Cotax: New-age Digital Solution to File, Pay & Manage Tax
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

Cotax: New-age Digital Solution to File, Pay & Manage Tax

Eliminating paperwork and migration towards digital platforms is the new norm of the era. People have moved to trust the open cyberspace to automate the boring parts of lives. Talking about Taxpaying, digitalization is playing a vital role nowadays.

Explaining how! When the mid-year comes around, and we realize that it’s a time to think about tax payment, it can be a stress to merely try to decode the entire process. Most of us wish that we had a mandatory tax course in our college so that we can confront some of the knowledge of tax management. Well, we are introducing a recently developed & launched mobile app- COTAX to help taxpayers file income tax returns in a simple, easy and smartest way.

COTAX: An App provides the Most Optimized Tax Return without any Tax Knowledge

COTAX is the tax returning mobile application that gives the most optimized way to return tax even without having any tax knowledge. The app is brilliantly conceptualized to support various tax situations under the guidance of Swiss experts so that users can’t confront any hurdle & hassles.

The new app is designed with a captivating & easy interface that makes income tax-paying extremely easy. Users can use this app and perform tax-related tasks in just a few taps.

The concept behind the inception of COTAX was to make tax payment easier for taxpayers, and the App has been received well in the last couple of months. There have been massive counts of app installs, and the company is already witnessing a massive growth in conversion.

Explore the Mind-blowing Features of COTAX

COTAX aims to help people submit their taxes without losing much time and still getting all the benefits, and thus app offers multiple beneficial features.

Simple & Interactive Interface

The app comes out with a simple yet interactive interface where users can download it for free and submit all info whenever they want. Moreover, all the steps are easy to accomplish as the app itself will guide the user through all steps in a survey-like form, using simplified questions and examples of required documents.

Quick Steps to Save Time

With a single tap, a user can upload Form 16, and they can file their Income Tax Return in under seven minutes.

Support for Various Tax Situations

The app is configured with the latest A.I generation with Swiss tax specialists’ human expertise to handle different situations under tax-paying right from regular to more complex cases.

Proceed Without any Tax Knowledge

The users who have zero knowledge regarding tax payment need to remove their worries because, to clarify the app makes it easy to understand tax vocabulary and confusing terms.

Explaining Working of COTAX:

COTAX app is aimed at those who want the ease of access and comprehension in their tax-paying process. App furnishes the simple and flexible process where it’ll become a cakewalk to proceed ahead.

File Details and Documents

In the mentioned field, all a user needs to do is register themself with the required details and submit the asked documents by uploading pictures directly to the interface.

Simple and relevant questions are there in app to guide the user.

Optimization for Deductions

The app collects documents and necessary information to uncover opportunities for more deductions and process any case. The tax experts will look over each detail and ensure that users receive the most out of their tax returns.

Review and Confirmation

With COTAX, get the completed tax return swiftly. There is an expert desk to solve all the queries and problems.

Approve and Submit

Submit and get the Approval on a tax return in a single tap. Users will receive a hard copy of their tax return and a copy of all the provided documents via post.

A Big Round of Applause for Team RipenApps for Building COTAX:

RipenApps is the leading fintech mobile app development company specialising in developing apps for diverse industries. The banking & finance industry is one in which the team holds extra potential. We have a talented team of FinTech app developers and a team of banking & finance experts who know inside out about this domain.

The team developed and deployed the app using the latest tools and technologies within a given timeframe. Now the time has come when COTAX is getting massive downloads. App is recognized by many & several taxpayers have applauded the ease and convenience COTAX offers.

We have included hyperlinks at relevant places where users can tap and get detailed data & download the app for free for easy understanding of terms.

App Store
Play Store

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