Jana Co app : A Facebook-like App Specifically Designed for Jana Employees
Radhika Yadav
Radhika Yadav

Jana Co App: A Facebook-like App Specifically Designed for Jana Employees

Coming up with the fantastic features that offer feasibility & flexibility to Jana Employees, the Jana Co app enhances bonding between Jana Co. employees with easier technical and business communications.

App offers direct access for Jana employee to top management by chat module to simplify & smoothing the communication process. The app consists of many surveys, quizzes, and knowledge material posting to make the Jana Employees more focused on their work s strategy.

What Jana Co App contains in its bag for Jana Employees?

Jana Co mobile app is an innovative app that streamlines the process of communications, helps to get updated their employees with every new post by HR management and keeps every employee in Jana Marine organization up to date with every single detail related to project, notice & other important information which drastically boost productivity.

Jana Co app is compatible with the entire device and can be used on Android & iOS devices & employees can unlock ultimate ease & optimal accessibility at the same time.

Prominent Features of Jana Co App that streamlines the office-life 

Manage Employees on the Tap

Well-organized & precise communication management with the top management line of the office can be done within the app. The app ensures that team members are up to date with an important task.

Posts by HR

The traditional method of printing on paper and circulating it in office premises to notify every employee regarding on-going event and important notice is streamlined into the smart ever method of circulating post via on Jana Marine Co app post-bar by HR where every employee can log in and can see the post by HR and reacts and share them also.

Chat Module

App offers Jana Co. employees a flexible method of communication with easier technical and business communications where Jana employee can directly communicate to their top management by chat module that enhance the bond between employee and top management.

Learning Materials 

To Boost the mind-skills & lighten, sharpen the mind of the employees, in Jana Co, there we can conduct surveys, quizzes and upload learning materials to increase the knowledge in Jana employees.

Notifications & Results 

By taking up the quizzes and surveys, one can analyze their knowledge & results, and that notifies to every employee of Jana Co and keep employees updated and refreshing.

Report Generating

Generate an analytical report of knowledge, and this handy mobile application is the perfect solution to minimize the aspect of managing the team.

Congratulations RipenApps for this Marvelous Creation

A big round of applauds for RipenApps for providing g this amazing & feature-rich app to the Jana Employees, which streamlines with their working culture and communication process with the top management. RipenApps has put their technicality and expertise to make this dream of creating another Facebook like the app to Jana employees so that the Jana Marine group or organization can keep their employees updated and stay flexible about the office culture.

RipenApps leading Mobile App Development Company deployed their tech-ninjas to idealized, design, develop & test this mind-blowing mobile application and our team of business analysts, designers, developers & testers have set another record to build a char-buster mobile app.

Jana Co app is available on both Google Playstore & App Store, and you can explore the beautiful and eye-captivating UI & UX at our social platforms like Behance & Dribbble.

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