App Development with the Power of React Native: A less outlay solution
Piyush Agrawal
Piyush Agrawal

App Development with the Power of React Native: A Less Outlay Solution

In the world in which every palm has a Smartphone and every mind is so highly exposed to social media, it is impossible to stay untouched from the fact that mobile app development is becoming fortune for every startup in these days. There are millions of startups, which are getting hype in this digital world by just having an amazing, feature-pack mobile app & exceptionally devoted target audiences.

Regardless of whether you are in it or not, but technically we all living in the era which can be summarized by one word and that is Digitization. But have you ever thought that the number of apps are in Google Play Store & App Store are just 2.8 million & 2.1 million and survey says that approx there are hundred millions of startups are there in market, have you ever tried to figure out that why the number of apps and number of startups are not in equivalent position?

What is that factor which is stopping startups to acquire mobile app for their business? Well, we are also thinking about same as you.

With our in-depth learning, we found out that it can be “Budget”. Yes, maybe lack of money is the main reason behind this shortage. High mobile app development cost can be the strong reason behind this.  Well, in this case, a valuable & cost-effective mobile app development solution can raise those startups up which are not getting the hype.

Ok, let’s go with Native app development, but take pause, do you think it is cost-effective to develop an app with single platform appearance? Unfortunately No! It’s not.  Being a startup or entrepreneur, you need a method to develop an app for cross-platform appearance.

Only cross-platform app development can solve your problem now.

Cross-Platform App Development:

By following the concept of “WORA” “Write once Run anywhere “, cross-platform app development is capable to build the apps that can smoothly perform on the various platforms including Android, iOS, and others. The main purpose of such a platform is to save money, time, & effort on the part of the mobile app developers.

Well, You Must Be Thinking How It Can Be A Cost-Effective Solution?

Traditionally building a mobile application was more costly and more effort taking because there was the option to develop the app either by taking iOS app development or Android app development as a primary option.  Nowadays, after the emergence of cross-platform mobile app development method, one can develop an app for multiple platforms by simply applying the same code for diverse platforms.

In order to reduce the cost of app development, React Native app development, the framework of hybrid app development is a favorable choice now.

Want to know how?

If you have used mobile app versions of Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb, then you have already experienced the power of React Native. Even for new app developers, React Native is a way to display your ideas in a most elegant way.

How React-Native Is The Best Choice Among The Rest Tools Of Cross-Platform App Development?


If you are new to React Native and want to know how it is different and efficient among other cross-platform app development tools. React Native is an open-source project on Facebook.

It gives mobile app developers the flexibility to build cross-platform mobile apps with JavaScript.

React Native is quite like React, which is Facebook’s famous JavaScript library for building single page apps.

It is not like usual mobile app development frameworks, like Cordova or ionic. Those run inside of web view, or a hybrid app or HTML app, but React Native has its own interface with amazing command line structure.

As the user experience is unique for both platforms, you need an app that feels natural for both and React Native can help you achieve this.

How React Native Reduces App Development Cost With Its Emerging Properties?

If we talk about the benefits & properties of React Native then, Cost-efficiency always steals the floor.

Cost effective because of its supports…

  • Code-reusability
  • Less Time development
  • Less Effort Taking
  • Low-cost maintenance

Above mentioned properties of React Native simply save the development cost of the app. But, the cost-effective benefits of React Native are the result of the other benefits that the platform posses for mobile app development. Though developing a react native possessed mobile app, means that the app developer has to take account of multiple platforms to guarantee the best performance of the app, it still saves time & efforts.

Let’s have a look at the other benefits, which make react native the best mobile app development platform.

A Less Outlay Mobile App Solution:

It cannot be a lie to say that cross-platform app development is less outlay mobile app solution than a native app development due to its amazing code-reusability feature. React Native is one of the power-packed frameworks of cross-platform app development that allows developers to develop reliable & quality-rich mobile apps along with the power of collective frameworks Xamarin & PhoneGap etc.

Operating System Saves Money:

In the case of the native app, it takes more bucks to update older versions of operating systems and difficult & time taking. However, in the case of cross-platform apps, versioning can be easily avoided which makes the maintenance of the app much easier and therefore, cost-effective.

Low-Cost Maintenance:

The maintenance of native app development takes more amount due to the aftercare of two platforms at once, which includes regular updates, troubleshooting, patching etc. Since its twice amount of time & money to look after two platforms, React Native wins the battle because being the approachable framework of hybrid app development it takes simply the single amount of cost & time by the app developers to maintain causes cost slashed.

Final Stroke to the Picture:

It is understood that the vast opportunities of React Native resulted in multiple apps that are not as famous as the above-mentioned and not all the startups and app developers got the opportunities to convert their app idea into a flourishing mobile app due to fewer amounts. The aim of the article is not to put readers in touch with popular React native-based apps, but to disclose the enormous potential of this framework for the world of mobile software.

In order to harness the power of React Native with in-depth knowledge, your queries may land over [email protected]. With our vast experience & learning in Cross-platform app development, we would love to assist you in your every phase of thought.

Connect with us to discuss your Project.

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