Factors To Be Considered While Revitalization Of Mobile Application
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

Factors To Be Considered While Revitalization Of Mobile Application

As compared to earlier, we have seen the drastic change in the mobile application market. There is no doubt that the mobile app industry has exploded with a wide range of mobile applications. It is estimated that the mobile app industry will be worth to $189 billion by 2020.

As of the third quarter of 2018, Google Play had 2.2 million Android apps while Apple App Store was not far behind 2 million iOS apps.

To say that your mobile app is sinking in a sea of possibility is perhaps an understatement. The competition is ferocious and you will have to rise to the challenge if you have any hope of making it on the top.

Revenue Growth Rate of Mobile App Industry:

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If you are wishing that your mobile app is running great but the competition is starting to edge you out, now might be a hard time to review some revitalization techniques.

It is better to start early and look out where and what mistakes you are doing because if you wait for more, it will directly affect your users; maybe they will delete the app within this time frame.

Get Back To the Initial

This is high time to get back to the initial and find out that for what purpose you have developed your app. What was your actual goal?

For example, if you have developed a food delivery app and you want to let your users order food online then you have to make sure that the app is clearly providing the path of easy to search restaurants, easy to login or easy to get their food at their doorstep.

All the things have to be in a better sequence & in a user-friendly manner.

Most of the time crashes and bugs reports out issues that you did not know even existed, which could guide you where to focus your attention.

Let suppose that there is a delay in tracking information update, or the app crashes when the user places an order.  It will directly affect the users and can be a critical issue, which you need to solve early.

This is the fact that user will not be going to stick around the app which not provides them with what they are looking for. They will delete your app right away while you had a chance to make it right.

Revisit Your On-Boarding Experience

It is factual that an effective On-boarding tour should highlight the best functionalities, navigation works, and the key task you expect your user to achieve in the app.

Maybe you have performed this before when your app first launched, but if you are searching the ideas, which help you in the way to get back your customers then onboarding, is a great place to start with.

Update on Regular Basis

Keeping the content of mobile application up-to-date is the easiest way to grab the attention of the user towards the application. Although, this action takes some extra amount of time and efforts to get perform by the mobile app developers.

Let suppose, you have developed a shopping mobile app and showing it to the customer with traditional updates, then there is a chance, that user might uninstall your application.

Hence, it is required to update the mobile application according to the latest trend.

Relevancy Should Be There

Along with the recent data, there is one more aspect that in needed to be included in mobile application is relevant data.

When it comes at the point when users start showing less interest in your mobile application then it is high time to add-on the relevant features such as Push-notifications. Use Push-notification gently nudge when the app user is in your area. It will only work when the user has enabled their location services.

Make Your App Remembered

In order to beat the world with intuitive mobile apps, just make sure that the app you have developed has some unique qualities, which makes your app unique & robust among others.

Because there is, a phrase that “Unique will be remembered for so long” can be true in the matter of mobile application.

Compatibility is Must

The mobile application, which you have developed, should be compatible with all the OS in the market. Make sure the app, which you have been developed, must be support iOS app development and Android app development process.

This way user can experience the application on both or many platforms.


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It does not mean that you should quit the app in between just because your competition is making some headway, being a top mobile app development company in UK, your mobile application just need a makeover or revitalization. And for so sure this will redefine your app an entirely.

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