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Vaibhav Sharma
Vaibhav Sharma

Finding The Potential Customer Base For Your Mobile App Business

Mobile apps are gradually invading every sector of the economy. From grocery to education, from real estate to poker, you have a slew of options to choose from. Hence it’s wise to say that mobile applications have now become the lifeline of any business module. Having a mobile app is worth more than just having a simple one with a limited reach. A mobile app is something that gives a multi-dimensional expansion to your business by making you reach to maximum number of people and it’s needless to say that more people means more potential to your business.

Getting the audience for your business with a mobile app is not a cake walk though, as it requires a lot of brainstorming and market research & analysis followed by the implementation of the strategies to derive people who actually show interest in your venture. There are certain ways by which you can derive the people to your business with a mobile app and multiply your business accordingly.

According to the survey, more than 14% of app-based startups fail because of their poor marketing strategies and negligence in market research. Hence it’s become vital to get thorough with the mood of your target customer before you actually pitch your product to them physically.

An in-depth research and analysis is one of the key ingredients that can actually spice up your journey as an app-based entrepreneur. Let’s find out the ways how to conduct such research and analysis to get some fruitful results.

The mobile app development industry is one of the most promising and competitive industries altogether in the present-day world. With over 5 million applications in the app market, it’s not just hard to stay long with your app but also challenging to keep your audience engaged up to the maximum level. Once a user churns up your app completely, he can hardly return to the app after uninstalling it, so not to give them such room to uninstall it, you need to understand the mood of your audience.

Benefits of Market Research and Analysis

In the present-day mobile app-driven world it’s of utmost importance to know your customer’s needs and meet them with your solutions. How does this help you in creating a better product for them or how does that help you in your business proposition? Let’s consider the points below:

  • It maximizes the chances for you to improve and thus better chances for success.
  • It lets you understand your customers closely with their needs, preferences, and tastes, hence providing you a room to add more personalized features and functionalities into the app.
  • In addition to this, this cuts the cost of mobile app development by optimizing its features and making it more user-specific.
  • You get a refined user base to test your application where you can later put your product for ROI.
  • You can launch an app marketing campaign with such a pre-defined user base in your hands.

Baby Steps of the Marketing Research

You can’t dream of becoming the marketing goliath with your marketing campaigns overnight instead you need a proper stepwise procedure to follow to achieve your goals. The primary step you ought to follow is to study your business plan thoroughly since there are N number of users in both Android and iOS who are striving for something unique in the app segment.

To meet their preferences and needs along with a disruptive idea is something very challenging where you need to put all your effort. You may have a very unique or robust app idea in your mind but that does never give assurance of success. Hence, let your consumers decide whether your app idea is exclusive or unique.

Digging out the actual needs of the consumer base is another key factor that can help you in developing a mobile app via the lenses of the customers. For instance, more than 85% of customers in the e-commerce app segment look for discounts on products similar to the ones last purchased. Hence categorizing your research into two major parts i.e. general understanding and secondary market research can avail you better results.

The General Understanding

The general understanding is based upon the general characteristics of a business that runs in a community or a state. This requires clutching the nerve of your customer and understanding the basic rules of the market. For instance, if you own a grocery app like Blinkit, you could acquire a large base of users irrespective of their age groups or geography.

Primarily the users would be the homemakers but on the same side, the homemakers don’t need to be your only user base since the grocery products can be availed by people of any walk of life, from students to retired personnel, hence they can be your potential customers. So instead of classifying your audience based on their age groups and genders, it’d be wise to categorize them based on their geographical location and then plan your services accordingly.

Secondary Market Research

This is another crucial aspect of mobile app marketing research, where you need to watch the behavior of your potential user base very distinctively. Thinking with a broader perspective can avail you better results viz., how your competitors are doing, what are their plans of action and much more.

You can also have a close watch on factors such as how often people use a certain grocery application and what common products they order more often. In addition to this, their preferred mode of payment, etc. You can also consider the ratings and reviews for your app marketing research and analysis.

How to Cash Your Marketing Research?

Now the pivotal question raised among the minds is how to harness all this toil. Since merely research and analysis will not bring you the bucks. To cash your research efforts you can hire a marketing agency or a freelance marketer who’d do the conversion for you according to your customer base and their preferences.

There are certainly other ways such as utilizing Google for building your app audience where all you need to gather the data which can be availed from the websites like Statista and other statistical websites which you can put on Google AdWords or Google Trends to popularize your business among your target user mass.

Getting marketing insights is way simpler if you invest a few hours on Google, you can find all the relevant info and stats for your business.

Understanding the behavior, demographics, and lifestyle of your audience is the best way to predict the future of your business in the long because you get the mean output of your efforts after studying these factors about your target user base.

These factors play a vital role in almost every segment of the mobile app business. Needless to say, these are the keys that can make or break you in your business. You can’t overlook the power of these three vital components. To achieve them, you can opt for several methods but one of the most reliable ways to gather the information is a survey. Surveys can be online or offline, but these surveys bring you the best results whatsoever.

Other Not-So-Common Ways to Promote Your App

  • There are certain other marketing strategies that you can opt to multiply the reach of your business based on an application.
  • Advertisement and brand-aware policies
  • Connecting with groups with similar interests and getting a sneak peek.
    Online affiliations and promotions through bloggers and social media platforms to get an audience and their views about your app business.
  • Promotions in the communities related to your business via word of mouth and through peer publicity.


It is true that if you build it right, it will last longer, but if you do not market it right, it won’t reach the desired audience who will test its durability. You cannot maximize the chances of success until you perform strategic market research and marketing campaigns. Hence, with hiring talented mobile app developers, also make sure to plan out a solid app launch marketing.

Vaibhav Sharma

Vaibhav Sharma

Business Head

Vaibhav Sharma is the Business Head of RipenApps, the fastest-growing mobile app development company. Holding expertise in creating a user experience, he has a firm grip on product strategizing that gives clients a clear roadmap of their product development lifecycle.

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