On-Demand Car Wash App Development Scope Features Revenue Model
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

On-Demand Car Wash App Development: Scope, Features, Revenue Model

Owning a car has become a necessity which is why there are billions of operational cars worldwide. Also, every active car worldwide requires some form of maintenance, where a car wash is the most frequent maintenance needed by car owners. Due to the vast number of cars, finding a queue at washing centers and waiting to get your car washed is normal. However, car wash apps are solving the long waiting problem by offering users on-demand car wash services. But how to build a car wash app? You will find everything related to car wash app development in this blog.

What is the scope of On-Demand Car Wash App Development?

Before talking about development, why not check out how is car washing industry is doing and study one of the top apps?

  • The US car wash market will gain a compound annual growth rate of 4.8% until 2028. Although it has already registered a $14.21 Billion market cap in 2020 (Source).
  • Data Bridge Market Research analyzed that the global car wash market will reach $37526 Million by 2029 and be valued at $29394 Million in 2021 (Source.).
  • 72% of drivers in the USA use car wash services (Source).
  • Washos, a leading mobile car wash company, recorded estimated annual revenue between $100k-5 million, and the growth chart keeps rising.

Watching the above stats, it is certainly clear that the car washing industry is growing at a fast rate. Top car washing apps are doing a sustainable business. If you finally plan to build a car wash app, you are heading towards a good business idea. Let us head towards learning about the car wash app development.

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How does the Car wash app work for users and businesses?

On-Demand car washing apps are designed from two viewpoints; Customers and Business. And the working for customers and the washing service providers is a bit different. Here is how it works for both entities accordingly.

On-Demand car wash app working for customers

  • Users install the app and sign up/log in to their respective accounts.
  • Select a car washer company from the list and check service availability.
  • The car washer arrives at the designated time slot at the customer’s house and cleans the car.
  • Customers pay for the service using one of the available payment methods and drop their reviews/ratings.

On-Demand car wash app working for businesses

  • The service provider registers on the app or signs in if they already have an account.
  • A request manager function lets washers see all the bookings done by customers.
  • Provide a dashboard view to the washing providers where they check whether the customer has successfully received the service.
  • Customers leave a review on the service provider’s profile.
  • Washers take payment through the desired mode of payment from consumers.

Now that we know the working of a car washing app. It is time to see how you benefit your customers and your own business with on-demand app development.

How does an On-demand car wash app development benefit businesses & users?

Building a car app packs numerous benefits for businesses and customers. From saving time and resources to a digital mode of payment, here are the benefits.

Car washing mobile app benefits to the businesses

  • Better service management: For businesses that are working with a traditional model can shift to an online model if they are in a metropolitan city. With the mobile app, they can manage their orders, history, payment details, and customer details easily.
  • A wider customer base: If you are a car wash business, your reach is limited to the people living nearby. With a mobile app, you can connect with customers in a wider area.
  • Real-time tracking: Washers can track the status of service in real-time to manage their bookings effectively.

Car washing mobile app benefits to the customers

  • Saving time & resources for users: People are busy, and going to a service center, waiting in the queue, and getting their car washed uses effort and resources. With a car wash app, you will offer a convenient service to the users saving their time and resources.
  • Payment convenience: With the online business model, you can deliver a convenient mode of payment to your users.
  • Tracking: Customers can track the person who is coming to deliver the car washing service directly from their house.

What important features should be in a car wash app?

Every car washing app has three components, the customer’s panel, the car washer’s panel, and the admin panel.

Customer Panel

  • Custom pricing for services: Offer a feature of a cart to the customers so they can add services to a cart and get their customized pricing accordingly.
  • Services package to loyal customers: Every business has numerous loyal customers, and they deserve special service packages. For example, if a customer regularly avails car washing service, you can offer them a monthly or yearly package letting them pay at once for the next services they avail.
  • Registration/Sign up: Letting users sign up or sign in is another key feature for every On-demand Car wash app.
  • Finding service providers: Finding nearby car washing service is a key feature to connecting nearby service providers to deliver the fastest On-demand car washing service to the customers.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Users want to track what is their service status. And real-time tracking can be the greatest feature.
  • Chat & calling: Letting customers chat by integrating the live app chat feature or calling their car washing service provider will highly contribute to customer services.
  • Payment convenience: Let customers have multiple payment channels since different customers use different payment modes.
  • Ratings and reviews: Provider customers to deliver a review and rating of the service they availed.

Car Washer Business Panel

  • Service Location: Let car washers provide their location. In general, the area in which they want to serve.
  • Accepting/Rejecting requests: A flawless and smooth function to accept or reject the customer’s request is a must in an on-demand car wash app.
  • Service status: Car washing is not just a single step. It contains multiple steps, and letting users transparently see their service status will help users to build trust with the app and washing businesses.
  • Push Notifications: For all the important service-related updates, reminders, deals, and discounts, push notifications are a key element.

Admin Panel Features

  • Service time zone: Admins watch and maintain how users are connecting with car agencies in different zones. Service time zone feature must help users come in touch with car washing companies nearby and not outside their radar.
  • Registration management: As an admin support team, guide users and answer their queries. Hence, a registration management system is important to better identify the issues of users.
  • Payment management: Admins must make the transactions smooth and make sure there are no bugs in the process.
  • Review management: Preparing a category in the reviews is important for admins.

What team & tech stack do you require to build an On-demand car washing app?

A mobile app development project requires multiple people from several areas of expertise to build the final project. Here is what your team will look like.

The team for car wash app development

  • Team leaders
  • Project managers
  • Sales and marketing people
  • Business analysts
  • Designers
  • iOS app developers
  • Android app developers
  • Hybrid app developers
  • Quality analytics/testers

Tech stack for car wash app development

  • OS: Mac, Windows, Ubuntu
  • Database: MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Cloud: Azure, AWS, Google
  • Navigation: Google map
  • Phone Verification: Twilio
  • Payment: PayPal, Paytm, Stripe

Further, your tech stack is dependent upon the features and functionalities you want to integrate, and your preferred mobile app development company can prescribe you clearly this.

What are the available revenue models with the On-demand car wash app?

There are several monetization models available for a car wash app. Here is how you can maximize your revenue growth with an on-demand car wash app.

  • Advertisements: It is one of the most common sources of monetization in apps and websites. Moreover, ensure that you do not overdo it.
  • Sponsorship: Promoting a featured list of car wash service providers can be an impressive hit in the revenue department.
  • Promoting other products: You can suggest users buy polishes, cleaners, and much more, just like affiliate marketing.
  • Premium users: Offering a great plan to the users so that they enjoy the best version of the app.
  • Paid app: You can make your app paid instead of free for all to earn revenue from it.
  • Fees: In the final bill, you can add your own service charges.


What is the cost of building an On-demand car wash app development?

Mobile app development services are mostly custom since every car wash business have its own requirement. Some of them might want to include PayPal, and some of them might want to integrate a different payment channel. With all the different features and functionalities, the cost of the project varies. Generally, the app might cost you somewhere between $10,000 and 60,000, and again it is not a fixed approximation for the on-demand car wash app development cost.

How can RipenApps help your lead the car wash business competition?

With a strong experience in building On-Demand mobile apps, RipenApps have successfully transformed general business models into online business models. We believe that a mobile app brings a wider customer base to businesses, delivering a flexible and convenient way of buying products/services.

Our product, Hanchens, “The Flavour of India from App to Plate with India’s Only Food App” delivered a unique concept, feel, and functionalities dropping a successful On-demand business for our client.

Similarly, our other product Keeva delivered a digital dine-out experience to the users. But also, we have worked in the taxi, E-learning, and most of the industry, building apps for every domain.

Bufft Case Study

Our core expertise is what helps us to meet client’s expectations and the feel of real products close to a 100% satisfaction rate. And we are always a click away from you. So, why not build your car wash app with one of the leading On-demand app development company?  As a result, you can still put your foot early into the car wash industry, consult your idea with us, build the product and launch it to lead the competition.


Q1. What is the scope of On-demand car wash app development?

72% of the drivers use the car wash services, and global marketing will reach above $3500 by 2029. A great on-demand car wash app solution will be a sustainable business.

Q2. How do on-demand car wash apps benefit users?

A car wash app will deliver better a wider customer base to businesses. Further, they can track everything in real time with advanced analytics.

Q3. What are the revenue models in the car wash app?

For an on-demand car wash model, you can opt for advertisement, premium subscriptions, or make your app pay. Further, you can add a fee to the final service bill.

Q4. How much does car wash app development cost?

The cost of building an on-demand app varies and depends upon the features and functionalities you want to add to your app.

Ishan Gupta

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