Cashbook- A socialist Network Connecting People with Benefits
Radhika Yadav
Radhika Yadav

Cashbook- A Socialist Network: Connecting People with Benefits

Social Networking apps are becoming increasingly popular among the global population, giving users an easy way to stay connected and share their life with friends and family. The market is flooded with such social networking apps where people interact, communicate and explore vast content and can post and raise their thoughts over the platforms. Users spend hours and hours using such applications, finding them engaging; users get stuck over the apps liking, commenting, and sharing their favorite content over that application, but despite learning, and entertainment, what you get from them. Wouldn’t it be interesting if you find a chance to earn some money based on your activities performed on the application? Of course, it would be an additional yet lucrative benefit.

Breaking the odds, a Socialist Networking (Not social networking) app- Cashbook, came into the picture

Some Social Networks have monopolized the Social Networking Space and Entertainment Space. It appears their major motive is profit-making. The users use these apps/websites, like, comment, share, view advertisements, etc. but do not get anything in return. These companies earn billions through advertisements but do not share their profits with the users.

Hence, this network is named, Cashbook-The SOCIALIST Network, and not a Social Network which came into the picture.

Cashbook: The SOCIALIST Network is a different kind of social networking app that is completely designed and themed for socialists to make earnings through their actions over the platform. Unlike other social networking apps, Cashbook allows users to make friends, love, comment, share, watch videos, view advertisements, etc., and get benefits in the form of Cash for their actions.

Now users have various ways to turn their time spent on Social Networking apps into real money. Cashbook apps have been developed that allow users to earn money through activities they normally do on apps, such as liking posts, commenting on posts, and watching videos.

Introducing the Mechanism and Feature lists of Cashbook

Cashbook was developed & launched with the motto of providing users with an array of ways to earn money by exploring worthy content. Users can earn virtual currency by performing some activities, which can then be exchanged for real money. Here, the app has a special LOVE feature, and the user who gets the maximum Loves on their content gets the highest & lucrative rewards.

Thus a user can get CASH in three ways.

  • By carrying out actions on the App such as Loving, Commenting, Sharing, Posting, Viewing Videos, etc
  • Participating in Contests on the App
  • By becoming a Creator and getting the highest love in a District/State/Country

Feature-list of Cashbook

1. User Profile: Users can create a profile and customize it with a profile picture, bio, and other personal information.

2. Friends and Followers: Users can add friends and followers to their network and view their updates.

3. Messaging: Users can send and receive messages to other users and post comments on other users’ posts.

4. Posting: Users can post images, videos, and text to their profiles.

5. Video Viewing: Users can watch videos on the app and earn rewards.

6. Likes and Comments: Users can like, comment, and react to other users’ posts.

7. Rewards: Users can earn rewards for engaging in activities on the app, such as liking, commenting, and video viewing.

8. Cashout: Users can redeem their rewards for cash or other rewards.

9. Gamification: Users can engage in activities that earn points and rewards.

10. Leaderboards: Users can compare their progress with other users on the app and compete for the highest rewards.

RipenApps App Development Journey with Cashbook

We kicked off the project by gathering an understanding of the client’s vision of the product. We held meetings with the Cashbook team regularly to understand their needs better. We also helped the client plan the features and prioritize them for the MVP version. We had time-to-time discussions with the client on working on the UI/UX of the app along with exciting features for its releases. Our team also did a lot of research and development to implement various integrations like payment gateways in the app. In addition, we provided continuous testing and support to improve the app’s quality and performance.

To see this beautiful application, you can hit the link mentioned.


Download the Cashbook app from Google PlayStore

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