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URBAN KAKSHA: An Innovatory Treat to EdTech World

Technology is creating more interactive & dynamic experiences for students, teachers, educational institutions/universities/schools. Mobile apps are the revolutionary things that are helping educational institutions/students to manage learning, teachings & other academics and diversifying the learning. Technology is the masterpiece that works as a fuel to enhance education management. To power, the education ecosystem like never before, Urban Kaksha- an educational app- is an innovatory treat to EdTech. Urban Kaksha Educator empowers teachers to use real-time data insights and analysis to adjust instructions from the students to the organization level.

About Urban Kaksha

UrbanKaksha is a user-interactive, robust, easy-to-access & diversified online university management mobile application specially crafted to automate entire academics operations. Brilliantly conceptualized educational system management application enables every feature, functions & completes daily needs of universities. Right from registering students into course, tracking students and faculty attendance, providing studies materials, scheduling online live classes by teachers, creating & submitting assignments, publishing results, performance assessment, enabling chat support, to even issuing parents access to their child’s essential information; anything can be executed using the mind-blowing mobile application- UrbanKaksha.

What is the key corner of UrbanKaksha?

  • Smarter learning approach
  • Increase efficiency, and productivity
  • Optimize management
  • Streamline Processes
  • Affordability and sustainability
  • Error-less Exams & Result Management

Smart Features of UrbanKaksha for Administrators

Smart features of UrbanKaksha for Administrators

Urban Kaksha App helps teachers in creating interactive assignments, assessments, live classes, digital learning materials, and access to students in classes.

Create & Share Tasks:
In the Urban Kaksha app, teachers can create and share lesson plans/ assignments/scheduled classes & other major updates with students

Progress Tracking:
Teachers can keep an eye on the progress of the students via tracking individual progress reports.

App’s Highlight- e-learning: 
The application’s highlight e-learning part helps teachers in creating & sharing various e-learning content that consists of textual, videos, & live classes.

Teacher’s Digital Resister: 
The app helps teachers to smartly operate the classroom activities like preparing & posting exam questions, quizzes & assignments. And teachers can record & monitor students’ attendance.

Online Exam Management: 
With the mind-blowing application, teachers can distribute study materials and syllabus online, Exams and results management can also be accessed at the same time within the app. 

Smart Features of Urban Kaksha for Students

Smart features of Urban Kaksha for Students

App provides smart access to students in which students can enhance their interaction with teachers, parents, and classmates

With the help of Urban Kaksha, students can access their attendance, timetable, marks, grades, and examination/class schedules.

Application has a feature to provide access to learning materials where students can browse for learning materials like live classes, videos, textual, and others.

Students can perform tests offline/online.

Students can receive prior information on events and holidays with push notifications. 

Smart Features of Urban Kaksha for Parents

With the brilliant feature of the Urban Kaksha app, a parent can have access where they can stay connected with universities effectively.

There can be a robust discussion can be performed between universities & parents.

A parent can enroll their child in any university and can actively participate in events & activities.

The application provides regular updates where they can get tracking access on their child’s attendance, progress report & other related information.

Push notification is specially designed to provide prior information about events and holidays to the parents.

RipenApps is the App Development Partner:

Urban Kaksha is a mind-blowing concept that turned out as an amazing mobile application to help students, teachers & parents manage their academics activities.

The mind-boggling concept of managing academics via mobile app- Urban Kaksha Team called RipenApps for creating this EdTech revolution.

RipenApps became their official technical hands and deployed them a dedicated team with interesting ideas to add more perks to their app.
Our assigned ninjas bring the Urban Kaksha into production with the help of some of the most robust technologies in the industry. With the support of the engineering and design team, we were able to launch the app that is winning the zeals of students, teachers & parents.

Explore the eye-captivating UI/UX of the application at our designing platforms- Dribbble And Behance

Download the app from: Play Store & App Store


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