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Manish Kumar

Custom Mobile App Development: 5 Powerful Strategies to Enhance User Engagement

Every startup or business owner when struck with an innovative app concept goes with custom mobile app development. And it is obvious since the custom app development approach allows businesses to build a completely unique app from scratch.

Interestingly, despite having an innovative mobile app idea or offering hi-fi solutions, it is found many custom apps often fail to succeed and acquire sustainable business growth.

According to a market report, only 0.5% of apps are successful. Most of the apps running in the market struggle to get enough app downloads and achieve sufficient active users.


The reason is the lack of user engagement.

The entire purpose of developing a custom app is to offer a unique mobile app solution to consumers which is not yet available in the current market. However, in the pursuit of launching a problem-solving application, they often underestimate the importance of user engagement and experience in their app.

As a result, despite their great investment and effort, app owners have to put in additional costs and efforts to improve app engagement and mobile app retention strategies. This happens because developers and stakeholders don’t strategize their app development to ensure their app has essential and advanced features which help in engaging users.

If you are also on the way to build a unique app from scratch here will be sharing 5 powerful strategies in custom mobile app development that would help you enhance user engagement. Here you will learn various important things to make your custom app fully engaging and ultimately drive success and long-term growth.

So let’s unfurl how to get users hooked to your app.

What is User Engagement?

User engagement is the interaction between users and a digital product, such as a mobile app or website. It indicates a user’s interest and involvement with the product. It measures how effectively a product captures and retains the attention of its users and encourages them to interact with its features.

User engagement is a crucial aspect of mobile app or any digital product success. This reflects how well a product meets user needs and sustains their interest over time. High user engagement typically signifies that users find value and satisfaction in the product. So, ultimately it leads to prolonged usage, loyalty, and loyal customer advocacy.

Key Aspects of User Engagement

  • Frequency of Use
  • Duration of Use
  • Interaction with Features
  • Depth of Engagement
  • Retention Rate
  • User Feedback and Activity

Why User Engagement Plays A Crucial Role In Making Your Custom Mobile App Successful?

In today’s fast-paced digital age, where people have millions of content to watch every single moment, developing a mobile app that keeps users coming needs strategic efforts. Especially when it comes to custom mobile app development where you have to build from scratch.

You have to incorporate various important things to make your custom app innovative and engaging so that it draws user’s attention and retains them for a long time.

User engagement is a cornerstone of a successful custom mobile app. It influences key aspects such as user retention, revenue generation, brand loyalty, and competitive differentiation. Whether it is iOS or Android, creating user-engaging UI and features is needed in every OS platform.

When your custom app development is focused on creating an engaging user experience, you can ensure that your app not only attracts users but also retains them. For instance, Android has a high device fragmentation.

So you will have to make sure your Android app gives a seamless user experience across all different devices. Therefore, custom Android app development services help you achieve better engagement.

Need proof?

In a recent study, Adobe found that companies with solid omnichannel customer user engagement strategies received a 10% Y-O-Y growth, which is a 10% increase in average order value and a 25% increase in conversion rates. 86% of customers are ready to pay extra if they get a better mobile user experience and engagement. (Source)

Take a look at the below data & statistics that show the great importance of user engagement in mobile apps.

 Interesting Facts About App & User Engagement

Here are the key reasons which makes user engagement role crucial in making your custom mobile app fully successful in your respective market.

1. Increased User Retention

High user engagement ensures that users find value in the app and continue to use it regularly. Engaged users are less likely to abandon the app after initial use, leading to better retention rates. When users are consistently engaged, they are less likely to stop using the app. This reduces the churn rate, which is critical for maintaining a steady user base and improving app retention strategies.

2. Enhanced User Experience

Engaged users often provide feedback through reviews, ratings, and direct comments. This feedback is valuable for making improvements. Based on user feedback you add required features that enhance the user experience for mobile.

So such user engagement data helps in understanding individual user preferences and behavior. Furthermore, it allows for personalized experiences, such as tailored content, recommendations, and notifications. So, it ultimately makes your custom app more relevant and enjoyable for each user.

3. Higher Revenue Generation

Engaged users are more likely to make in-app purchases, whether it’s buying virtual goods, subscribing to premium content, or unlocking additional features. Increased user engagement helps mobile apps get higher conversion rates for these purchases.

For apps that rely on advertising, higher user engagement means more time spent in the app. It helps in bringing more ad impressions and clicks. As a result, your custom app gets increased ad revenue.

4. Brand Loyalty and Advocacy

Users who are engaged with an app tend to develop a sense of trust and loyalty towards the brand. They are more likely to choose your app over competitors and stick with it long-term. When you integrate engaging features in custom mobile app development, your app gets more opportunities to capitalize on the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

It is because engaged and satisfied users are more likely to recommend the app to friends and family. Positive word of mouth can significantly enhance the app’s reputation and user base.

5. Valuable User Insights

Since you are developing a custom mobile app you need comprehensive data to better understand your customers and business performance. So when you add engaging features in your custom mobile app development you get detailed insights into how users interact with the app. For instance what features they use the most, and where they encounter difficulties. This data is crucial for making informed decisions about future updates and features.

6. Competitive Advantage

Startups and businesses mostly go with custom mobile app development approach with a goal of offering innovative solutions. However, despite having great uniqueness, a mobile app can still fail to capture the audience’s attention if it lacks good customer engagement abilities.

Therefore, a mobile app with high user engagement is more likely to stand out in the crowded app market. Unique and engaging features that keep users coming back give the app a competitive edge over others.

7. Positive Impact on App Store Rankings

Custom app development services generally come with unique features and solutions. So acquiring new users quickly takes considerable time. Your app may have to manage with less number of users initially. However, if users feel satisfied and engaging with your app they are more likely to leave positive reviews and high ratings.

Hence, It will not only help your attracts new users but also improve the app’s visibility and ranking in app stores. Apps with high engagement rates often see more downloads due to their positive reputation and higher rankings.

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5 Powerful Strategies in Custom Mobile App Development To Enhance User Engagement

As you have seen how important role does user engagement play in making your app successful. The challenge comes when it comes to creating such features and functionalities that ensure the app is able to offer good engagement and user experience.

In custom mobile app development services, you have to work right from ideation to design and development to launch. At every development stage, you have to ensure your custom app is built with the required user-engaging features and elements.

Therefore, to improve app engagement in custom mobile apps requires a challenging and multifaceted approach. Being an expert custom mobile app development company we know what are the crucial features and strategies that you need to make a custom app that keeps users coming back. And ultimately drives the app’s success and growth.

Here we have shared the top 5 powerful strategies that you should incorporate in custom mobile app development to enhance user engagement.

5 Strategies To Make Your Custom App More Engaging

1. Focus on User Personalization

Create User-Specific Content

Creating content tailored to individual user preferences increases relevance and engagement. Personalization can be achieved by implementing algorithms in custom mobile app development that analyze user behavior, preferences, and interactions within the app. This might include recommending products, articles, or videos based on previous user actions.

Build Customizable Features

Allow your users to customize their mobile app user experience. It could include personalizing the app’s appearance, setting preferences for notifications, or choosing favorite features for easy access. Your custom mobile app must have a personalized dashboard or homepage where users can see all the content relevant to them.

Design Dynamic User Journey

Adapt the mobile app experience based on user data. For instance, new users might need onboarding tutorials, while experienced users could be shown advanced features or shortcuts. Therefore, you should design the user journey based on their interactions. It should be dynamic enough to let users get the most out of their experience. For better results, it is better to consult a UI UX design agency.

2. Add Gamification Elements

Integrate User-Rewarding Systems

Implementing a rewards system in custom mobile app development can help you encourage users to interact with the app regularly. This could include points, badges, or levels for completing tasks, using features, or achieving milestones. Moreover, you can also offer tangible rewards, such as discounts or exclusive content to further motivate users.

Offer Challenges and Competitions

You are creating a custom app with a vision to stand out in the competitive market. So offer exciting challenges to evoke engagement in users to use your app continuously. For this, you can deploy app gamification strategies, rewarding challenges or competitions like reaching a certain usage milestone, or community-wide competitions. Or you can also add leaderboards where users compete for top spots in your app.

3. Interactive Push Notifications and In-App Messaging

Set Algorightm for Timley & Interactive Notifications

Implement intelligent algorithms in custom mobile app development that send push notifications timely and intuitively. Through this feature, you can send push notifications to re-engage users and draw them back into the app.

Make sure, these notifications are sent timely and relevant, such as reminders about abandoned carts, upcoming events, or new content. However, it’s crucial to avoid overloading users with notifications. This can lead to annoyance and app uninstalls.

Facilitate Personalized Messages

Allow your app to craft personalized messages that address users personally. Your app should be able to interact with users by their names and specific activities or preferences within the app. You can also implement personalization in live chat support. With such personalized messaging abilities, your app is more likely to capture users’ attention and increase mobile app engagement.

4. Give Regular Updates and New Features

Frequent Content Updates

Regularly updating the app with new content keeps it fresh and interesting for users. This could include adding new articles, videos, products, or social features. Consistent updates show users that the app is active and continually improving, encouraging them to check back often.

Feature Enhancements

Listening to user feedback and implementing requested features or improvements can significantly boost engagement. Regularly introducing new functionalities, enhancements, and bug fixes shows users that their input is valued and that the app is evolving to meet their needs.

Seasonal and Thematic Updates

Introduce seasonal or thematic updates to keep the app relevant and exciting. For example, special features or themes for holidays, events, or cultural moments can renew user interest and engagement.

5. Offer Community Building and Social Features

Allow Social Sharing

Incorporate social sharing features in your custom app to let users share their achievements, experiences, or content from the app with their social networks. It will not only increase mobile app engagement but also promote the app to a broader audience.

Make User Interaction Exciting

Facilitate interaction between users through comments, likes, shares, or direct messaging. Creating a community within the app where users can interact with each other fosters a sense of belonging and increases time spent within the app.

Facilitate User-Generated Content

Encourage users to contribute content, such as reviews, photos, or stories. Your app should allow users to create personalized content. This will increase engagement and add value to the app by providing diverse and authentic content.

Final Thoughts

The success of custom mobile apps heavily relies on quality user-engaging features. Modern people are more tech-savvy than ever. They now expect everything fast, intuitive, and personalized. Brands and companies that prioritized user engagement and experience in their app witnessed better business outcomes.

Therefore, when you are choosing custom mobile app development services to build a unique app from scratch you must add essential features that focus on enhancing user engagement. The best way here would be to work under the expert guidance of a custom app development company that specializes in creating engaging custom mobile apps.

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