Hamro Academy- Digital Destination for all Learning Needs
Ishan Gupta
Ishan Gupta

Hamro Academy- Digital Destination for all Learning Needs

“No age for education, No limits for education, No boundaries for education”

Learning is limitless; the more you learn, the more you grow. The modern era is devoted to advanced technologies, tools, and mediums to streamline their learning process.

As there are approximately 3 billion smartphone users globally, the technology market is huge. Thus, most of the routine tasks can be easily done with the usage of smart devices & the most approachable & flexible one is smartphones. Moreover, gaming, entertainment, and various industries have adopted to serve their services through mobile apps and, thus, the education industry.

Ed-tech is one of the most growing industries as the world has started shifting to smartphones apps for gaining learnings. In addition, the past pandemic years have accelerated the pace of attending online learning instead of moving towards classrooms.

After the inclusion of modern learning, learners and tutors are much more comfortable communicating with each other over video-conferencing apps to share insights & keep up to date with their courses. As the market is experiencing various e-learning/edtech mobile apps, we are introducing a new learning app that creates a buzz in Nepal, i.e. Hamro Academy.

Introducing Nepal’s only eLearning App: Hamro Academy

To facilitate the students & tutors with the best of technology, a new eLearning app has been launched in Nepal, available on App Stores. Hamro Academy is Nepal’s best eLearning app that helps students understand the concepts in an engaging manner, such as video classes, which make learning more interactive & advanced than traditional learning. Hamro is an extensively rich platform that provides various learning programs in various subjects. From Nepal’s top faculties line, the students can leverage the vast learning materials in video lessons, notes, MCQs, etc. App provides high-quality video content with the greatness of the latest technologies that offers students a vast range from schooling to their post-graduations.

Hamro comes up with some major interesting features that make Nepal’s only best eLearning app.

Unlock some major & intuitive features of Hamro Academy here:

Feature loaded platform to make learning more comprehensive

Hamro comes up with the best suite of technologies and a vast range of features that make this platform a digital academy and leading in the online learning segment.

Feature loaded platform to make learning more comprehensive

Video Classes

Advancing the traditional methods of classroom learnings, Hamro offers video classes where the top faculties are available to teach & share the vast learning. App provides the best way to upload videos lectures live video lectures securely & accurately. Learners and tutors can manage their content and avail vast learnings.

PDF’s and Notes

App provides the best way to avail learning materials like notes, syllabus, and other stuff. With Hamro, unlock notes and PDFs, build your knowledge database, share and learn with complete extensiveness.

MCQ Tests

Since MCQs are the best ways to practice for the targeted courses. This helps improve thoughtful guess; hence to help learners tackle unsure questions better, Hamro came up with the feature of providing MCQs test that helps the learner accurately their uncertainness.

Live Tests

To give the base for the real-time learning experience, Hamro has been designed in a unique manner, where the teacher can conduct live tests and students can participate in the live test series and mark their presence with mindfulness.

Live Classes

Hamro conducts live classes to give efficient & transparent learning. The app provides online live classes, teachings, class management to make learning more interactive & consistent. In addition, the app helps faculties to organize the live classes & make student-teacher collaboration effective easily.

Discussion Forums

App provides another very productive way to amplify the learning and teaching experience. Hamro offers Discussion forums where students can have a board to discuss the major topics and leverage the best learning from the experts.

Download Option for Offline Video Streaming

Breaking the dependency on the internet, App provides the best way to download videos offline. Learners can download the videos even without the internet and save them for later.

Referral Bonus

To monetize the learning experience and give an extra perk to the learners and app users, App provides a referral feature to refer to the app and earn bonus points.

EdTech has always been the favourite segment for RipenApps to innovate within.

Hamro Academy is currently the leading educational app in Nepal with all new and intuitive features with the adeptness of technologies and concepts. Moreover, it has streamlined the learning process. Thus, Hamro counts great numbers of in-app downloads, usage rates, and ratings/reviews.

RipenApps holds vast expertise in developing apps for the education sector as the leading educational app development company. Our portfolio is overloaded with the success of various eLearning applications, and we locked the mastery in developing digital products for the EdTech world.

We have successfully onboarded the project Hamro from Nepal and built it extraordinarily. Thus, the app has been launched successfully and now experiencing vast applauds.

To have a beautiful experience of the app, see the app’s screens that can show you the understanding of features & functionalities of Hamro: Behance, Dribbble

Also, download the app here: AppStore & PlayStore

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Ishan Gupta

Ishan Gupta

CEO & Founder

Ishan Gupta is a CEO and Co-founder of RipenApps, a leading web and mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. Deploying feature-loaded mobile & web app solutions to SMBs globally, it transforms business all around.

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