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UI UX Designing Tools How appealing Designs are amplifying User Experience in 2024?

“What looks appealing sells more!”

If an app lacks a smooth and tempting design, it ultimately lacks user engagement.

Trending UI/UX design tools illustrate ideas through graphical interpretations aiding entrepreneurs to achieve. Before you reach an app development agency, it is always a good idea to inform yourself about User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) and trending designing tools in 2024.

How Do Appealing UI/UX Designs In Apps Benefit Businesses?

Customers appreciate a good user interface and user experience in apps. New tools provide Top UI/UX Design Trends to the apps, increasing the retention rate of the audience. A well-designed UI/UX provides the following benefits to the apps:

Delivers A Positive User Experience

What will you do if an app looks appealing to you? You will probably interact and go through the app with the motive to learn more about it. Further, once you are satisfied with the UI/UX design, you will ultimately be satisfied with the business. An app made with the motive to provide a better user experience gains points in the competitive advantage. It attracts new customers providing higher sales numbers to the active business.

Increases Retention Rate of Customers On the App

A user explores several apps daily. With the available alternatives, they are free to switch between the services. If your business app glimpses an insufficient level of design, the user will hit “Uninstall app” on their smartphone. But, when businesses provide an enriching experience to the users, they directly decrease bounce rates and increase retention. Customers spend more time on their apps if they find the app mentally appealing and creative with the design. They also become loyal to the brand if they provide the best UI/UX designs to their customers and keep their designs updated with the 2023 trend of illustration discussed at the end of this post.

Strategically Reduces the Development Cost

Cost consideration is a human tendency, and businesses look for ways to cut development costs. Companies lower or cut the time and resources required in UI/UX design to cut the cost. They focus on providing a better code and back-end working to the app, ignoring the UI/UX for their customers. In the beginning, it might cut the cost, but with a lower retention rate, the business might end up investing more specifically in the design part, increasing the development cost for the app. If they add their UI/UX design package within the app development process, it will significantly lower the cost. Specifically, we can say that a user-friendly interface saves future costs, time, and efforts for the app, cutting the overall design and app development cost.

Minimal Or No Customer Support Required

When businesses invest in UI/UX, they indirectly invest in the app’s navigation for the user. A simple but efficient UI limits unwanted actions from the users and decreases the customer support requirement. The UI of the app acts as customer support. For complex queries, a small team can manage the customer support department compared to a big team involved to assist a poor UI design.

A better UI/UX design creates positive impressions increasing the overall retention rate for the business. Also, it cuts the development cost creating a win-win situation for the businesses in 2023.However it is essential to hire dedicated app developer and designers for a successful project

What To Consider While Choosing A UI/UX Designing Tool?

There is no perfect definition for perfect UI/UX design tools, but businesses must list their requirements and learn more about the tool that delivers most of the checks. Below are a few questions to consider while selecting a UI/UX design tool.

  • How beneficial will the tool be for entrepreneurs?
  • Is the tool rich in trending patterns and designs demanded in the market?
  • Is it a web based tool that runs on all the systems or is specific to an OS?
  • Will the tool embed and integrate with other useful tools?
  • Does the tool provide collaborative working where designers can work easily in a team on specific designs?

With the above few mentioned questions, a company can inform themselves about designing tools and match their needs.

Trending UI/UX Design Tools To Use In 2024

2024 is a digital year since most people have started using apps on their smartphones. Below are some of the best tools to learn about in 2023 referred by expert UI/UX designers at RipenApps.


Figma stands popular in the designing industry because of its cloud-based model. It assists designers with gorgeous designs like mood boards (visual elements). Since the tool stays on the cloud, it provides collaborative working on a model, and all the files are stored online. Figma integrates with tools like Maze and Zeplin providing it the flexibility of better communication with other tools.

Recently on September 15, 2022, Adobe acquired Figma to enhance the web capabilities of the tool; however, the tool will continue to operate independently for the foreseeable future.


If you want better design templates and patterns used by big industries, you should opt for Mobbin. The library provided in the software is huge depending on the iOS and Android needs of the designers. The templates and patterns feel real and live within the applications. Designers can save hours in researching the UI/UX designs on the internet because Mobbin has its own 50,000+ references of patterns.


The list of best designing tools in 2024 will remain incomplete without mentioning Maze because it is a testing platform allowing designers to run in-depth tests. The testing range provided by the tool is rich, integrating with every process of their design testing phase providing open-ended questions to the designers to perform tests on. Maze is compatible to integrate with Figma, Adobe XD justifying collaborative working.

Adobe XD

Designers can fully-fledged prototypes with Adobe XD and the app enjoys a brand name associated with Adobe. The features include workflows, element creation processes, creative transitions, and much more. Adobe provides good integration with the other designing tools like illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign, providing a complete design package by the same company. The tool is not web based and runs only on Windows and MacOs.


If you are a student or a beginner learning UI/UX design, Proto.io is a good start with high functioning prototypes. The products designed in the app are fully functional and feel like a finished product with their robust design and sense. In the app, the users have an option to work with team collaboration where seniors can make changes to the products designed by their juniors or students. The designers can also test their prototypes with a high-quality testing process.


In 2023, illustrations and sketching are winning the market. The web-based product, Sketch, is popular as a designing tool friendly to UI and UX designers. The app continuously includes new features with smooth integration of third-party plugins providing a dominant and better experience to the designers.

Why Focus On Illustrations In UI/UX Design In 2024?

Why focus on illustrations in UI:UX design in 2023

The illustration trend will take over in 2024, so it is high time apps use 3d and 2D illustrations to make their app look more appealing to the users. For example, while showing symptoms for COVID, apps can use 2d pictures for fever, cough, and curtness to make it easy to understand for the users. Further, in the reward section, the use of round icons with illustrations is also winning the market. Finally, short tutorials with illustrations win the apps since users find it more engaging than a static test or image that doesn’t move.

Design Trends 2024 for an Optimal User Experience

Since we are into the new year, let us add some UX trends for 2024 that you must consider while building your application.

  • AI enabled designing: Designers in 2024 must be familiar with AI based designing to save their time. Giving the right prompt will be the key to faster designing process.
  • Micro interactions: Tap animation is growing and will remain one of the app design trends. Allow users to long-press on buttons and see multiple options without consuming much space.
  • Dark Mode: Nearly 95% of people prefer dark mode on their phones, and if your app does not support it, you will lack it in the coming year.
  • Personalization: Design elements like a news feed with a personalized format. Give more control to your users so that they can use your application according to their needs.

Wrapping up

2024 will demand illustrations for the UI/UX design. The above article acts as a guide informing about the benefits of a refined UI/UX designing, questions to ask before selecting a tool, the available trending apps, and the use of illustrations for businesses in 2024. Finally, the entrepreneur can approach high-tech app development agencies like RipenApps providing illustration-based UI/UX designs to amplify their apps and revenue.


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