Quarantined & Committed: RipenApps’ Mantra to Make “WFH” Productive
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

Quarantined & Committed: RipenApps’ Mantra to Make “WFH” Productive

“Unity is strength”- We have all grown up listening to this sentence and following it.

“Connection builds nation”- we all have kept this mantra following to build our nation, our society, our community growing. But, no one of us has ever thought that being connected could be as much epidemic as we are facing now.

After having millions of hands around us we are feeling powerless.

A pandemic is frightening and isolating. It is psychically frustrating: at this time when survival needs other people more than ever, but at the same time, other people have never been more dangerous to our health.
The choice to go outside, even to help others, means assuming the risk for yourself, loved ones and strangers. It’s easy to feel powerless and alone.

But you’re not powerless. And you’re most certainly not alone.

As you are quarantined, don’t feel that you are good for nothing, be assured that This WILL be OVER. And once this is over, we all will again rebuild our nation, it’s economy.

Best of all, there’s something you can do, right now, from your couch or laptops.

Start Executing “WFH” to serve your best to your organization and don’t afraid from chaos because working remotely can be productive as working inside the walls of the offices.

Right from ensuring the safety of all, this new working style of working from “home offices” will benefit our business without compromising our services & quality that we are catering to our customers.

RipenApps is experiencing “no loss” by practicing productive tips from our home offices.

You Can Practice Some Productive Tips & Can Leverage Benefits Too:

  • Keep an effective tracking over assigned goals via quick video & audio conference.
  • Create To-Do lists and mark them whether done or not with the team so that you can meet the progress without any chaos.
  • Make yourself aware about the tasks & deliveries that you have assigned through Google Sheets.
  • Be responsible about your deadlines and try to achieve those along with spending time with your loved ones.
  • Keep yourself connected with everyone in the office so that you will not feel “Office-sickness”- off course our office is our second home via skype chats.
  • Have faith in yourself & your employees too, because it was you and your team who have settled various fall-downs & have made every thorned way a cakewalk.

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It’s a very crucial time and by following some major rules made by our government, we can fight & kill this common enemy of ours.

Meanwhile, You can join or help create a mutual-aid network and start helping people in your community. It takes seconds and it can make a huge difference.
Let’s again stand for our nation’s & our own safety by distancing ourselves from others and make us quarantined & committed at the same time.

Connect with us to discuss your Project.

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Ishan Gupta

Ishan Gupta

CEO & Founder

Ishan Gupta is a CEO and Co-founder of RipenApps, a leading web and mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. Deploying feature-loaded mobile & web app solutions to SMBs globally, it transforms business all around.

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