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NewLight: A Torchbearer to Your Journey of Becoming a Doctor

Leveraging learning material was somehow complex in the traditional era, where some special heads spot were there, which carries the special title of education hub offering potentials learning centres.

However, technology is turning into the wings of the education system and permitting it to fly faster and farther. The students of the present age are not restricted by obstructions to simple learning.

Incorporation of mobility has offered approach to different propelled methods like learning app. Taking in applications extend from personality enhancement apps to AIPMT and NEET preparation apps. Preparation apps have changed how we took a gander at books.

Students are really liberated from pointless issues, and they don’t have to look through libraries and book shops looking for printed material and original copies.

With the incorporation of mobile app solution and different instructive and e-Learning apps, hassles and gaps among students and assets have been spanned now.

NewLight is one of the feasible apps which is giving light to the students and with NewLight, From root phenomena to essential formula, from hundreds-year-old gazettes to thousands of years old documents, everything can be accessed with a single tap.

How NewLight is a torchbearer to Medical exam aspirants

NewLight app acts as a magnificently created bridge between the seekers and educators and provides the live classroom on the digital platform. NewLight is a single online institute for all the AIIMS, AIPMT, NEET aspirants. The reliable courses accessible on this medical exam preparation app-NewLight render the students with the right preparation strategy to hit & crack any pre-medical entrance, be it NEET, AIIMS, or something else. The live online lessons and optimized courses accessible at this app have benefitted even those who stay in the backward corners of the country. NewLight brings a robust league of educators from all across the country to a single digital platform where leveraging knowledge become more comfortable than ever.

Victorious features of NewLight turn it an outstanding solution:

NewLight, India’s largest Learning platform is your all-time companion through your journey of becoming a doctor. Here are various winning features of NewLight that will pave light to your path.
New Light brings you it’s test series online curated by country’s finest subject experts. Now give NEET, BIO – TOPIC & AIIMS test series.

Victorious features of NewLight turn it an outstanding solution

Can Compare the result with your companion: Compare your results over some time as well as with thousands of other students. Get an in-depth review of your performance on each subject, chapter & topic.
Interactive Live Classes: Let your doubts wave off via attending live classes & sessions along with live chats.
Weekly Mock Tests & Quizzes: To make sure that the preparation is going on an accurate & targeted direction, NewLight provides full-length Mock Tests & quizzes.

Performance Statistics: Along with preparation, Performace analysis & detailed report of Mock Tests will be verified here.

Practice Section: Practice session allows you to test your new topics knowledge and let you enhance your practice skills.

Never miss a class: Regular notification for lessons, upcoming courses & recommendations are here to make you updated.

Lecture Notes: Notes, Recorded Live Sessions, Live Classes, Important topics are available to access anytime at a tap only.

Anytime & Anywhere: Get notified via entire learning material, anywhere, anytime.
Round the clock support: Ask queries 24×7 from our experts.

Congratulations RipenApps & Team for this Savvy Creation:

RipenApps is a leading education mobile app development company serving many business verticals and domains with its excellent mobility solutions. It always welcomes these sorts of excitingly beneficial ideas to make them a gigantic success by giving them a life.

The experts in the team have delivered 200+ projects to clients globally. Not only NewLight, but numerous apps designed by the company have been recognized by many prestigious platforms, making them an expert in education app development, among others.

Ripeners put all the time, devotion, meticulousness & superiority to integrate all the required features in the prescribed time and always stand on delivering ultimate product full of potential as if we gave NewLight.

Download now and begin your journey of becoming a doctor

Available on both App Store & Google PlayStore.

See the mesmerising UI of NewLight at Behance & Dribbble


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