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Why Do Users Quit Apps and Never Come Back?

Having a Million Dollar Idea or Transforming Business with mobile apps to engage more users and retain customers is not the only thing that an entrepreneur, business or an individual would look only while thinking of Mobile Apps.

When launching an app, you need to spend a lot of time and resources to attract users. You can pull people into your app using a variety of means, including advertising, referral programs, public relations, and content marketing. But when people finally download an app, they sometimes feel abandoned. You must clearly show users why they need your app.

Below you’ll find some of the most frequent reasons why people abandon apps, as well as tips and tricks on how to eliminate them.

#1: Your Onboarding Experience isn’t Top Notch

The users’ first few moments with the app are the ones that usually define if they’ll stick around or not. Onboarding is accomplished by displaying a set of brief messages that show users how to interact with the app to solve a problem or that show the app’s main idea or killer features. Onboarding can take several forms:

  • Introductory Tutorials
  • Killer Features
  • Approach & Idea

User onboarding is something that can be monitored, analyzed and tweaked, so make sure to use all the tools at your disposal.

#2: Asking For Permissions & Use of Private Information

The best way to make sure people don’t abandon your app is to communicate clearly and concisely which permissions you need, and why you need them (the why is extremely important). We’d advise you to make app registration an option, and not a requirement, and to clearly state which methods you’re using to make sure user data does not get into the wrong hands (you can use Terms and Conditions to communicate this message). And please be extra careful when it comes to sharing.

Some people consider it embarrassing when an app posts something without their approval. Others might be considered ‘spammy’ by their friends if an app keeps posting things for everyone to see. Giving users total control over sharing, and not posting things on social media without their permission is crucial. If all of the things mentioned here are accounted for, you will come off as trustworthy and thoughtful, and those are the qualities which make users stick around.

#3: Annoying and Excessive use of Push Notification

Push notifications are a great communication and engagement tool, and when utilized properly can do miracles for your app. However, if you don’t exercise restraint – it can completely ruin you.

The type of push notifications reaching your users is also an important element. We are living in the age of personalization, where users expect the served content to be relevant to them and their interests. Based on user preference, and use history, make sure the push notifications are relevant to each user.

How you can make better use of Notifications:-

For example, if you’re running a restaurant app, it makes sense to send push notifications a one or two days before the weekend or if you have DOB of a user than with a deal on his birthday.

#4: Annoying or Offensive Ads

Everyone knows that the only reason the apps are free is advertising. Since most app users love these free apps, they tolerate the apps. To them, the ads are an annoyance that cannot be avoided. You will need to balance the frequency, placement and ad content so that your app is not abandoned or worse still, deleted.

Some of the common reasons for app deletion include offensive or inappropriate ads, too many ads, frequent and disruptive pop-up ads, irrelevant ads and ads without an exit button.


Even though a lot has been said about the importance of onboarding, many companies still don’t pay attention to it. This is understandable — after all, designing it can take a lot of time and resources.

Let us get connected to a free consultation in regard to How you can retain users, and increase successful onboarding of new users. After all retention, Returning Visitor, Successful onboarding are the key metrics of success for a mobile application.

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