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Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

Why Discovery Phase Is Important For Mobile Applications ?

With the dawn of the “app age”, we have an app for almost everything, from booking a hotel to laundry and from shopping to sleeping. In addition, with the ever-growing competition in the industry, every contender is keen on securing the prime slot in the phone of the customer. No, wonder why businesses are laying emphasis on the app customisation, app quality, app speed and overall UI of the app. After all, the app is the window between the business and the potential buyer.

Today we have got you all about the app discovery and its importance in app building.

Momentousness of Discovery

Remember why Myspace lost to Facebook, yes you guessed it right, it is because of poor design. With very less app retention rate and an ocean of option available, there is no excuse in the performance and design of the app. Therefore, discovery phase automatically gains importance. With proper time and techniques, this phase lays the bedrock for the future skyscraper that skyrockets the business. Therefore, is necessary to allocate proper time during the discovery phase of the app.

Techniques of Discovery

In order to begin from scratch, all you need is a clear vision, but when the customer first reaches a development company he is not, clear as to what he wants or rather what the situation demands. To overcome this the very first step is to go through a series of question and answer that refines the thoughts of the customer and gives the developer a clear mandate as what is to be done.

Identification of Requirements

This is the very first part of the discovery phase, here the goals are identified and as to what the app has to cater and what the user may expect out of it. A well-designed app can have a drastic impact on the user base. With an attention span of less than even a bee, users want to get things done just by a single tap. Examples are before us where companies like SpaceX struggled in the initial days because of creepy looking designs, but since good designed and UI is put out, there is no looking back for the company.

Solution Search

Once the aim is set, now you can hit the drawing board with the vision to create a masterpiece. The search engine like KartOO failed due to bad UI of the website, and this is very true for the apps as well. Google succeeded in the search engine battle not only because it has better algorithms, but also because its page is clear and well designed. Better graphics and animation used is vital to creating an interactive app. Creating an eye-catching UI and user-friendly UX allures the customer to engage themselves in it. A friendly navigation provides a soothing passage to the user to explore more about the apps coupled with a pleasing UI design.


No matter how much time it consumes, still it is worth it, is the bottom line of the day? Proper research and detailing of every page and link of the app is essential for you to stand out among the apps out there. So give the best shot on hit to get the best hits on the app store.

Looking for a mobile app discovery phase consultation or improving your existing application, We welcome you at RipenApps our Business Analyst and Technical Team would assist you with their research led inputs and suggestions.

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