Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar

Manish is a Senior Technical Content Writer at RipenApps. He has over 6 years of experience and holds immense tech knowledge. His educational background in science and expertise in the IT domain has made him an expert writer. He has authored various tech blogs and guest posts for leading sites. When he is not writing, he researches on the latest market trends and reads sci-fic novels.

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Author: Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar in App Development

Top Telemedicine App Development Companies in 2024

Imagine a world where patients can examine
themselves and submit the reports remotely Heal....

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar in Mobile Application Development

Top Mobile App Development Companies in UK

Searching for the right mobile app development
company in UK is truly a daunting task As t....

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar in Custom App Development

Custom Mobile App Development: 5 Powerful Strategies to Enhance User Engagement

Every startup or business owner when struck with
an innovative app concept goes with custo....

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar in agritech

How AI in Agriculture App Development can Boost the Agro Sector?

The entrance of technology has greatly transformed
farming, and AI in agriculture is prima....

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar in Healthtech

Doctor On Demand App Development: The Future of Healthcare

How would you feel in a world where seeking
medical advice is as effortless as a video cal....

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar in agritech

How Is AI Leveraging The Food Businesses With Automation?

The use of AI in food industry is changing how
everyone grows, distributes, and eats food ....

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar in ecommerce

How Omnichannel Commerce Strategy Can Help Your Ecommerce Apps Boost Sales?

Is your ecommerce app ready to embrace omnichannel
commerce strategyIn the current fast-pa....

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