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Radhika Yadav

Conveyr: A New-Age Social Media App For Meaningful Connections

Conveyr, the brainchild of Algebracorp, is set to revolutionize the social media landscape with its all-in-one platform, providing users with a cohesive and enriching online social engagement experience. The newly launched app aims to be the epicenter where individuals can engage, share, and connect with their communities seamlessly, around the clock.

At present, the world of social media is experiencing a massive wave of digital transformation. With the advent of new technologies and extensive smartphone penetration, social media apps have turned into a permanent digital home for modern people. From sharing content to instant messaging and live streaming to real-time chat, people use social media apps for almost everything they do in the real world.

According to the latest reports by Forbes, in 2023, an estimated 4.9 billion people use social media across the entire globe. This figure has surged tremendously in recent years.

Today, people use multiple types of apps to connect with social communities, interact in several ways, and share feelings and experiences online. While there are many social media apps already available in the market, there was a need for such an app that could offer all kinds of social media features in a single place. Users don’t have to look for different social media apps for particular features or purposes.

To meet this emerging need of the current market, Convery stands out as the new-age social media app that brings all the state-of-the-art social media features that today’s social media lovers look for.

Introduction to Conveyr

Conveyr is a social media mobile application that allows users to connect with local and global communities. It is an innovative platform where your voice finds its befitting stage. Here, online interactions with your loved ones become seamless around the clock.

Conveyr acts as an all-in-one platform that provides a complete suite of features for which most social media users look for. It eliminates the need for using multiple apps for different features and use cases. Just use a single social media application where all your needs for meaningful and engaging social media experience are satisfied.

Prominent Features: How Conveyr Is Set To Refine Social Media Experience?

Conveyr is not just another social media app; it’s a digital space where your voice resonates, your stories find a home, and your interactions become a daily ritual. This app brings various features for seamless and meaningful online social interactions.


The app’s cornerstone, “Chime,” serves as a creative canvas, allowing users to share their thoughts through various mediums – GIFs, videos, live streams, audio snippets, and more. Users can delve into trending topics, express opinions on various trending topics/subjects from politics to sports, and engage in conversations that matter.

Below is the list of key features that Conveyr brings. These features collectively shape Conveyr into a comprehensive platform fostering connections, and meaningful interactions, and assist in building a vibrant digital community.

  1. Chime – Creative Canvas: Engage with diverse content formats such as GIFs, videos, live streams, audio, and more.
  2. Expressive Engagement: Share opinions on trending topics like politics, sports, economy, and more through likes, comments, and blogs of up to 1000 words, with posts saved for future reference.
  3. Authenticity Measures: No reposting policy to curb misinformation to ensure the integrity of shared stories through pictures or videos.
  4. Blogging Platform: Encourages users to embrace their ‘Beautiful selves by writing insightful and educational blogs to contribute meaningfully to society. Conveyr encourages meaningful contributions, amplifying voices that matter.
  5. Chat Feature: Facilitates worry-free communication with loved ones through categorized family members. It enables video chats, voice calls, and soon-to-be-added live streaming within groups or specific categories.
  6. Continuous Enhancements: Continuous updates to provide the best user experience. The Conveyr team ensures end-to-end encryption to prioritize user privacy and security for personal messages and chats.
  7. Customization and Connectivity: Users enjoy the freedom to customize and connect with contacts in their preferred way. And thus, fostering a personalized digital experience.
  8. Personalized Connection Hub: The app’s Chat feature provides a seamless and interactive environment for reconnecting with loved ones. Users can categorize family members, engage in video chats, and voice calls- all in groups or specific categories.

Collaborative Innovation with RipenApps

Conveyr stands as a testament to collaborative innovation between the Conveyr team and RipenApps- a top mobile app development company. The partnership fostered a collaborative development process and ensured the app aligned with the team’s vision of connectivity, customization, and user-centric design.

The development team of RippenApps worked dedicately to build Conveyr and intelligently overcome the challenge of infusing all the top-notch features in a single platform to support the Converyr team’s vision and mission.

The RipenApps team allocated dedicated resources and an experienced team of developers to flawlessly utilize the latest technologies and frameworks to create features and intelligent functionalities. Their collaborative communication and strategic app development roadmap helped this much-desired social media app launch successfully.

Experience A More Engaging and Meaningful Social Connection with Conveyr

Conveyr invites users to explore a boundless world of connectivity and expression. Experience an all-in-one social media platform where you can customize and connect with contacts, share stories, and contribute meaningfully to this vibrant community.

Explore this innovative platform on Behance and Dribble for a glimpse of our cutting-edge designs.

Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and start building your social communities.

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