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Android App Development with Kotlin: A Looming Demand

Do you know that moment in a love story when the main characters finally come together after being kept apart for so long? You didn’t get what exactly we are talking about? Well, we are talking about Kotlin, an Android app development introduced by Google. They have taken over the Android app development world recently.

For a long, we have known & used Java as the prominent language for Android app development. However, saying that it is only or rather the unsurpassed choice will be erroneous. The fact that Kotlin has marked its existence as a robust and official language. Then also it comes with a different set of challenges, which can prove to be a deterrent for app developers.

With the gift of Google, it’s been a while since Google extended its support to Kotlin & app developers have already started moving to Kotlin. Due to having a bag full of features & functionalities, Kotlin has been established as an emerging choice. However, take a pause, while we adopt modern programming, it is also important that we have a look at why this change is so important and is widely accepted.

With the emerging technology, different JVM languages have started gaining the attention of app developers, and needs to be mentioned that Kotlin is leading this herd.

What Exactly is Kotlin?

Kotlin is an open-source language based on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The statically typed programming language can also be compiled into JavaScript source code.

Kotlin was created by JetBrains, a software development company based in Russia. The name “Kotlin” comes from an island near where the developers grew up in St. Petersburg.

Kotlin offers strong support for Android development through Android Studio. To use it in your projects, you just need to install the Kotlin Plugin and it will set up the necessary configurations for you.

Key Features of Kotlin


Kotlin supports full Java interoperability

Kotlin is great because it works seamlessly with Java, which is commonly used for Android development. Since Kotlin runs on the same platform as Java, it can use Java libraries and tools without any issues.

This compatibility between Kotlin and Java makes life easier for developers. They can work in either language within the same project without having to rewrite everything. This flexibility saves time and makes developing Android apps more efficient.

The best part is, that Kotlin methods can be easily accessed from Java classes without any extra steps. So, developers can switch between Kotlin and Java smoothly, ensuring a smooth workflow.

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Null safety

There is a special security feature that Kotlin provides and it is called null safety. Unlike in Java, where developers have to handle null references carefully to avoid crashes. Kotlin automatically handles this issue.

By eliminating the NullPointerexceptions, Kotlin ensures that the data is consistent and reduces the risk of errors in your code.

Data classes in Kotlin

Every programming language creator emphasizes the importance of classes. In Java, data classes often involve a lot of repetitive code that developers need to sift through before understanding their true purpose.

However, with Kotlin, Android developers can write the same code more easily and concisely. It is a valuable feature in Kotlin, to simplify code and improve productivity.

Extension functions

Kotlin makes it easy to include new methods in classes without altering the source code. This feature, called extension functions, lets users add methods to classes as needed, similar to how Scala’s implicit methods work.

Kotlin is open open-source

Kotlin is an open-source framework that is freely available for anyone to access and modify. Additionally, it is a convenient tool that makes the life of developers easy with just one click.


Why Choose Kotlin for Android App Development??

When Kotlin was introduced, it solved many challenges Android developers had been facing with older programming languages like Java.

We as a whole realize that Java has turned into an old-school language. Truth be told, it is one of the most seasoned programming languages. With a history as old as around 22 years, Java has without a doubt profited from various features to the developers, in the end serving us with extraordinary Android apps. Developers have turned out to be very much familiar with different languages and Kotlin is one of them. In any case, we can’t deny that being old has its very own hindrances from the programming angle.

There are the points where Kotlin enters with its set of benefits…

Slighter Coding:

The most emerging language Kotlin has been designed in a way that it requires way less coding in comparison to Java. If we put this in numbers, it’s estimated that Kotlin is approximately 20% less compared to Java. It fundamentally lessens the measure of standard coding, which prior the developers need to write. In this manner, it improves the execution.


This is one of the primary purposes for the developing fame of Kotlin. The language can exist together with its senior kin Java on a similar project. Truth be told when you compile your project utilizing both languages, it will be troublesome for anybody to state which segment is done utilizing Kotlin and which one utilizing Java. With this interoperability, Kotlin enables you to utilize its features and simplicity of activity without changing to another project or changing the codes for the present task.

Simplicity of learning

Prone to Android O, you don’t need to invest a ton of energy to learn Kotlin. By putting a couple of hours in perusing the language reference, you can have a hold on the language. Kotlin accompanies instinctive and learns punctuation and is intended to profit delicate learning way for Java app developers.

No Cost Appropriation

Kotlin is an open-source language, so you don’t need to spend your valuable cash. You can begin utilizing this top-of-the-line language just by utilizing a Java-to-Kotlin converter device to change over your current Java documents. The device empowers you to change the mind-boggling codes to a less difficult shape without trading off with time and effort you spare.

It’s More Secure

With Kotlin you can stay away from mistakes like null point exceptions. It enables you to abstain from working on nullable types, not by any means erroneously. This additionally incorporates the one from Java. The compiler is intended to auto-cast botches, regardless of whether you have checked a sort as right.

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Ending Notes

Kotlin is accepted to take the Android app development a stage ahead. No sweat of learning, suggestion, and yes the sans glitch security from exemptions, it is trusted that Kotlin will before long gain the eyeballs and will supplant our traditional programming languages on an enormous scale & also provide pave to the leading mobile app development companies to yield the robust & feature-packed android apps in lesser time-frame.

With the looming demand, Kotlin has taken focal space and is widely approachable. At RipenApps, we have a troupe of talented & canny Android app developers who are well-versed & equipped with the very cornerstones of Kotlin. If you have any query and want to get it resolved then drop a mail at [email protected]. We would love to share our knowledge with everyone.


Is Kotlin good for Android app development?

Kotlin is becoming the new alpha in the Android app development department. Because of its intense performance improvement and easy bug fixes, it is the first choice for Android developers. Right now, it only works with JVM-based projects.

Is Kotlin the future of Android app development?

With the introduction of Kotlin, the future of Android app development has also changed for several reasons. One of them is the compatibility with Java. Since Kotlin works well alongside Java, developers can easily incorporate Kotlin into their existing Java projects without any hassle.

Is Kotlin better than Java?

When comparing Kotlin and Java, we should consider the strengths of each programming language. Kotlin is newer and offers concise syntax along with features like null safety. It’s also encouraged by Google for Android development. On the other hand, Java is older with a bigger ecosystem, and comes with mature tools and libraries.

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