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Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

Ensuring Quality Of Mobile Apps Is A Big Factor In User Retention

Ensuring the Quality of the Mobile Apps: A Complete Guide

With throat cut competition in the market, app developers remain under pressure of creating a masterpiece in every project. And for users, there is an ocean of options to choose from, with more than 2.8 million Android apps and 2.2 million iOS apps, which obviously makes them noncomparable. In such conditions, the quality of the app is something that cannot be neglected at any cost. According to research, only 16% of users give a second chance to an app. There is no scope of a second chance and the app has to be flawless in one go. People are becoming more selective and able to provide a clear vision of their thoughts on what their app should do or look like, and to meet their demand is the development firm’s utmost goal. So if you are looking for the best practices followed in the industry, here’s what we have brought you, a collection of Do’s and Don’ts that any top mobile application development company cannot afford to neglect.

Designing a Reactive App, Oh Sure

To start with, let’s get on the drawing board itself. Most of the people believe that the UI/UX of the app is the foremost important aspect of the quality of the app. So a responsive app is something that cannot be ignored. This actually increases the face value of the app, thereby attracting potential users. Developers lay emphasis on the opening time and responsiveness of the app as this is going to be the window through which the user is going to see the app.

App Testing is a Big YES

With a tight schedule of the project and ever demanding customer, it is common that companies skip app testing phase or shorten it to the hazardous level. one thing that needs to understand is that this testing time is not waste, but on the contrary, it actually boosts the chances of your app going viral and getting crazy downloads as soon as it hits the stores.

Testing can be done both manually and through automation. Manual testing can find the smallest bug in the app whether inside or outside. Rigorous testing makes an app robust for all devices, platforms, and usage. Automatic testing is also very helpful in making an app bug free. So make sure that you invest decent time in testing the app.

Monitor Performance is a YES

So you have done brutal testing of your app and launched it on the stores. But remember, the actual testing is done by the real users. So it is important to keep a track or the performance of your app on the app stores. This will keep the app flawless even after weeks of the launch of the app. Analytics comes handy in here, as they keep a track of the performance of the app. This will also help in knowing the feedback from the users, that you can use in future versions of the app.

Ignoring Security, Nope

With almost everything syncing to cloud and API integrations, security is sometimes compromised. Top android app development companies are utmost sincere to look out for any security related issue because android apps are more prone to attacks than iOS apps. Any data breach, not only fails the app project but also leaves a scar on the brand value, which is reflected in the sales figures of the company. So, if you are planning to launch your app without strict vigil, you better don’t.

Apps which include e-payments or store sensitive information like credit card information, the location of the user, bank information or passwords need to be very precautious.

Final Call

So these were the important aspects that you should look before and after developing an app in order to ensure best in class quality of your app. As the people are becoming more aware of such issues, you as a developer have to a step ahead while coding for the app. Ensuring top-notch quality and service is something that has to be started at the start of the project.

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