Google releases Android 11: The first developer preview with Interesting features
Radhika Yadav
Radhika Yadav

Google Releases Android 11: The First Developer Preview with Interesting Features

Android 11 is ready to steal the market of 2020. Google has released the very first developer preview of Android 11- the next version of its OS, with the most exciting features so far. This is going to be rolling out with Android 11 instead of Android R because Google has refused to taste desserts earlier. This is the earlier than Google has ever released a version of Android. With this earliest version’s update, in first developers’ preview- Google is making some big promises, like improved 5G support, better privacy features & brand new messaging interfaces.

This new preview from Google is going to benefit Android app developers.

Here find the very new features so far:

Improved 5G Supports

With enhanced APIs (Dynamic Meteredness API, Bandwidth API), Android 11 is going to experience faster speed and lower latency because Android 11 is coming up with improved 5G supports. With this improvement of 5G, let app developers extend to WiFi app experiences- such as streaming 4K video or loading higher-resolutions game assets-to mobile users, or developer can build new experiences designed specifically for 5G. In Android 11, there will be a great enhancement and update of existing connectivity APIs so that users can experience 5Gs improved speed.


Bubble- feature was originally meant to be part of Android last year. It is a brand new UI for a messaging app that lets developers keep several conversations easily accessible anywhere through a floating bubble.
Right now, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger could take benefit of the feature.


Aiding bubbles, there is an association of new conversations section of the notification shade that breaks out new messages into their idea ahead of emails, Instagram likes, and app updates. This will make your communication part through your phone more accessible.

Privacy: Better Permission

Privacy has always been the priority of Android as Android is making the user more secure and safe at their every version release. Well, Android 11 is now embedding the option to give apps temporary permission to your camera, microphone, location data like iOS is used to offer. This maybe sounds simple, but it will make Android more secure.

Screen Recording:

Google has already embedded this in Android 10’s betas that didn’t make its way to the final version. But this feature of screen recording is back & has a whole fascinating UI this time, assures that this feature will be finally going to be seen in Android 11.

Some more interesting features are going to roll out in Android 11 are:

  • Automated dark mode toggle
  • A new Motion Sense gesture for the Pixel 4 to play or pause music
  • An “increased touch sensitivity” setting for the Pixel 4, meant for use with screen savers
  • The option to pin apps to the top of the share sheet is back from the Android 10 beta.
  • Turning on airplane mode no longer disconnects Bluetooth audio connections.

There are a plethora of new updates that Android 11 will roll out in your phones very soon are better supported for folding waterfall, and pinhole displays, scoped storage, improved privacy and secrecy, and many more.

Note: This official announcement of Android 11 developer beta is the very earliest version of what is going to experience later this year. Google will speak more about this in its coming Google I/O in May.

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