AgriTech: How IoT & Mobile Apps Accelerate Agriculture Industry Digitally?
Vaibhav Sharma
Vaibhav Sharma

AgriTech: How IoT & Mobile Apps Accelerate Agriculture Industry Digitally?

It’s time for digital Agriculture; it’s time for AgriTech!

Agriculture industry is yet to bring the digital transformation. It is because mobile apps are widely used in Urban areas compared to rural areas. And the majority of the rural area population work in the agriculture industry. But, with the wake of spreading technology, the agriculture sector is actively hearing a new phrase, “AgriTech”- digitally enabled agriculture using mobile apps rich in IoT.

Entrepreneurs all over the world are looking forward to stepping into the AgriTech industry to digitally empower the agriculture sector. When compared with other sectors like Travel and transport, Food and restaurant, E-commerce, and more, the Agriculture sector is still looking forward to transforming digitally.

However, IoT and mobile apps can accelerate the agriculture industry at a rapid pace. Why? Because today everyone has more than one smartphone in their pocket on average. So why not step into an industry because the Agriculture industry is ready to transform with AgriTech innovations?

Agriculture Market Stats

  • The global AgriTech market was valued at $17,442.7 million.
  • The AgriTech market is expected to touch $41,172 million by 2027.
  • The CAGR of growth is predicted to be 12.1% by 2027.

How IoT, and Mobile Apps are Transforming Agriculture Industry into AgriTech?

Sometimes the agriculture contribution can reach more than 18 % of the economy. With the technology advancements, AI and IoT  Mobile Apps will dominate the future. Digitalization will convert agriculture to AgriTech.

AgriTech with IoT

The agriculture sector can utilize IoT in 4 different ways. Let us talk about them.

Agriculture Sensors

Farmers can get a detailed insight using Agriculture sensors. IoT-enabled sensors can analyze the resources according to specific areas. It will enable the same by using data samples from multiple channels like Humidity, temperature, soil quality, and more.

Water Management

IoT devices can sense and analyze the water requirements of the field. It will be possible by studying the crops, the climate of the location, and the moisture in the field. Farmers can integrate better irrigation systems by understanding the insights produced by IoT devices.

Livestock Management and Tracking

IoT sensors can track animals using parameters such as their well-being, health conditions, and day-to-day activities. It will assist farmers in controlling the disease spread and managing their livestock with utmost efficiency.

Greenhouse Management

Smart greenhouse sensors can monitor the environment. Farmers can get detailed insights into their agricultural activities in case a few of them are hazardous to the environment.

Mobile Apps in AgriTech

IoT alone cannot provide insights to farmers. For a successful AgriTech product, you have to embed mobile apps into it.

It is important to consider Farming App Development Trends & Future before determining how mobile apps contributes to Agritech.

GPS Tracking

Mobile apps let farmers use GPS tracking. Whether it is about tracking livestock or farming vehicles, mobile apps deliver a UI-enabled tracking system. Further, advanced algorithms can deliver advanced insights to farmers.

Camera Enabled Ecosystem

Monitoring the fields is crucial for farmers. Today mobile apps, when combined with smart sensors, can detect motion. So if any material or person denotes any motion when you are present at your farm, your mobile app can track it and deliver you a notification.

Payment Flexibility

Mobile apps can perform digital transactions. Instead of farmers putting their efforts into reaching banks and making payments, they can directly initiate this option right from their mobile phones.

Video Calls

While building an E-learning app platform, mobile apps can offer the flexibility to communicate from anywhere. Educators from around the world can teach strategies and tips to farmers everywhere.


IoT, when combined with AI and mobile apps, can product actionable insights about multiple elements. Farmers can predict crop health, irrigation effects, weather, livestock diseases, and much more.

Top AgriTech App Ideas to Consider before Stepping into AgriTech

  • IFFCO Kisan Agriculture: The app is a modern farmer toolkit to update them with the latest practices in the farming world. Farmers can adopt modern tools and services using this app.
  • Farmbrite: The mobile app is a complete farm and livestock management system. Farmers can keep a record of everything to run more efficiently. From gaining valuable insights to identifying new trends, the app is a great AgriTech example.
  • PhytechPlant: This app lets farmers know how their irrigation plan affects the plants. The app aims to deliver a mobile app for optimized irrigation to plants.
  • Sirrus: The app strengthens farmers’ knowledge about yield layers. The yield data syncs with the app letting farmers view the yield layers.

How is RipenApps actively contributing to AgriTech industry?

RipenApps believes in driving creativity, innovation, trends, and customer relationship. Our technical expertise lets us cover diverse industries, and Agriculture is one of our focused areas. When we compare agriculture to other industries like shopping or food & restaurants, the agriculture industry will take some more time to transform into AgriTech.

However, we started focusing on AgriTech even before it became a buzz term. We have built solutions like Poultrify, which is an excellent tech path route for the poultry trading business. The app gives flexibility to traders through digital innovation.

We are ready to work on your AgriTech idea and transform it into a product that contributes to the agriculture industry.


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Vaibhav Sharma

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