5 Strategies to Incorporate to Build successful iOS App for Your Business
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

5 Strategies to Incorporate to Build Successful iOS App for Your Business

Apple products have become a status symbol. The company is on the verge of becoming a $3 Trillion company. And, when a company has such strong product status, they never want to compromise their user experience. If you are targeting to build a successful iOS app for your business you have to give extreme focus on the development part.

While talking about iOS app development, the company follows the same strictness that they follow with their other products. This strictness is the reason why Apple rejected nearly 1.7 Million app submissions, as shown in the figure below.

Apple rejected nearly 1.7 Million app submissions

Focus on your design strategy with concentration

While building a strategy for iOS app development, designing plays a major role. Apple is known for its clean and minimal design. The company aims that all the users should understand the content displayed on the screen with minimum effort. Hence you have to build a solid design strategy to keep up with the fundamentals standards derived by Apple. Here are a few pointers to ensure while building your design strategy.

  • iPhone displays come in high resolution. Your content shall fit on the iPhone screen with quality text, images, and videos.
  • While building your design strategy, keep the Ergonomics of your iPhone in mind.
  • Inputs like Multi-touch gestures, onscreen keyboards, and voice controls allow users to perform meaningful tasks. While building the design strategy, take care of the same.
  • People frequently switch apps and sometimes glance at the information. Ensure that you strategize the content placement.
  • Let your app design interact with system apps like Widgets, home screen actions, spotlight, shortcuts, and more.

A great design will definitely bring more user engagement to your app. And more users will drive more revenue for you making your iOS app successful.

Consider app store review guidelines before building your app development strategy

Apple’s app store is changing the world and enriching the lives of people. This is where people download apps related to their day-to-day activities- professional or personal. Ensuring that you follow app store submission guidelines is mandatory for you while preparing an app development strategy.

Here are a few of the most important practices to implement for Building a successful iOS App for Your Business.

  • The content of the app shall be strategized and deployed, keeping in mind that kids, too, use the app store.
  • Your app shall not have any form of political opinion or harmful content.
  • Copying another app will lead to a serious ban on your developer account.
  • Also, build a testing strategy because Apple does not entertain apps with bugs and glitches
  • The safety of the users is a priority for Apple

Apple has laid down the complete app store review guidelines that you can read and ensure in your iOS application.

Always optimize your app for the latest version of iOS

Every iPhone has a support cycle of 5 years, and it is not fixed. If you take the example of the iPhone 5, the phone is 8-9 years old but still got a security update in 2022. You can imagine how strict Apple is over its updates.

The same practice goes on for the applications. If you are building an iOS app, and the latest version of iOS gets released, you have to consider it. For example, the latest version of iOS is 16 as of now. Apps shall consider the recent updates iOS 16 brings. These include:

  • Swift and SwiftUI
  • WidgetKit
  • New Maps
  • Build with new Xcode 14.1

When you make “optimizing apps for the latest iOS version” a part of your app development strategy, you enhance your success rate.

 Strategy for promoting your iOS app

Do not forget to build a strategy to promote your iOS application. The right promotion strategy will unlock the better success probability of your iOS app development project. Apple features apps on the app store, but they do require a proper strategy and concentration on the below pointers.

  • Generate short Links while displaying your app icon somewhere.
  • Build a smart app banner of your app that redirects users to your application download page.
  • You can plan a paid Apple search advertisement which is available in 61 regions.
  • App clip codes are another way to offer a clip of your app. [WRITE MORE DETAIL)
  • Promo codes can also be a part of your marketing strategy where the first 100 or specific users will get in-app purchases for free or with a discount.
  • Clear screenshots of your product, easy-to-read promotional text, and previews shall be on your product’s page.

Build the strategy to market your app, and you will successfully unlock growth opportunities. Marketing shall always be a crucial part of products, and the same happens with an iOS app. Hence, incorporate this sub-strategy into your app development strategy.

Stay up and quick to bring app updates

Bugs are something that keeps on occurring in an app; hence it is very important to ensure consistent maintenance of your iOS app. Build a successful iOS App for Your Business So, Build a strategy about how often you are going to update your application. Further, you must keep on introducing the latest features to your application or remove certain features that are not required.

Regular updates keep you in the market and keep you in the league of future of iOS app development. They also increase your user engagement since users want their feedback to be heard by you and you are working on them. However, do not forget to mention what’s new in the update on your iOS app store page, just like the image below.

Build your iOS app

Build your iOS app- We are a top-rated iOS app development company

We have built over 600 applications and deployed them successfully on the respective app market platforms. Since 2017, we have ensured 100% iOS application submission as an iOS app development company. Our experts know even the minor details that Apple looks for in your app before making it live on the app store. The above strategies mentioned in the article are part of our practices. We ensure that our clients can launch brilliant iOS apps that actively bring a change in the world and change the lives of people.

5 Strategies to Incorporate to Build successful iOS App for Your Business CTA


1) How do I make my iOS app successful?

Your iOS app development success highly depends upon the strategy you build prior to and while developing the app. Ensure the below:

  • Bring quick updates to your app
  • Focus on your iOS app promotion
  • Optimize your app
  • Consider app store review guidelines
  • Focus on your iOS app design

2) What are the things required for iOS app development?

For iOS app development, you will require the following things:

  • Clear vision and mission of your app
  • List of features and functionalities to add to the app
  • Knowledge of Swift programming language
  • The practice of the Xcode tool to do efficient development
  • Dedicated designers, developers, and testers

3) Which technology is used for iOS app development?

For iOS app development, Swift is the most popular technology. The programming language is already used by over 500,000 apps on Apple’s app store.

4) How do I promote my iOS app on the app store?

Promoting the iOS app requires a well-discussed promotion strategy. From social media marketing to SEO, you have to define all the blueprints.

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