announced:

  • MZ200 Flagship TVs with 55 inches, 65 inch and 77-inch display
  • Lumux S5II, Panasonic camera to detect autofocus rich in AI

Samsung announcements at CES 2023

The company unveiled a range of products.

  • 2023 TVs with OLED, Micro LEF
  • Smart Oven using AI and cameras preventing burnings while cooking
  • Galaxy Book 2 goes with Snapdragon processor
  • Massive gaming monitors

Sony announcements at CES 2023

  • First Afeela concept car partnered with Honda by 2026
  • Gran Turismo film adaptation
  • PS VR2 demos

Innovation awards CES 2023

The annual CES Innovations awards recognize the futuristic announcements for the brands. Here are the brands getting awards at the event.

What’s next for CES 2024?

The domination of Artificial intelligence, amazing touch panels and creative cars was higher this year at the event. Sustainability was the most important award that multiple brands won, highlighting the need for a sustainable product development approach. The next event, CES 2024, is expected to be organized from January 9th to 12, 2024, which is Tuesday to Friday event.

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