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Mohit Singh

Top Tech Startup Ideas That Won The Australian Technologies Competition 2023

Australian Technologies Competition 2023 winners have been announced in September, and it has some key insights for entrepreneurs looking forward to tech startup ideas.

ATC 2023 event is a premier growth and awards programme for innovative technologies in Australia that have strong potential for the global stage. And the winners of the event are some of the unique tycoons that entrepreneurs can take inspiration from for tech startup ideas targeting the Australian market or global market.

Here are tech startup ideas that won the Australian Technologies Competition!

Verbotics- Manufacturing Industry

As per the International Trade Administration, the manufacturing sector showcased 82.3% of industrial robot installations across the USA.. And Verbotics took it to the next level in the Australian region.

Verbotics was founded in 2017 by Nathan Larkin and Andrew Short. The mission of Verbotics is to make robotics accessible for all manufacturers by reducing the time and effort associated with robot programming. In 2019, the company signed its first client after two years of research and development. The company now has multiple clients in Australia and New Zealand.

An idea like Verbotics can be a great digital startup idea where you can target multiple industries like agriculture, shipbuilding, transport, and more. Also, Robotics is one of the most emerging tech trends.

Brauz- Commerce and Customer Experience Industry

Another unique digital startup idea among the ATC 2023 winners was Brauz, and they deserve the award. Why? Because the company has a unique goal, They aims to improve the customer experience by connecting customers to staff in-store.

From appointments to bookings and stock, you can find everything on the Brauz platform. Customers can have on-demand delivery. Brauz applies personalization using Artificial Intelligence for customers’ feeds and notifications so that consumers match what they like and are looking forward to buying.

If you are looking for unique digital start ideas for the Australian market, then you can take inspiration from Brauz. Also, the idea is future-proof since the on-demand industry is continuously showing growth and the market is expected to create a 70% growth in the coming future.

CXEX- Regtech Industry

When it comes to customer experience, employee experience, and compliance, CXEX should be what you can take reference from. This Australian startup was founded in 2018, and in a very short span of time, the company achieved excellent growth.

The main catalyst for the company is their AI-driven insights. They aim to empower businesses to understand their customers and employees deeply by identifying current and future pain points. This in turn contributes to exceptional experience driving brand loyalty and Successful Digital Transformation Strategy.

Aria Research -Medtech Industry

Aria Research is another unique tech startup idea that you can take inspiration and reference from. What do they do? The aim of the company is to deliver a sense of vision via sound to blind people. With the mission to improve the lives of 338 million people living blind, Aria Research is a solid reference to look for if you are targeting the medtech industry.

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MentorKey -Health and Well-Being Industry

For companies, the health of their employees is one of the most crucial factors affecting their overall productivity. When productivity is high, organizations unlock higher growth and success. Keeping the same in mind, MentorKey has aimed to deliver a SAS-based platform for effective mentoring, coaching, and leadership development to help organizations build an effective culture. While targeting the health and well-being industry, you can further analyze MentorKey to get robust ideas and build your own application.

Hypersonix -Aeronautical Industry

Australia’s leading aerospace engineering company, Hypersonix, specializes in building hypersonic technology for the aeronautical industry. Their goal is to provide affordable access to green aerospace technologies and systems to let the industry adopt a sustainable future.

For entrepreneurs with plans in the aeronautical industry, Hypersonix Systems is a great company to refer to. No doubt, the company has won the American Technologies Competition Award because of their unique, futuristic and billion dollar tech app ideas.

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Zondii -Agtech Industry

Agtech (the Agriculture tech industry) has recently seen some significant advancements. Large farms with more than 5,000 acres. 80% of the owners are willing to adopt agtech solutions where some of them are already using at least one tech device.

In AgTech, Australian company Zondii has been operating with a unique goal in mind. They have built an application that farms can use to scan the wool on the ships and determine its quality and profitability. This in turn reduces time for farmers, increases profitability, and supports better decision-making.

Adionatech -Logistic Industry

What can be better for the logistics industry than having a report through which they can analyze their delivery operations? Adiona won the American Technologies Competition award for their startup idea. Since 2018, the company has been delivering excellent delivery operations to businesses.

From planning, optimizing, and simulating transport networks to integrating the world’s best routes for logistic businesses, Adiona is shaping the Australian economy. And, with such a solution, you can also ensure a successful tech startup idea for your country.

What is next when you have the right tech startup idea? We are here!

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