Apple’s App Clip & Customer Engagement: Uplifts On-Demand Industries
Radhika Yadav
Radhika Yadav

Apple’s App Clip & Customer Engagement: Uplifts On-Demand Industries

In WWDC 2020, a statement came out from Apple event- “There is an App for that, but you don’t necessarily have to install it” which means that Apple took an incremented step from “There is an App” to “There is an App, but you don’t need to install”.

Apple announced about App clips in WWDC 2020, which is a new revolution for betterment of, every Business, especially on-demand industries. Since Apple has marked its first footprint in the tech market, it constantly looking in the direction of improving the user’s experience. And now “App Clips arriving in iOS 14” is ready to serve feasibility among Apple users.

Know About App Clips & its Uses:

A subpart of application eliminates the extra efforts of downloading the entire app at the same time, but you can install the entire app within the App Clips. Hence, In short, App Clips, apps are the instantly downloadable apps that can give you quick access to the data while you are in a Hurry.

App Clips are small, lightweight application that is designed to ease the users. Now, users can simply install and accomplish their small tasks like paying for food, renting a car & paying for a journey in seconds.

Beautifully designed into two portions- Sub Part of App- user can only use the functionality which he needed at the time into the app by accessing it and, Full App Download- After installing subpart, app clip redirect you towards downloading the full app.

What are the Benefits of App Clips?

Apple Pay & Apple ID support allows you to pay for your food, for your journey quickly and also double the potential to expand the potential of the Business.

One can develop many App Clips for one app and can use it for a different purpose at once. And it will be automatically deleted from your device after 30 days with no usability.

Here Developers can offer a full app to download within the app.

Interestingly, App clips offer an interesting assessment to share the App Clips Card among friends and family via publishing its URL in a social network or private message.

Along with the App Clip feature, Apple has introduced App Clip Codes, a specially designed QR code that consists of Graphic Image and NFC Tags. These mini-apps can easily be used via scanning the code.

How can On-Demand Industries Leverage the power of App Clips to Increase their Customer Base?

The main purpose of this app is to increase more users by rendering them ease and reliability. With the instant interacting with the app, App Clips are providing bags full of profit for on-demand Industries.

See, how on-demand industries can leverage the potential of App Clips-

On-Demand Rental Vehicle Industry:

On-Demand Rental Vehicle industry can leverage the potential of App Clips via giving its users a smart, easy & smooth way to pay for their ride at the same time. A rental vehicle business can come up with NFC tags which people can scan to then launch an app clip that would enable them to rent the vehicle straight from the stand. This would make your customer more flexible towards renting your vehicle.

On-Demand Grocery Industry:

Why waiting for so long in the queue of grocery payment? App Clip shorten your problem in a while, user can just install the App clip and pay via scanning the NFC tag or QR code at that time quickly. This can lead more customers towards your grocery store rather than those who have long queues to pay the bills.

On-Demand Food Order Paying:

App Clips can eliminate the glitches between you and your food via paying for your food fast. Users can pay for their food via using QR codes when the food ordering businesses can pave the path to pay the bills easily with NFC Tags.

Hotels & Hospitality:

Easily Check-ins into the hotels give users a simplified way to pay quickly and easily check-in their rooms by using NFC tags and QR codes from App Clips. Give your hotel business the access of App Clips to manage the smooth and interactive pay from users.

Entertainment & Media Zone:

Through App clips, Entertainment & media companies can offer their users a way of smart pay services like- buying tickets, etc. All can access with the help of an NFC tag or a QR Code via integrating a smart app banner on their website.

Other businesses like café order payment, facility of accessing ticket validation, car park spot renting, gift certificate or discount coupon validation can leverage the potential of App Clips to give user ease and increase their business visibility and revenue at the same time.

How Business can Use its Potential?

iPhone app development is already giving world new experiences every day via its new tools and attractive technologies. Now App Clips are on the way to providing businesses with a new and quick way to uplift their Business.

Apps Clips are indeed a prolific way to get your business in front of the customers when they required. This way business owner not only can increase their business visibility, revenue but can also improve your app performance. The best thing about App Clips is its privacy ensuring factor because it can directly link with Apple Pay and Apple ID that preserve your privacy too…

Businesses can join hands with their technical-partner, preferred iPhone app Development companies to build their App Clips.

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