The Future of MERN Stack Development: Predictions and Trends
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

The Future of MERN Stack Development: Predictions and Trends

Entrepreneurs and companies in the mobile & web app industry know the value of MERN stack development Services. Instead of integrating multiple tech stacks to build the front and back end of an app, the MERN stack is the complete package. It is all possible due to the power of MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js working together to build robust applications.

However, entrepreneurs building their applications with MERN stack app development companies are still worried about the future of MERN stack. Will the MERN stack be sustainable in the future? In this article, we will answer this question by discussing down the future of MERN stack development in terms of its current market stand, trends, and career opportunities.

Where does MERN stack stand?

Since MERN consists of 4 main technologies, MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Nord.js, we can analyze where all these technologies stand. Here are the statistics related to the MERN stack to analyze its prevalence in the IT market:


MongoDB has offices across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific with a huge workforce. Further, MongoDB has more than 40,800 customers spread over more than 100 countries. The database platform has registered 365 million download times. According to Statista, MongoDB is the top database skill among software developers worldwide. Nearly 18% of developers believe that MongoDB is the most wanted database skill.

JS Frameworks in MERN

Express.js framework is the 10th most popular framework, with more than 22 million websites running on the framework. Further, React.JS and Node.js are the topmost-used frameworks among developers, with nearly 50% of the developers using them .

No doubt, the MERN stack stands at the top and is one of the most popular tech stacks due to its robust features, functionalists, and potential. ReactJS adds further power to the MERN stack which is why ReactJS is used by 42% of the developers worldwide.

Key Trends & Predictions in MERN stack development 2023

Key Trends & Predictions in MERN stack development 2023

The landscape of the IT sector keeps changing, and so does the landscape of technologies. Trends in the MERN stack keep on revolving; however, 2023 unlocked some revolutionary trends to undermine. Here are the top trends in MERN stack development or 2023:

Low Code development is taking over

Coding standards and procedures are constantly bringing innovations. Tech giants who own the tech stacks are targeting to reduce the efforts and time of the developer. The same is with the MERN stack. Meta is constantly pushing out ready libraries that demand low code for development. And this is the future of MERN.

With the reduced time and efforts of MERN app development companies, businesses can seek better digital transformation within the fastest time frame.

Progressive web apps will continue to grow

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are taking over the internet and smartphones. If you have noticed over the search bar of Chrome, you will find the install button. This install button installs the PWA version of the app. It completely feels and works like a native app. And MERN is one of the most famous tech stacks to build PWA. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript collectively bring a streamlined user experience and boost customer retention for businesses.

Artificial Intelligence integration will gain high demand

AI is evolving, and MERN Stack Development Services providers have already registered high demand for AI-based solutions. The progress made by the MERN stack in building AI Is phenomenal. Web apps are flawlessly embedding intelligent solutions for the query of users. For example, chatbots are not natively built, yet they act like a native apps. Why? Because of a very intelligent AI algorithm embedded in them. Within a very short time, these chatbots are able to find accurate answers from their database.

The learning curve will boost

JavaScript is sailing from beginners to the most advanced engineers. And the learning curve keeps on increasing because the programming language is easy to learn. Further, delivers one of the fastest performances to the applications. And the complete user experience of apps built with the MERN stack is fluid enough to fall into top apps. The demand for MERN stack developers as well as MERN stack courses, is boosting at a high rate.

AR and VR will build their foundation

Meta is spending excessively on virtual reality and augmented reality. MERN stack is making it possible for digital and physical objects to interact in real time.

IoT will demand full-stack developers

The Internet of Things is taking the digital landscape. Be it smart watches or other smart devices, they require full-stack developers. And a MERN stack developer has the complete potential to achieve full stack development. With MERN, the improvement of IOT apps’ scalability, reliability, and security is highly evident.

The Trends and predictions for the MERN stack development will dominate the market in 2023 and beyond. Let us talk about secondary aspects of MERN stack development, further adding information to our article.

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Key factors on why MERN stands out

Every popular thing has some key factors behind its popularity and sustainability. MERN is popular and sustainable due to the following key factors:

  • JavaScript for everything, be it front end or back end.

  • Learning is quick, fast yet very powerful because of endless opportunities

  • Huge community support of other MERN or specific technology experts from the MERN stack

  • Massive packages and libraries: Extensive collection of library and package support saving time and efforts of developers and entrepreneurs

  • Flexible with scalability because of a wide and complete range of use cases


What about choosing MERN stack as a career?

Building an application using the MERN stack is definitely sustainable. The amount of sustainability is the same with the career path too.

  • According to Glassdoor, Full stack developers using MERN or another tech stack average salary is $145,277, which further increases if they are seniors.

  • If you see it country-wise, Australia, Canada, and Germany are the leaders, followed by India, UK, and USA.

  • More than 1.8 million students are registered in Mongo DB learning courses.

Definitely, MERN stack is a great career choice and brings a sustainable career path.

Ending words

So, whether you are choosing MERN for your business or career, it will be a sustainable decision. MERN will survive so many years, and you do not have to worry about its sustainability for now, especially in 2023 and a long time beyond it.

The Future of MERN Stack Development Predictions and Trends for 2023 and Beyond CTA


1) What is the future of full-stack developers in 2023?

Full-stack developers will be in high demand in the coming future. Millions of applications are using full-stack development technologies like MERN.

2) What is the future scope of the MERN stack developer?

MERN stack development will register significant growth. MongoDB has millions of downloads, 22 million websites use Express.js, Node.js is used by 50% of developers, and 42% of developers use React.

3) Is MERN a good choice?

MERN is a great choice for building applications. From low code to building flawless PWAs, MERN unlocks a wide range of possibilities for businesses and MERN app development companies.

4) How does MERN Stack Perform in 2023?

MERN stack is continuously in demand. In 2023, the MERN stack will bring robust trends making it one of the most picked tech stacks.

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