Cloud Computing Trends
Mohit Singh
Mohit Singh

Cloud Computing Trends Impacting Every Industry

More than 90% of users watch content using the internet and not from local storage. What is behind this amazing miracle? It is cloud computing!

We can stream files remotely with the help of cloud computing technology. And, with more businesses and users demanding cloud infrastructure, we are continuously watching new innovations.

From Google to Microsoft to Amazon and more, every tech giant has shifted to the cloud platform to provide a hassle-free experience to their users. The case is the same for even small and medium-tech companies.

But to lead the competition, a business must be aware of trends. When you are updated with the trends, you build sustainability for yourself. So, here are some of the cloud computing trends that will dominate the future.

Cloud Computing Trends

Cloud Computing Trends

AIAS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service)

You have heard of the term SaaS (software as a service). But, with the large number of language models in demand, there is an emerging cloud computing trend: AI as a service.

Applications like ChatGPT are a great example of AI as a service. Although this too falls under the SaaS product category, we have seen a lot of AI-based plugins in multiple tools that are standalone in nature, giving birth to AIAS.

The whole service works on the cloud, and it is very helpful for the new startups that are limited on resources.

As an example, imagine you are a new startup and want to build a digital banner. How about if you can just open an AI tool, describe your requirements, and AI builds it for you?

This trend, known as AIAS, is poised for exponential growth in the near future. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to make a mark in the cloud computing sector, partnering with an IT outsourcing company to develop your AI service could be a strategic move. This collaboration can provide the necessary technical expertise and support to propel your venture forward in this innovative field.

Multi-Cloud Strategy

With heavy digitalization, businesses have a wide variety of cloud computing types to choose from. However, there is a buzzing trend towards multi-cloud strategies.

A multi-cloud strategy consists of buying cloud services from multiple cloud providers. To choose the best multi-cloud strategy, your business requirements should be crystal clear.

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Automated cloud platforms equipped with Kubernetes and Docker will further enhance the user experience. Kubernetes and Dockers are open-source orchestration platforms with automatic scaling, management, and deployment.

Real-time Cloud Infrastructure

Users want to see the changes to their files in real-time. Popular tech companies like Spotify, Netflix, and Zoom work on real-time models. And, to meet their requirements, real-time cloud infrastructure is a must-have.

Today, businesses prefer flash and solid-state storage devices that are faster in speed. The implementation of AI to support real-time cloud infrastructure is further revolutionising business operations.

According to Garter’s research, by 2026, enterprises using AI systems with real-time cloud infrastructure will outperform their competition by 25%, making real-time cloud infrastructure a trending tech.

Cloud Security and Privacy

Another trend following the future will be cloud security and privacy.

Nearly 53% of companies have noted some form of data theft or breach, leading users to become optimistic about their private data security.

Encryption, authentication, and disaster recovery will be major requirements for businesses when it comes to cloud computing.

Further, technologies like DevSecOps integration from top cloud app development service providers to ensure data privacy automation will take a significant leap in growth.

Sustainable Cloud Computing

With the higher demand for cloud computing infrastructure, keeping the equipment’s environmentally friendly status a challenge. There are several companies emerging as climate tech companies to solve the challenge.

In the USA alone, there are more than 14,000 new climate tech startups. Tech giants like Apple have committed to become 100% carbon neutral by 2030.

Without a doubt, the cloud computing sector will register a higher demand for sustainability, with reducing carbon footprints emerging as a trend.

Simplified Cloud Computing and Serverless Architecture

Setting up and maintaining cloud computing requires qualified skills. Businesses must hire cloud computing professionals who can take care of their servers. However, the future is about simplified cloud computing.

Simplified cloud computing is a low-code or no-code setup that eliminates the need to hire trained software engineers. Businesses can pay for the resources as they scale, which in turn reduces the required time and effort.

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IoT and Cloud

The Internet of Things is hyped in the digital era. From wearable devices to smart home appliances, the IoT is simplifying our lives. But there is still a lot of room for IoT and cloud computing to collaborate.

Brands like Xiaomi are investing millions to build an IoT-enabled environment where all the devices work seamlessly using a new OS, HyperOS. Further, IoT devices like wearables generate a huge amount of data that users want to access remotely on their devices.

In the future, smart connectivity will play a major role, with a high demand for remote data collection and communication with devices completely over cloud infrastructure.

Win a Competitive Advantage by Applying Cloud Computing Trends

The cloud computing trends will dominate the tech market, and if you do not invest now, you might lose the opportunity to lead the game. According to a new IDC forecast, worldwide spending on cloud infrastructure and services will surpass $1.0 trillion. It is high time that you consult the right cloud app development company that can help you deploy cloud infrastructure with trending technologies.

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