Mobile UI Designing Trends That Will Dominate the Industry In 2021
Piyush Agrawal
Piyush Agrawal

Mobile UI Designing Trends That Will Dominate the Industry In 2021

Attractive & good-looking design means a lot for a mobile app, as it has proven to play a crucial role in mobile app success. When you start using any mobile software, its UI & UX is the first that strikes the eye. An alluring and robust app designing works as a ladder to reach the hearts & minds of the users and customers by displaying engaging visual content & more. There are various sets of examples which proves that following mobile app designing UI trends opens the door of success.  

But, is everyone able to appreciate its benefits? Do all the mobile app developers & entrepreneurs know about the best mobile app UI designs tips that work in the customers-centric world?

I guess NO!

With the motto to notify everyone about the upcoming trends of mobile app UI designing, here we have mentioned lists UI trends that will increase twofold the user engagement in 2021.


State of UI Trends in 2021: Technologies and Trends That Will Dominate the Industry

State of UI Trends in 2021- Technologies and Trends That Will Dominate the Industry

Conversational Interface 

Conversational Interface is one of the main UI design patterns for what’s to come.

Much the same as Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, different new businesses and built up brands will put resources into Chatbot development to convey next degree of conversational experience to their user base.

The Overlapping Effect 

In 2021, UI/UX designers will embrace covering various components, similar to content, picture, and hues in a single screen.

The idea will help in making an efficient interface and create a hallucination of room. This will, in the end, upgrade user experience all things considered.


Much the same as a year ago, considering typography in-app UI design will be a standout amongst other mobile app designing trend for 2021.

While brands have been applying intense San-Serif text styles and solid typography for quite a while, they will presently concentrate more on typography that reflects motion-based and three-dimensional impact.

Voice-Powered Interfaces 

By 2021, half of the search queries will be performed by means of voice. Along these lines, voice-represented interfaces will likewise wind up one of the mainstream mobile app design systems, which are ready to convey higher yield.

Simple Curves 

Another UI designing trends that will change our future is the utilization of basic curve and geometry.

These curve and geometry will drop down disarray that may emerge when various delineations, pictures, gets, and animations are available in the design.

Custom Illustration Interfaces 

Illustrations will likewise be one of the well-known mobile app design systems to follow later on.

The two brands and designers will transform towards bringing custom representations into their app – like how Uber did.

White Space 

White space will likewise keep on being one of the center components of mobile app design procedures.

With white area, designers will most likely convey an uncomplicated encounter to their objective user base. They will discover simplicity in making them center upon the fundamental piece of the apps over others. What’s more, at last, increase the value of their business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Another technology that will get a noteworthy effect on the field of UI design is Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence won’t merely assist creators with making numerous renditions of a specific landing page or screen; however, it would likewise present customized components supported by a great many investigations and visual examination. This, in general, will urge them to investigate how to utilize AI for better UI designing.

Contrasting Font Color/Shapes 

Utilizing contrasting font style hues/shapes for mobile app UI design will likewise be prominent in 2021.

Mobility specialists will implant differentiating hues and shapes into their design to break the customary stream and include a tint of amazement into client connections.


Animation, which was one of the vital app UI designing patterns for 2018,2019 and 2012, will likewise keep on getting a charge out of a similar force later on.


Setting the opacity of various UI components will be considered among the top key app designing trend 2021. The procedure will be accustomed to expedite more accentuation certain components while keeping up a smooth and consistent experience.

Augmented Reality (AR) 

In 2021, UI/UX design specialists will turn towards Augmented Reality (AR) for making genuine connections. They will grasp the technology to add inundation impact to their apps and items and help clients understand the data all the more effectively.

Additionally, the technology will likewise be considered for structure 3D brand impressions in the coming years.


Narrating, for example, the craft of connecting with users by portraying a story, will likewise be viewed as extraordinary compared to other UI/UX designing trends for 2021.

Mobile app designers will place more exertion into making a story that features the motivation behind the app and makes clients feel like a piece of it. They will turn towards the best visual narrating aides, instruments, and procedures to create a story that keeps their group of spectators snared to their foundation.

3D Graphics

3D designs will likewise arrive into the rundown of top UI/UX trends to consider in 2021.

Mobile app designers will fuse clean surfaces and 3D pictures to their designs to include a reasonable vibe. Likewise, clients will request a higher amount of 3D structures and displaying content to appreciate a clear, new, and drawing in involvement.

Arrangement of Navigational Elements 

Another pattern that will change the eventual fate of mobile app design world is the position of navigational components.

As we have just found in our blog upon the effect of Phone X new structure on mobile apps, nonappearance of home screen catch will impact route process. This will encourage portability UI specialists to find better approaches to convey a consistent navigational navigation process. This will urge mobility UI experts to discover new ways to deliver a seamless navigational experience to their users.

Augmented Reality (VR)

To wrap things up, incorporation of Virtual Reality (VR) in UI designs will likewise be in trend in the coming years.
The technology, after redefining healthcare, marketing, and gaming industry, is required to support interaction level in app UI design. It is relied upon to develop out as the Internet of experiences by spilling out the app components in reality and brief users to feel them.
While these were a portion of the mobile app UI design tips and trends that are anticipated to revolutionize UI in 2021.

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