Blossom Bookings: Bringing shops in hands
Prankur Haldiya
Prankur Haldiya

Blossom Bookings: A Digital Marketplace for Service Bookings & eCommerce

The way people shop has completely changed in the last few decades-from visiting malls, shopping centers, shops to buying products & book services online via sitting on couches. Since the commencement of smartphones, people have been highly inclined towards using mobile apps, and the last two years have accelerated this pace. And after the pandemic also, the shift towards online & social-first shopping is not temporary; it has become the new norm. Whether it is about buying any product or booking any on-demand services, people are heading towards searching for mobile apps that can provide the same on clicks. And we have a feature-packed app named Blossom Bookings.

Various existing products provide a channel to buy the desired products. Also, the apps exist that offer multiple services that you can book online and can leverage at your place anytime, anywhere.

But, there should be a digital platform where users can access both products and services, and vendors can list their products and offer their services- a complete digital solution for Service Booking & e-Commerce.

Introducing Blossom Bookings App: An App Bringing your Shop into your Hand:

Blossom Bookings app is an online business marketplace & booking platform where you search and connect with businesses like restaurants, hotels, bakeries, salons, and much more simply and conveniently. The app is an on-demand cum e-commerce application that provides every industries’ product & services accessible in one place.

The app is developed to erase every hurdle still arriving between users and their desired product or service need. The app eliminates the worries of waiting in long queues for their turn to have salon services, securing a vacant table at a restaurant, and leveraging other services & products. The platform does not only provides the doors of opportunities to the users but also opens the doors for a merchant to showcase their products & services in front of their audiences in minimal effort. With the help of Blossom Bookings, several vendors and merchants can list their number of products and services and can make it extremely simple for their staff members to view and handle bookings.

BlossomBookings Arrives with the Best Suite of Features:

BlossomBookings User App exclusively built for Users:

BlossomBooking allows users to book their services with ease and comfort via sitting at their couches.

Location-based Service Selection:

After providing the simple login/signup & registration process, users can search their desired services and products as per their location preference. Selection of desired services as per preferred location is accessible through the app.

Explore for More:

Users can explore the various industries and services through mentioned categories and sub-categories and are open to choose from a wide variety.

Flaunty Booking Sections:

App provides a grand suite of services and products from various ranges. User can access their desired services from industry-wise categories and sub-categories.

View Profile to Proceed:

Users are open to viewing the profile of the service providers before choosing their services, i.e., they can search for vendor’s business details, reviews/ratings other important data.

Filter to Make it Suitable:

Users can place the filter on featured services, time-slot, and of course, at a price.

Elaborative Product Details:

Before checking out, users can see the service or product description mentioned by the vendor and make their minds to purchase that particular service.

Add to Cart Section:

Once users find its convenient service or come across their interested services, they would be able to add them to the cart.

Simple & Secure Payment:

The app provides a simple and safe payment option where users can pay for their service safely via providing their payment details.

Notifications to Notify Users:

Notification options are in the app specially designed for the users to alert them for the new services, offers/discounts, and other perks that users should notify by vendors.

Bookmark Feature:

If the user loved the booked service, the app provides a convenience to the user where they do not need to re-perform the booking service for later; they need to bookmark that service and can again book for later in a few clicks.


Users are open to expressing their experience with the services they adopted, and they can rate the service of the service provider.

BlossomBookings Vendor app, built for Service providers

There are flexible and serviceable features in BlossomBookings for Vendors/services provided through they can offer their services to the world flawlessly.

List Services in the Broader Way!

App provides a comprehensive platform to service providers and vendors, where they can list and showcase their every service detail and product in front of the world and have the best medium to grab the users’ eyes.

Make Booking Confirmations Faster!

The app allows vendors to view, manage, and allow bookings in seconds. The app provides a well-designed user interface where service providers can easily make the booking confirmation they receive from users.

Allow Your Staff to Handle Customers!

App grant flexible access where a service provider can allow the access to their staffs where they can easily and fluently handle the customers with their mentioned queries.

View Your Bookings and Purchases More Easily!

With a range of features at your fingertip, the Vendor app makes it extremely simple for your staff members to view and handle bookings. With no access to major profile alterations, it is the best tool to view and control all your bookings.

How RipenApps beautifully crafted this mind-blowing Idea?

RipenApps team is enthusiastic and creative, always welcomes mind-blowing concepts, and enjoys building such a beautiful concept that adds value to society. Being a top eCommerce app development company, the RipenApps team is enriched with the potential of the best knowledge, vast experience in the latest tools and technologies, and, most importantly, providing the best app solution adopting a customer-centric approach to provide the desired user experience. The Blossom Bookings was a brilliant concept, and we have added our tech brilliance into the mindful concept and developed a world-class marketplace app that is experiencing various hits now.

To see this beautiful application, you can hit the link mentioned.


Download the app, and experience the latest and novel shopping world around you.

For User : AppStore , Google PlayStore

For Vendors : AppStore , Google PlayStore


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Prankur Haldiya

Prankur Haldiya

Chief Technical Officer

Prankur Haldiya, Chief Technical officer at RipenApps is connoisseur who has worked with manifold clients & has given his past 6+ years in making chartbuster apps for App Store/ PlayStore. He has worked on products for the iOS/Android platform of various domains such as Social Networking, E-Commerce, Point of Sale, Business, and Entertainment and considerably more.

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