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Google Play Store & App Store App Submission Guidelines in 2024

Do you know how many apps are currently there in the world?

In 2023, there are 8.93 million apps.

Out of them, 3.553M apps are on the Google Play Store and 1.76M apps on Apple App Store. Every day, around  3,739 apps are published on the Play Store, and around 1100 apps are on the App Store. This data established the massive growth of mobile app dominance in the market. Every industry and business niche is adopting mobile apps and publishing them keeping a business goal.

However, surprisingly, last year the Apple App Store rejected 8% of apps. The Play Store also rejected many apps. These app rejections happen due to many reasons when apps don’t meet certain predefined store guidelines. App owners sometimes are also not aware of the updated app submission guidelines and how to submit app to google play. As a result, their apps get rejected.

Google Play Store and App Store both are two prominent stores for publishing mobile apps. Each store has its own specific app publishing and approval policy. Therefore, for app owners and developers, it is critical for them to stay up-to-date about the current app submission guidelines. This will help them successfully publish their app on both the app store.

And here, we have shared the updated guidelines of the Google Play Store and App Store. So, read this post till the end. Make sure these guidelines are included in your app store submission checklist 2024.

App Submission Guidelines for App Store 2024

Apps built for Apple’s iOS devices have to comply with the App Store guidelines as prescribed by Apple.  It is essential to follow the app submission guidelines and App Store Statistics so that entrepreneurs can achieve top-notch success on their apps. Following are the categories on which an app must comply before it is sent for upload on the app store:

App Submission Guidelines for Safety

Do not include offensive content, or comment on religion, race, gender, or other critical elements.

Do not include content that is illegal on the grounds of security. This can include ammunition, dangerous weapons, or objects.

Do not include adult material in your apps that influence kids or even adults. The App Store is strict about its adult material policy.

Do not include false information in your app that is not based upon real proven facts and evidence. Also, inaccurate features like a hidden location tracker are not allowed on the app store.

Include the options to report and block the user-generated content. It means that wherever users engage or create posts, provide options that can report unauthorized content to the authorities to avoid unnecessary user-generated content.

Do not include third-party links that take users out if your app falls into the kids’ category. Provide the safest experience for the kids.

Ensure that you provide options to let your app users connect with developers. Provide contact us options to provide support to the user’s issues.

No unauthorized disclosure of users’ information is allowed. You need to strictly follow Apple app guidelines.

Medical or healthcare apps deal with sensitive health data. They need proper measures to give accurate data regarding diagnosing or treating patients.

Apps should implement proper security measures to make sure the handling of user information as per the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

App Submission Guidelines for Performance

When you submit your app review to Apple, it must be the final version of your app. All the functions and features in the app must work smoothly without errors and glitches, providing a smooth experience.

When you upload beta testing of your app, make sure that you submit regular updates to your beta build to show consistency in your app project.

Submit metadata describing your app, privacy information, and the description as per the app store description guidelines 2024. Also, attach explanatory screenshots and previews to show what your app does and looks like to the users.

To get the most out of your app, ensure that your iPhone apps run on iPad. Follow the principle of universal app-building to engage more customers. 

Design a power-efficient app that does not require a more battery to run.

When you use any public API, it must link to the purpose of the API. For example, an app using a health kit must belong to the health and fitness domain.

Create your app in such a way that it utilizes the power of mobile devices efficiently and ensures it doesn’t risk or damage the device.

Apps meant for macOS devices must be properly sandboxed and follow macOS file System documentation and macOS APIs for customizing user data by other apps.

App Submission Guidelines for Busines

You must explain your business model in the metadata or app review notes mentioning your in-app purchases.

Apple rejects apps that cheat its users by imposing irrational prices for products.

Make sure that you include an easy mechanism to restore the in-app purchase. Also, update yourself about the auto-renewable subscription in your app before embedding it.

Clear disclosure of the price of the subscription and confirmation pop-up should be made.

Apps can use in-app purchases for buying and selling services associated with NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Apps that use Apple Pay must render all material purchase information to the user before the sale of any good or service as described in the Apple Pay Marketing Guidelines.

Design Guidelines to Follow

Make sure to update your app’s designs and keep your app functional.

Apple suggests creating its own designs and ideas instead of just using someone else’s ideas. Add few screenshots as per app store screenshot guidelines to give an inside overview of the app.  Your app might be removed if it is not unique, and it should work independently without any third-party contribution. Take a look at app store icon guidelines before publishing design-related items.

Disclose the size of the additional download before actually downloading the content.

Your app cannot use Apple services for spamming and irrelevant push notifications. Apple directly removes these kinds of apps acting on such a basis.

Apps meant for iCloud and iCloud Drive file managers require to contain additional app functionality for approval.

Apps that offer third-party social media login services also equally offer sign-in options with Apple.

Legal Guidelines to Follow

Ensure that you comply with Apple’s Privacy Policy since disobeying them might lead to legal involvement.

Disclose all the necessary information you collect from the users and let users delete their data whenever they want from your servers.

In order to collect information on a user’s settings, you have to ask for the user’s permission. Without the user’s consent, you are not allowed to access it. Ensure any third party that utilizes user data must provide equal protection of user data as stated in the app submission 2024 guidelines, or else, the app might be rejected.


Whether you want to build a gaming app or a billing app, the above guidelines are vital to follow to upload an authentic app on the Apple App Store.

Once you submit the app and metadata with notes to Apple, you must wait for the company to review your app patiently. On selection, you will get the notice in your App Store Connect. Finally, you can submit appeals if you do not agree with specific guidelines or use App Store Connect to directly communicate with the App Review Team.

However,  since you aren’t an expert in understanding these app submission guidelines, the best way is to get assistance from an experienced iOS app development company to review your app before the final launch.

App Submission Guidelines for Google Play Store 2024

Google’s developer policy center announcement is similar to Apple’s app submission guidelines. However, in some contexts, the Play Store’s policy differs. And since the number of apps Google Play Store holds, it also becomes crucial for app owners and developers to pay close attention to app store guidelines related to mobile app development Play Store.

Financial Guidelines

Apps containing financial products and services must comply with the laws described by State and Local regulations.

Binary Trade options are not allowed on the Google Play Store. And mining of Cryptocurrencies through apps is not allowed on the play store.

Ensure that your app discloses all the necessary information if you include Loan Services in your app. Also, if your app requires repayment in 60 days or less, the Google Play Store will remove your app.

For India and Indonesia, you have to submit the personal loan app declaration according to your country and all the important documents.

App Submission Guidelines for Gambling Apps

If your apps fall in the Gambling or Fantasy sports category make sure that you have a legal and approved Governmental License from the respective Gambling Authority.

Google only licenses the apps falling in the category of Online Casino Games, Sports Betting, Horse Racing, Lotteries, and Daily Fantasy Sports.

You have to visit the country-wise list because Google has mentioned the limitations according to the country. Some countries allow specific activities and some do not, you have to align with the country-wise guidelines.If you are in the United States, then you should get assistance from a mobile app development company in USA for this.

App Submission Guidelines for User-First Content

Before you submit an app, make sure it complies with Google’s content policies and local laws.

In case when developers impersonate their apps and mislead users with unreliable information, Google will prohibit that app.

Apps that are malicious or deceptive, and intended to misuse user data, and device information, will be strictly rejected from the store.

Upcoming App Submission Guidelines for Play Store 2024

Google always brings updates and adds new terms in its policy to provide a better and more reliable app publishing experience. In 2024, Google is set to release new updates and make many changes in the Play Store, Developer’s policies, and Google review guidelines.

If you are planning to launch your app for the first time, it is wise to consult a leading Android app development company. They will develop the app as well as assist in publish application store for Android as per the app submission guidelines 2024. For this purpose, you also should be aware of the new policies that are about to come so that your app is accepted by the app store successfully.

Below are those upcoming guidelines that app creators and developers need to be aware of in advance to ensure they publish the app without any rejections.

New apps need to utilize monetization.subscriptions APIs to handle subscriptions catalog

Apps might only get access to images and videos directly related to app functionality.

GenAI apps will need to comply with Google App Store policy including reporting and flagging features for some apps.

There are new requirements for apps which fall under the Health apps category

Upcoming App Submission Guidelines for App Store 2024

In spring 2023, Apple enhanced its pricing capabilities for apps and in-app purchases. So, it now provides 700 additional price points and offers better flexibility to determine prices per storefront. It means app owners can manage foreign exchange rate changes without depending on globally equalized prices.

Besides this, Apple is also about to release updates related to its app store submission guidelines for 2024. Below are the following updated guidelines which will come into effect from January 2024 onwards.

Based on App Store Review Guidelines, as of April 2024, all iOS and iPadOS apps must be built with a minimum of Xcode 15, watchOS, and iOS 17 SDK.

Changes to the App Store receipt signing certificate. It means, if the app validates App Store receipts on a device utilizing the App Store receipt signing certificate, the app needs to ensure they don’t hardcode the intermediate certificate and validate that chain of trust for the container’s sign as per Apple Inc. Root Certificate.

Final Words

A successful app project understands the guidelines to successfully submit and launch their app on App Markets. If your app doesn’t align with the Policies and Guidelines derived from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store, you are compromising on the success of your app. Both companies have a large set of policies that an app must follow to be uploaded on their app markets.

However, most of them are identical in App Stores and Play Stores. The blog has listed the most important guidelines that you must follow before sending your app for review. Top mobile app development company like RipenApps is aware of these guidelines and can promise you a successful launch without any hurdles or rejections on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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